Why Britain should be armed. This blog fully supports us arming ourselves for our own protection. N.R.A.

A must view video, for the realists and thinkers amongst us, in my honest opinion.

27 thoughts on “Why Britain should be armed. This blog fully supports us arming ourselves for our own protection. N.R.A.

  1. Anonymous

    One thing ive always said Jill Dando was murdered by the establishment for investigating something.Barry George was just a useful person in the wrong place at the wrong time.TPTB will always find a usual patsy to fit the crime in the local area before they take someone out

  2. Anonymous

    Back On Line, folks – been some dodgy happenings with my net connections, anyway, was I wrong when I wrote, in an a previous Gri££in Watch article, some weeks ago, that Savile was abusing young girl patients lying helplessly in hospital wards? – remember that Gri££in Watch was the first to break this news, well ahead of the mainstream media, the very scum that knew all about Savile's sexual predation on underage and vulnerable young girls.Lord Prize Prick Patten has now instructed another Establishment cunt to conduct a white-washing operation exonerating the BBC, a jew-owned-and-controlled organization run by and employing mostly English/White-race-hating jews, peadophiles, homosexuals, lesbians, sexual deviants, niggers, asians, commies, etc.Jewbitch Fester Rancid has much to answer for, and should be imprisoned for assiduously protecting Savile though numerous underage and vulnerable girls made specific complaints against Savile, to Rancid's CHILDLINE aka SUPPLY-A-CHILD LINE.This is the time for every decent person to force the Holly Grieg/Aberdeen Establishment peadophile ring scandal onto the front-page of every newspaper asndf all other mainstream media outlets – Fraud Jewboy Janner's smelly zionist arsehole must be whistling Hava Nagila off-tune.Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks, Gri££in Watch – I've a few chores to finish in the next couple of hours, after which I'll get stuck into the issue of a law-abiding Englishman's lawful right to carry weapons.P.S. Almost forgot to mention that the BT linesman who was sent to trace the `fault', he found the heavy cast-iron lid of the small ground junction chamber, lying away from the chamber, and discovered an official BT line-test device – this junction chamber is about 1000 yards from my home, and that underground junction is for my home and no other – also, both my laptops couldn't assess the net at other addressed belonging to nationalist colleagues, while theirs connected without any problems – strange days indeed. Regards,Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    CorrectedThanks, Gri££in Watch – I've a few chores to finish in the next couple of hours, after which I'll get stuck into the issue of a law-abiding Englishman's lawful right to carry weapons.P.S. Almost forgot to mention that the BT linesman who was sent to trace the `fault', found the heavy cast-iron lid of the small ground junction chamber, lying away from the chamber, and discovered an official BT line-testing device clipped on the feed wires – this junction chamber is about 1000 yards from my home, and that underground junction is for my home and no other – also, both my laptops couldn't assess the net at other addresses belonging to nationalist colleagues, while theirs connected without any problems – strange days indeed.Regards,Fly On The wall

  5. Anonymous

    Carol D. this link is specially for you and your fellow nigger-loving commie travellershttp://roguesgallery666.blogspot.co.uk/search?updated-max=2011-11-13T09:09:00Z&max-results=1Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    On the Right to carry weapons for self-derfense.http://www.gunculture.co.uk/?p=328`Lurch's' preamble to the official transcript of David Gawthorpe's Appeal Hearing to recover his guns from the police, has minor mistakes, conclusions and predictions.Running with Article 7 of the English Bill Of Rights 1689 David Gawthorpe successfully defended himself, in a jury trial, against a number of criminal charges relating to openly carrying a firearm in public, when he confronted four asian wogs who had forced his wife's car off the road.Though not mentioned in the link, the Appeal Hearing was a Section 44 Hearing heard by a Deputy Circuit judge in full judge regalia but not acting under an Oath of Office. Though the Judge lumbered Gawthorpe with £5000 costs, because Section 44 Firearm Appeal Hearings are not proper Court Hearings, the $5000 costs are unenforceable, and to this day Gawthorpe has never paid a penny or more of the £5000 costs – both the Court and the police knowing they were on a definite loser, have never attempted to collect.A Rider: knowing that Michael Burke was on their case, and they would lose in a Higher Court, not too long after Gawthorpe's unsuccessful Appeal Hearing, the police contacted Gawthorpe and told him that if he reapplied for a gun license he would get his guns back. Gawthorpe had his guns returned.PS. MR. J. SLEIGHTHOLME is an uppity, egotistical, self-inflatted QC. who was representing Old Bill – – study Mike Burke's witness statements and his discussion with Judge Carter, who was outclassed by Burke, so much so that Sleightholme tried rescuing his fellow Crown Corporation colleague, and for his troubles got his tail-feathers bent out of shape.Like Michael Burke I practice what I preach – I often carry a lock-blade knife and defense spray when in public, but never on show – and Old Bill know who I am.Fly On The Wall

  7. Anonymous

    Its apity the NRA didn't get to the real facts.1. Our crime problems are by and large caused by immigrants brought here by the LibLabCons,lackeys of the Zionists.2. Our rights to bear arms for self defence are enshrined in the Bill of Rights.3. Dunblane was a "black ops" instigated by Zionists and their peadophile lackeys to push through anti gun laws.Their agenda is to leave all of white society defenceless when the economic armageddon comes.4.Why are the NRA supporting Romney a bigger Zionist than Obama and why do they think their guns will be any safer when the Mormons openly support the Talmudic agenda of world domination and the utter destruction of western civilisation ?5.The NRA need to support the various Militia groups in the USA and get their brains in gear and realise the Talmudic Democrat/Republican swindle.The advice should be "be armed to the teeth" for the coming collapse.Whiteboar

  8. Anonymous

    Whiteboar said: "The advice should be "be armed to the teeth" for the coming collapse."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Too damn true, Whiteboar – and the more teeth involved, the better.Fly On The Wall

  9. Anonymous

    There are numerous legal maxims, but, after careful consideration, I opine the three I cite below, are the most important basic three every person wanting to learn their Common Law, Constitutional and inalienable Rights confirmed by the Magna Carta and the Enmglish Bill Of Rights 1689, should learn by heart and never forget.1/ Nobody is above or below the Law.2/ We are all equal in the eyes of the Law.3/ Those who don't know their Rights, don't have any Rights (therefore are slaves of others*)*FOTW's addition)Don't rely on others to tell your Rights – do your own research, by first copying and carefully reading the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights 1689 – download Internet/jewtube video lectures on the subject – video lectures by and radio interviews of the Canadian, Dean Clifford, a former university graduate who's never paid taxers for over twelve years, are highly instructive, easy to comprehend, witty, based on actual law, and expose the crookery, fraud and corruption of the Crown Courts Corporation, and teach you how to take on and win against the corrupt magistrates, judges and officers/officials of the corrupt Crown Courts Corporation, and how to never pay taxes on personal income.Fly On The Wall

  10. Anonymous

    The Mail Online censor wankers arer fraudulently doctoring the MOL Poll `Do you believe Cameron can lead Britain to prosperity again?' – a day or so ago the `NOs' were outstripping the `YESs' by a minimum of 9-to-1 – today the `NOs' are 48% and the `YEs' 52% – outright fucking unbelievable – but then the MOL is a jewc-owned diseased talmudic organ circumcised of truth – coke- sniffing cunt Camoron couldn't run a Hong-Kong brothel at a profit even if it cost 50 cents a jump and the Johns were each served a bowl full of free ice cream topped with cherries to close the deal – prosperity? – fucking useless wanker's destroying England at breakneck speed.Fly On The Wall

  11. Anonymous

    Was I wrong about peadophile protector, jewbitch Fester Rancid, covering-up Savile's numerous peado crimes? (see above 12 October 2012 14:02) – Mail Online and the rest of the mainstream media have all been sitting on the pressure-lid of the Jimmy Savile scandal and the part Rancid played in Savile's successful avoidance of receiving justice in a court of law, for his decades of serial criminal sexual predation – the lying jewbitch is now suffering from chronic selective amnesia.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2217149/I-told-Esther-Rantzen-Jimmy-Savile-molesting-young-girls-Sex-abuse-victim-claims-told-Childline-founder-vile-accusations.htmlBeyond question Gri££in Watch is forcing the pace, and leading the MSM field, in exposing Savile's crimes.Fly On The Wall

  12. Anonymous

    Fly, have you heard the rumours about Jimmy Saville being a necrophiliac? he was well known as a frequent visitor to the morgue at Leeds hospital- Larry Grayson said years ago to a radio interviewer that saville was not a lovely person as the media had us believe but was an evil sinister man who larry said liked to "fuck dead people" larry said the public should be told this about Saville but of course this part of the interview was cut out of the broadcast.on a different subject, i too never leave the house unarmed i dont intend being a victim of a gang of black savages or a gang of white trash chavs if they attack me some of them will die-i would much rather face a jury than become the the latest crime statistic.Inspector Blakey

  13. Anonymous

    Inspector Blakey, greetings – jewboy Savile was definitely a necropheliac – of all his darkest secrets, the least known was his predilection for fucking the corpse of young girls that weren't subject to postmortem examination and just before any embalming fluids were pumped into the corpse – Savile had more undertakers as close friends than was natural for anyone to have – one Scarborough undertaker and another in Leeds made a small tax-free fortune out of Savile by allowing him to defile the corpses of young girls – in fact, the younger the corpse the bigger fee the depraved sociopath jew paid the undertaker – beyond question shark-eyed Savile was the embodiment of extreme badness, extreme depravity and extreme criminal insanity – his body should be dug up and filmed being slung on a dung heap.Inspector Blakey, let's see if the mainstream media wankers run with this revelation too.Regards,Fly On The Wall

  14. Anonymous

    I see those sad Imperialist deluded "loyalist" people had their annual "John Tyndall memorial meeting" up in the north a few days ago. Jeeez,where do i start? the stalls staffed by various sad odballs selling their literature-probably the strangest of them all being the"National Socialist Brittania movement" which has about 3 members and whose "leader" is a ginger headed grossly overweight man who is so fat he has to use a stick to help himself walk! i cant see him knocking on the doors of number 10 any time soon! Then of course there are the various Orangemen/masonic people who still believe you should be able to stamp a stamp a people into the ground simply for being a different religion, wont these sectarian Israel loving dinosaurs ever go away? they are an embarresment to fair minded British nationalists, we will get nowhere by being associated with them. Also the meeting promised to donate to the "Help for "Heroes" " charity- am i missing something here? these "heroes" are brainwashed, grunting ZOG puppet murderers,illegaly occupying someone elses country.These "heroes" would be the same ones who would be used AGAINST British nationalists if we ever decided to become more militant e.g by protesting.They would not bat an eyelid as they shot down British men,women and children.But probably the biggest irony about this meeting is the fact that its founder/leader is Mark Cotterill,who John Tyndall himself believed was a state asset and warned members of the BNP to stay clear of this dodgy man, Sorry if i offend some people,but i dont think we can get anywhere by associating with these "drinking club" misfits.Tober Macrombie

  15. Anonymous

    Tober,Did you exchange telephone numbers with number-collector Cotterill?!National Socialists' first struggle is with themselves first before they can even begin to think about 'leading by example' a National Socialist 'jihad'! Now that will wind up these Hollywood Nutzies!From a true National Socialist.

  16. Anonymous

    Gri££in's latest Tweet, it sounds like there is no money in the pot or the party has collapsed?"We will urge boycott in unwanted Police Commissioner elections as low turnout will undermine legitimacy of police's new Labour masters."

  17. Anonymous

    I see arch-dickhead Griffinite stooge Alwyn Deacon has put out a lengthy argument (probably written by one-eye himself) for the BNP no contesting the Police Commissioners' elections on November 15th, what must the poor membership be thinking now? Britain 4th largest political party my foot! I suppose Gri££in is too busy spending that old boy's money that was recently swindled by Jefferson, to be bothered by costly election?

  18. Anonymous

    There's a couple of reasons Dickhead Deacon couldn't have written the lengthy article in question – first, the dumb bastard can barely read or write -second, and if he could, the thick twat would've forgotten what the argument was about before he started writing the second sentence – which, for his one-eyed jewboy leader, should be 20 years minimum.Fly On The Wall

  19. Anonymous

    Greetings, Maid O' France – you should visit Gri££in Watch more often to keep up to speed on what's cooking here in England – heard about you shooting the night intruder and disabling the other would-be attacker, by giving him a lung-full of CS gas – brilliant work, Lady – congratulations – by the way, next time use 00 buckshot or solid slug, not #6s – they don't come back again after getting hit with the big stuff – gunshops in Poitiers, Limoges, La Blank, Chateauroux and La Chatre sell 00 Buck and Brenneker slugs – happy scum shooting.Regards from Gri££in Watch and Gri££in Watchers.Fly On The Wall

  20. Anonymous

    IT'S WHAT NIGGERS ARE GENETICALLY PROGRAMED TO DOhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2218079/Wolverhampton-Bus-Station-Sickening-moment-pensioner-karate-kicked-thug-Smurf-T-shirt.htmlCarol D.ickhead, come out, come out wherever you are – your criminal niggers need your immoral support.Fly On The Wall

  21. Anonymous

    The Labour party jewbitch Harriet Harman is a shameless brass-necked hypocrite who should be flogged in public – too late, like the rest of her perverted Westminster vermin colleagues, the two-faced trotsky-leninist old bag is now slagging-off Savile for his sexual predation on young girls, yet this is the same filty-rich champagne socialist jewbitch that supported, encouraged and led the LibLabCon Westminster paedophile rings clammering to lower the age of sexual consent to 14 – you couldn't make it up.Fly On The Wall

  22. Anonymous

    I have no idea why Griffo doesn't take the initiative on this and highlight the documented policy created by Harriet Harman whilst she was working as a reasearcher.It is also a wonder why he, as an MEP has not taken the initiative nor pushed the paki sex cases and active invader policy of defiling our White girls. Absolutely EVERYTHING has been thanks to The Times.This begs the question of how much Griffo is linked to the Establishment, well know his father is a Mason also there is more to him being Webster's little bitch.BNP = British NONCE Party!Fly on Shit!

  23. Anonymous

    "Maid of France" replies : Chère "Mouche sur le Mur",Salutations de la République Française. Je prends votre bon conseil. Je viens de commander plusieurs centaines des cartouches de « OO Buck » et j'irai les chercher dés aujourd'hui. Salutations à Griffin Watch et à tous ses commentateurs. Gardez votre "Bill of Rights", ne perdez pas ce que vous avez. Je regrette que nous n'ayons pas une bonne version française de vos droits mais notre "Déclaration des Droits de l'Homme" est pathétique et pire les politiques l'ignore. Meilleurs amitiés "Langue de la Chatte"


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