More serious allegations surface regarding Griffarage and Jefferscum.

 Edited Text:

“Griffin and Jefferson are under investigation again. This time over the Will of a 93 year old man from Newquay, Cornwall. It seams that when the BNP heard of the illness of this elderly man whom had lost his mind and gone a bit senile the BNP despached one Clive Aitkin/Jefferson so pop over and see him and low and behold the will ended up being left to the BNP.

I can Confirm 4 people members of the public have made complaints to Devon and Cornwall Police and One ex BNP organiser and Candidate also has rasied concerns as the bnp were bombrding him with donation mail, it seams the poor guy has written cheques out for 10k and 15k in the past 2 years and was strongly told not to donate any money by numerous BNP Members until griffin and the idiots running it had vacated.

Clive Jefferson landed at 9PM on friday night to change the locks and removed lots of BNP begging letters from the premises on this night. Seams all very rushed for a guy that only sadly passed away on tuesday night.

Will keep all decent BNP members and Nationalist informed on this terrible matter” 

Unconfirmed as yet. 


6 thoughts on “More serious allegations surface regarding Griffarage and Jefferscum.

  1. Anonymous

    Various unscrupulous people in the Nationalist movement over the years have attached themselves to elderly dying, decent people to benefit from wills, Lady Jane Birdwood was just one example when queer State agent Marriner got one third of her legacy.

  2. Anonymous

    Gri££in fleeced over £27,000 in hard cash from an aged niece of Lord Kitchener before decent local BNP members stopped her donating by lying to her that Saint Nickedarse Gri££in said he didn't need any more of her money because she had given enough – Gri££in, you greedy jew bastard, now you know how we turned that cash tap off.Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    Around 2005 Gri££in tried getting South Cambs BNP to get the multi-millionaire nationalist, D. Hodson, to leave, in his Will, £1-million£££££s to Griffin but Gri££in had a problem with the South Cambs group in that they were not Gri££inistas and refused to be cajoled by Gri££in, so he never got a penny out of the patriotic old geezer. Because South Cambs always kept their group's considerable amount of cash beyond grasping Gri££in's cash-clawing yiddisha bum-hooks, Gri££in regarded South Cambs as a renegade outfit, so much so, he sent numerous BNP officials to sort them out but none were successful, the mountain of cash being redistributed among all that groups members when the South Cambs disbanded within 48 hours following the 2010 general election, an unmitigated disaster for the BNP, as Gri££in planned.

  4. Anonymous

    This has been going on for years. He has fleeced decent people out of their hard earned cash to fund his lifestyle. Another elderly man gives Griffin some of his pension money thinking that it will help whilst he goes without and cannot afford his heating bills. On top of this he gets further begging letters every week and not even a thankyou.


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