More attacks on the internet. being blocked/attacked..

“This website is under attack again. Now visitors around the world are reporting difficulty in accessing the site. We’ll look into this but in the meantime it means we are doing something right.”
We can confirm the statement above, we here at G.W. are daily viewers of the excellent website, for the first time in over 12 years of viewing, we have not been able to view the website today, without resorting to our backup I.S.P.
“You can always tell when you are directly over the target because that is when the flak comes.”

Keep up the good work over at the TruthSeeker website.

8 thoughts on “More attacks on the internet. being blocked/attacked..

  1. Anonymous

    I hope that paedo scum Savile rots and burns for eternity in Hell! Well done GW for exposing this filthy scum- bag and the cover up. Carry on the good work expose the fraudulent Gri££in.'Glitter didn’t do anything wrong… he just watched dodgy films': Sir Jimmy Savile 'defended' paedophile pop star as several women claim late TV host molested them

  2. Anonymous

    It's all coming out now!"An ITV1 documentary to be aired on Wednesday night also features damning contributions from BBC production staff who claim Savile’s predatory behaviour was an open secret.One former BBC producer who saw Savile in a restaurant with a girl aged around 12 describes Top Of The Pops as his ‘happy hunting ground’."

  3. Anonymous

    Very interesting article in the Daily Mail on Saturday about Blair's severe personally disorder, many aspects of this syndrome could equally apply to Griffin?"In a new edition of his book The Hubris Syndrome, David Owen — who before entering politics was a specialist in neurology and psychiatry at St Thomas’ Hospital in London — argues that the architect of New Labour has fallen victim to a pathological obsession with his own political importance and moral righteousness. Here is a classic symptom of the hubris syndrome: the fallen politician’s stubborn belief that the judgement of his contemporaries is fleeting and irrelevant, and that God (or history) will reward him.And to cap it all, they are so obsessed with their moral vision that they completely lose interest in the ‘nuts and bolts of policy’ — which inevitably means disaster.And when he became Labour leader in 1994, he deliberately downplayed political ideology, cleverly blurring the question of precisely what he stood for. And here in Britain, even his old admirers in the Labour Party have long since seen through him.Like any good American conman, though, he never gives up. There is always another sucker, always another buck to be made."

  4. Anonymous

    Brilliant news – scribbling banana-nosed commie Austrian jewboy, Eric Hobsbawm, has gone tits up at 95 years old, when he should of died 95 years ago as he was crapped into this world – Hogspawn was a close friend of the zealous crypto marxist Polish jewboys, the Miliband stumblebum brothers and their Belgian-born Polish marxist jew father, and their jew mum, Marion Kozak – snap the pair of wankers in half and you'll find the words COMMIE BASTARD running through them, like a stick of Southend rock – Hogspawn was highly influential in repackaging the Trotsky/Leninist British Labour party into a saleable product, so-called New Labour – a political party top-heavy with card-carrying commie cunts.PS, Gri££in Watch, I haven't been able to access TruthSeekers – I reckon my ISP is actively blocking me.Fly On The Wall Fly On The Wall

  5. GriffinWatch

    I think the truthseeker site being attacked is something to do with the Savile expose, they were one of the first to expose Savile. The T.V. expose is most probably damage limitation, I doubt very much that it will point to the very top, which is where this nasty business really leads.

  6. Anonymous

    In response to 22:49I fully concur with your suggestion that the TV 'exposure' will be a damage limitation excercise, a case of, "we know there will be an interest in Savile's degenerate antics….just so long as WE are the only means of appeasing this interest".The media manipulators are afterall VERY au fait with these dirty bastards so they will always collude in any coverup.Fly on Shit!


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