Some humour. Check out the new ten pound note.

It’s time for a caption competition.
Funniest so far:

“I promise to pay the bearer on demand a quick look at my mammary gland !”

Lol Ed.

19 thoughts on “Some humour. Check out the new ten pound note.

  1. Anonymous

    Caption Contest "Don't I look much better on the £10 note than that octogenarian right royal cowbag of a ma'am-in-law who is on there now hurting all our eyes?" Yours truly, C*untess aka D*ckess of Cambridge PS The size of my boobies on the £10 note has been photoshopped to make them appear much bigger than they really are. This is what they really look like and I am a natural brunette btw 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I am absolutely sick of these Britain First/British Resistance Carpetfuckers. Dear Chump,This week, Britain First was successfully registered as apolitical party.This does not mean that we will abandon the campaigning approach– simply that we are expanding our remit of activities to includecampaigns AND elections.The struggle for survival for our people cannot be won byelections ALONE – it’s on the ground, through campaigns, pressureand lobbying, that we stand the best chance of success.Political struggles are waged in a variety of ways, hardly everrelying on politics alone.Such an approach is very one dimensional.Other successful movements utilise politics, campaigning,lobbying, legal approaches, civil rights activism, culturalawareness, demonstrations and so on.In Britain, traditionally, the only real vehicle for theadvancement of the interests of our own people has been apolitical party – however, these political parties seem to befailing on a huge scale, leaving our people voiceless.We need to stop burning our people out in futile politicalpantomimes.Now we can, and will, use our resources (chump activists being the mostimportant) to the greatest effect in order to defend our peopleand nation, using the proven techniques that our enemies havebeen using against us for years.No more wasting our people’s time and smashing our aspirations.We will change things and we want you to be a part of thismovement.Let’s face it: we all know things need to change…Well, this isit!Remember: if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of theproblem, [GO FUCK YOURSELVES BRITAIN FIRST/BRITISH RESISTANCE!] and this is where YOU come in…I need you to helpprovide the fuel [DONATE! DONATE! DONATE!] that powers our campaigns machine.I understand there is a recession raging at the moment, but thecampaign to ensure our children’s future and our nation’ssurvival continues regardless!Is our country worth £1 a week to you? Are our children worth £1a week to you? want you, Chump, to sign up to a ‘Patriot’s Pledge’for just £4 per month that will empower the Britain Firstmovement to take action on behalf of our beleaguered people.Can you find it within your heart to sacrifice a paltry £4 permonth for your country?If you cannot volunteer as an activist pounding the streetsgiving out leaflets and canvassing our people for support, thenwill you help provide the resources our frontline activists sodesperately need? you sign up, £4 will be debited from your card every month(via ultra-secure PayPal) and will provide the regular fundingour activists need to execute our campaigns and spread ourmessage of hope and salvation for our long suffering nation.Every penny generously donated will be wisely spent on campaigns,literature and leaflets. build a secure future for our people by signing up to a‘Patriot’s Pledge’, today!The whole process is super easy:STAGE 1: Click on one of the buttons on the signup page below;STAGE 2: Enter your card details or log into your Paypal account;STAGE 3: Click ‘Submit’ – yes, it’s that easy!This system is not a ‘Direct Debit’ so if you miss a payment youwill NOT be charged.To sign up today Chump, please click on the link below: would like to thank you in advance for your support, it isdeeply appreciated.RULE BRITANNIA!PS: If you cannot sign up to a Patriot’s Pledge, for whateverreason, please consider giving a one-off donation to help fundour campaigns and our expansion plans.Please click below: The Laughing Conman – Jolly Jimbo

  3. Anonymous

    The Corsham Cunt is a known cockroach and alleged masochist and self harmer and I will condone his skinning alive… but only if he agrees to it as he would do it himself for sure but can't be fucking bothered as he's such an idle zgit.

  4. Anonymous

    This silly cow will be the first Queen of England ever to have pictures of her tits plastered all over the internet for the rest of eternity. Does she and that smarmy faced git she's married to think that people will respect the Queen when they can have a good leer at her naked tits ? The present Queen has spent her entire life trying to maintain the dignity of her position and avoid becoming the object of ridicule in an age that has specialized in satire and the destruction of the respect that people used to give to our institutions and their leaders.And now,all because these two pillocks never thought that the worlds media would be interested in getting photographs of the next Queens naked tits!!!!! all of that has been for nothing! If the younger members of the Royal Family can't grasp the power of the internet or the wonders of modern photography then they are going to be taught about them in a way they will not necessarily enjoy!

  5. Anonymous

    Yet another Griffinite stooge gets off a criminal charge, it's worth having friends in high places?BNP Liverpool mayor candidate Mike Whitby not to face election fraud charges because of “insufficient evidence”

  6. Anonymous

    I see that confidence trickster Dowson has finally taken the plunge, transparent and accountable are words definitely not in this lying con man's vocabulary. I wonder when the begging letter mailshot scam goes out again?"This afternoon, Deputy Chairman Andy McBride received confirmation from the Electoral Commission that ‘Britain First’ has been registered as a fully fledged political party"‘Britain First’ is different to the rest, because we are a democratic, accountable and transparent political movement."Please cast your eyes over the words of a British titan, Winston Churchill, who defended our homeland during our darkest hour:"

  7. Anonymous

    I've heard it said that money is being devalued but this is ridiculous! If she gets her tits out for a tenner, I suppose we'll see her twat for a twenty pound note!

  8. Anonymous

    Anon @ 08:29 said: "I suppose we'll see her twat for a twenty pound note!"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Is that what Wills charges for an appearance? (8Fly On The Wall

  9. Anonymous

    Is that what Wills charges for an appearance? (8Fly On The WallYeah, and at the current rate of devaluation no doubt Wills and Kate will be joined by dirty Harry for a threesome on the new £50 note!Das Rote Eicchornchen


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