Paul Morris, The british Resistance Website and Malicious Communications.

Text here:

S Hadley
23:50 (13 minutes ago)

to theeditor

Please remove this lying article:

“self confessed psychotic, Sean Hadley”This is a malicious lie.

It breaks the law with regards to the malicious communications act 1988.

Please also remove this article, which also breaks the law with regards to the above act:“Sean Hadley has spent time in a mental health home and recently stated publicly that he has been diagnosed as psychotic, which means he has a severe mental disorder”

I have never spent time in a mental health home, nor have I ever publically stated that I have been diagnosed as psychotic,  I have never been diagnosed as psychotic.

The above posts on your website are clearly malicious and designed to cause me stress and anxiety and are contrary to the malicious communications act 1988:

(1)Any person who sends to another person—
(a)a [F1letter, electronic communication or article of any description] which conveys—
(i)a message which is indecent or grossly offensive;
(ii)a threat; or
(iii)information which is false and known or believed to be false by the sender; or
(b)any [F2article or electronic communication] which is, in whole or part, of an indecent or grossly offensive nature,
is guilty of an offence if his purpose, or one of his purposes, in sending it is that it should, so far as falling within paragraph (a) or (b) above, cause distress or anxiety to the recipient or to any other person to whom he intends that it or its contents or nature should be communicated.

Please respond to this email within 7 days.

Sean Hadley.
GriffinWatch Editor.

It seems that The British Resistance website run by Paul Morris, makes a habit of transmitting malicious communications, well they bloody well aren’t going to do it against the nationalists here at GriffinWatch or any other nationalists for that matter!

We will of course keep you appraised of any further developments in this matter.

8 thoughts on “Paul Morris, The british Resistance Website and Malicious Communications.

  1. Anonymous

    When the jew-funded British Resistance webshite editor's bagel-munching fat hag of a yiddish mama had her legs wide open while trying to strain out another kike out of her clout, she accidentally passed a turd that was promptly grabbed by a attending myopic rabbi who rushed off to the synagogue and blessed and circumcised it after naming the smelly four-eyed shit, Paul Morris.

  2. Anonymous

    We have also suffered several times from Paul Morris and his sidekick the corsham cock. Good luck with your stance against this idiot. Have you considered a police complaint? That would add weight to the ongoing investigation against them both.

  3. Anonymous

    This was a rejected reply to the very first comment on BR's recent Stephen Pound 'falling asleep' article. I think the comment contains much useful info and a warning to those gullible nationalists who may be lured into the Britain First dead-end donating tent and now voting booth that the BF outfit previously and emphatically maintained was a complete waste of time. Their National People's Party seems to have disappeared without trace. Unless they are planning to take over the msm run almost entirely by enemy within Khazar Jews, Britain First will not have a hope in hell of ever becoming an alternative anything. There's simply no time left for such futile ballot box nonsense and theatrics anyway. All they will do at best is split the soft (and largely irrelevant) nationalist vote still further, the liblabcon vote and Britain's continuing and stupefying downward spiral into financial and indigenous oblivion being largely if not entirely unaffected. Hard nationalists know what needs to be done and you won't find them fannying around with the Zionist State's Electoral Commission at the last minute of the eleventh hour before the midnight kick-off. Britain First don't stand an earthly of getting their message out there with a state brainwasher in almost every home in Britain. For example, today we have the whole of sheeple Britain believing that two GMP women cops were killed by a lone white gunman also allegedly using a grenade. The Zionist press have gone into typical trial by media frenzy by publishing his picture even before charges have been laid. It has all the hallmarks of a state false flag drill gone live to demonise another whitey in an area where gun crime is almost exclusively carried out by blacks. The two diminutive white female cops will have almost certainly been selected for assassination, in the same way that Yvonne Fletcher (the shortest police officer in Britain at the time) was outside of the Libyan People's Bureau in 1984. Nothing to do with the Libyans of course and I very much doubt that the savage killing of these two cops was anything to do with that white lone gunman either. These are the psychopaths we are dealing with and I'm afraid you can just forget the ballot box or reasoning with these lunatic and deranged Zionist monsters. Ballot boxes are for democracies and I'm sure you are not trying to say that we live in a democracy? Expect ever more draconian gun control legislation so that only criminals and the criminal state have access to them. PC Yvonne Fletcher’s Murder Was A False Flag… By killing a British police officer and blaming Gaddafi’s Libya, the plan, it seems, was to start a coup in order to remove Gaddafi and install a puppet regime to seize Libya’s oil. What Flavor Of Jewish Control? THE CHARADE IS UPON US once again. Roll down your sleeves for yet another B movie presented by the Jewish-owned Main Stream Media. This dog and pony show known as “Elections 2012? will feature the dog, Barack Hussein Obama, and the horse’s arse, Mitt Romney, as the contenders for the executive office.

  4. Anonymous

    @ 20:10 This is the comment/reply thread that you are referring to. It would seem that the 'Corsham Crusader'??? would rather allow inane four word comments like Draximus' "My thoughts exactly Steve" than an informative, thought out comment such as yours. I assume he/she is one of the active moderators seeing as he/she is highlighted in sky blue as is the norm on the Intense Debate platform?overner2 89p · 1 day agoUtter bastards, well hopefully now that Britain First has become a political party we can all stand together and create an alternative to these bastardsReportReply8 replies · active 1 day ago+3EnlitendPatriot95p · 1 day agoThat is welcome news to me about BF and have just visited their web site to confirm. Is this the big development tantalizingly hinted at following the meeting attended by GA and CC I wonder? Hopefully a big step forward for British Nationalism.ReportReply+10CorshamCrusader100p · 1 day agoSorry EP, the meeting we attended wasn't a Britain First one. CCReportReply+3s.ducain · 1 day agoIs it true that BF has become a political party ? If so it is good news because wherever nationalism goes, Britain First is the very best name that could have been chosen. I will join if that is the case, and if I can dig out my dust-covered · 1 day agoSame here probably but I need to see more substance of what they stand for – policy wise. I do hope their stated policies have broad appeal for the general public without diluting the Nationalist message in any way. However (and no doubt some will strongly disagree), I feel that because the term `British Nationalist' has been poisoned to some degree in the public's mind (Racists, White Supremacists, etc,) by the nasty, deceitful enemy that is the current ruling class, perhaps that emphasis should be less prominent. Just a thought.ReportReply+2draximus · 1 day agoA political party? And after all the talk about the ballot box being a waste of time and lobbying being the way forward. I wonder if a certain recent meeting had anything to do with the appearance of such a paradigm shift in policy? The fear of possibly being left behind seems to have worked wonders. However, I'm more than willing to give them a fair crack of the whip, dependent on BF candidates being fielded in a decent proportion of seats countrywide, and of course I will be withholding any kind of financial support until I see some tangible results….ReportReply+2Steve · 1 day agoThankfully the penny has dropped. You can't have a movement without a political wing, it would be toothless and ignored by "our masters". I will wait to see what happened at the above mentioned meeting which GA and CC attended before I commit.ReportReply+2draximus · 1 day agoMy thoughts exactly SteveReportReply+3EnlitendPatriot95p · 1 day agoI admit to being one of those who advocate that hoping to bring deliverance back to the true Briton via the ballot box is a forlorn hope due to the status quo. However, I still think that a good, true and honest political party is needed for people to rally round then the proverbial hits the fan. If it can catch the public's imagination, it could become a real focal point to push for change -when voting is banned.

  5. Anonymous

    overner2 and the rest of those on the comment thread clearly don't get the fact that no alternative to the liblabcon in England (one State Green excepted) will ever be permitted in office. They can leaflet and canvass for the rest of his or her life from arsehole to sunset in whatever enriched or threatened part of this sick country they live but it won't change voting habits one iota. The slime box in every English home will see to that. It's really sad when people actually believe they can defeat the enemy by the enemy's ballot box.


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