Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, bought and paid for by Zionists.

We have been warning the E.D.L. members about Yaxley-Lennon and his Zionist backers for quite some time now. Maybe his latest Zionist funded jolly to the U.S.A. will wake a few more of them from their slumber.

As always. Time will tell.


17 thoughts on “Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, bought and paid for by Zionists.

  1. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch, whatever you do don't put money on expectations of grassroot EDL members awakening from their zionist-induced hypnotic slumber – of the several dozens of EDL members I spoke to, at the EDL protest march in Cambridge, last summer (2011), not one of them showed a spark of intelligence – all of them support the parasitic jew race, the very race that's causing the islamic problem the morons protest about – basically, grassroot EDL members are your common-garden variety football fan thickos who think anyone scratching their arse within sight of an israeli flag or a synagogue is a bigoted anti-semitic Nazi – but what else can you expect from thick cunts stupidly thinking jewboys Yaxley-Lennon and his bullshitting fantasizing uncle are of the English race and are English patriots.Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    With regards to the supposed attempt at exterminating the entire Jewish race I should like to quote from one of the 20th centuries least known philosophers,my Dad,"if at first you don't succeed,…."!

  3. Anonymous

    Gri££in won't be getting rid of that sack of shit Walker, they have just put out a lengthy statement on their website making up ever excuse under the sun of the bastard. Just what does one of to do to get booted out of the rotten and corrupt BNP these days? 'Statement by Adam Walker'

  4. Anonymous

    I've just been reading the pathetic, lie filled statement that bully boy Wanker Walker has just posted on the fake nationalist BNP website, what a stomach churning experience, that bastard is really full of himself and completely deluded, one thing is certain his job as Gri££in's Euro aid is quite safe for the mean while."I see no need for this to stop my work for the Party and certainly no need for this to stop my work in my local community…..People’s lives are made better as a result of the good work I do"

  5. Anonymous

    Anon @ 18:16, greetings – your dear old Dad may be one of the lesser-known philosophers but obviously he's the equal of the classical great philosophers like Socrates, Epicurus, Confucius, Plato, Aristotle, Zeno of Citium, Pliny, Adolph Hitler, Dr Mengele, Heydrich (08 etc.Regards,A philosophical Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    Anon @ 19:34 asks: "Just what does one has to do to get booted out of the rotten and corrupt BNP these days?"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That's easy – any of the following will get any member kicked out of the BNP faster than jew lawyers and jew bankers fleeing to israhell with all their clients' money:1) Tell the truth about the one-eyed sack of jewshit, Gri££in, to his bloated pie-fed pig face.2) Insist on examining the BNP Accounts.3) Ask the one-eyed thieving fat fucker what has he done with the million££££s plus he's nicked out of the BNP coffers since he finagled his lard jew arse into the post of BNP Chairman.4) Ask the one-eyed cunt how many times has he bummed his girlfriend, Patricia Brown-Hatter Harrington.5) Ask the one-eyed shirtlifter how many times was his arse drilled and filled by Nicky Crane.6) Ask him (I've run out of superlatives) how much are the BNP members paying for his coke habit – bet the bastard now pays on the nose for his Columbian Sherbet since London heavies gave the one-eyed wanker a good slapping in the Cherry Tree boozer for being tardy in paying BNP security's weekly Columbian Nose-rot-powder bill. 7) As Cyclops to show you `artful' photos of his squint-eyed fat-arsed porker of a daughter Jenny Jamroll Mathy, that Kiddy-fidler Co££ett took when she was under-aged.Fly On The Wall

  7. Anonymous

    The 'English' Defence League are led and influenced by a pair of Irish republicans. They are protected by IRA gangsters in Luton who have carved up Luton with their Paki gangster co-horts for their drug dealing.What it does show is that the State are desperate if they have chosen these two jokers to be the frontmen for their honey-trap organisation, the calibre of the average EDL'er is not up to much either so the winding up of the EDL is not far in coming. Their political ambitions are even more disappointing from the point of view of their State handlers as Britain First might as well be non-existent, which, if ever they 'break through' will only serve to confirm their State backing.Anyone mug enough to not only deal with these two jokers but with any EDL'er generally is a mug!And yeah, given a choice of chatting with an EDL'er or a Muzzie, I'd chat with the Muzzie any day.

  8. GriffinWatch

    " Anonymous Anonymous said… Interesting post 12:39. 13 September 2012 17:10"Indeed, more info is needed on this, it would certainly explain the EDL's acceptance of multiculturalism.Very interesting.

  9. Anonymous

    The State like dealing with gangsters and criminals, as their dealings with the likes of the Jewish Krays proved, also some of the scum who attack genuine Nationalists as Gri££in's attack dogs. Incidentally talking of State sponsored Special Branch scum I've just heard Charlie Sargent was released from prison yesterday.

  10. Anonymous

    Watch Griffin 11 years ago get ripped to pieces in this interview, he was already on the turn with some of his political views even back then. Griffin tried to suppress a decent Nationalist distributing copies of this on DVD a few years back.HARDtalk – Nick Griffin (5th August 2001)


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