Sharon Ebanks and Eddy Butler working together.

But you can’t say this and produce the facts on Stormfront Britain because Dux90 deems it as gossip, rather than factual information, as it clearly is:


You are a disgrace to Stormfront Britain and you are a disgrace to white nationalism in general, do the decent thing Sue, back down, re-enable my Stormfront account and resign from your position as a Stormfront Britain moderator. You were once my friend and a close ally, or so I thought.

In all of my years in nationalism Sue, including the smear blogs
and the lies , today has kicked me in the nads the most.



22 thoughts on “Sharon Ebanks and Eddy Butler working together.

  1. GriffinWatch

    Dux is a good woman in most respects, maybe its female solidarity with regards to Ebanks, I don't know, either way Dux is bang out of order, trying to hide public facts, she is not moderator material, let alone moderator material on a white nationalist forum.I am both surprised and dissapointed with Sue's recent actions. Devastated in fact.

  2. Anonymous

    Sharon Ebanks and Dux were mates on the old NATIONALISTS ONLINE forum.That was before Ebanks hijacked that forum and sacked all the other mods. That was all to do with her support of Eddy Butler.

  3. Anonymous

    "The number of the station where Corsham (Mark Kennedy) is being held is 01225 794752 and I ask that you call to enquire as to his well being."More collecting and harvesting of naive and gullible nationalists dumb enough to phone said number.

  4. Anonymous

    I received a call this evening at approx 2100 hours to inform me that our Deputy Editor, the Corsham Crusader has been arrested.The call was made to me by Detention Officer Jules Haslem from the telephone number of Melksham Police Station at the request of the Corsham Crusader to let me know where he was.—What sort of fucking name is Jules Haslem?

  5. Anonymous

    The Zionist British Resistance's Corsham Cunt-raider Mod-berg 1 is having a much too easy time of it with all those 10 comments to deal with. He's an idle git, sitting on his hairy arse and bollocks doing zilch after all those donations. Why am I stacking shelves at Britain-Firstco while he sits on his sweaty arse checking his latest bank balance?————————–

  6. Anonymous


  7. GriffinWatch

    What's the betting that they soon have a "Donate to save our Kennedy" page up?Malicious communications, I wonder what the fool has been up up too. Ironic isn't it, they try to set me up by grassing to the D.S.S. and then Kennedy gets arrested for malicious comms., someone has clearly grassed him up for something that he has supposedly done. Truly ironic indeed.Plod were correct about Morris being a nasty piece of work tho.

  8. GriffinWatch

    What a moron Kennedy is, utterly niave and believing his own hype that he is some kind of Crusader.A letter like that sent to a Jewish Liberal (Bowman) was bound to solicit a response, talk about giving the enemy ammunition to fire at you. Yes the laws are stupid in some respects however Kennedy has been hoisted by his own petard so to speak with regards to his own arrogance and indeed stupidty.What a muppet.

  9. Anonymous

    GW at 19:54 Or give a perfect excuse for the fake arrest scenario that we are now witnessing? Haven't we seen this all before? Griffin and Collett to name but a couple? After all, any 'patriot' who is arrested by the state plods and awarded such a badge of honour must be a good 'un – right?

  10. Anonymous

    Gri££inite jew infiltraitor, former British Communist Party apparatchik and Labour Party activist arsehole, Michael `wanker' Whitby, with his MI5 spook handlers together with Old Bill's cooperation, pulled the same zionist/talmudic stunt by hamming it up as an outraged nationalist and deliberately getting himself arrested during the Freeman/Lawful Rebellionists' arrest of Judge Peake at the kangaroo court Hearing of Roger Hayes.Wanker Whitby and another of Gri££in's personal cocksuckers & arselickers were present at the arrest of jew Judge Peekaboo on the specific instructions of Gri££in.Fly On The Wall

  11. Anonymous

    FOTW at 21:59 This is a quote from Morristein's article: 'As one of the Detention Officers said to him through the cell door hatch: "You're a popular person, the phone has not stopped ringing". So a big thank you patriots. I believe that those calls may have an impact on what happens next.' Anyone who believes that rubbish will believe anything. All the clues are there that this staged 'arrest' is just another in a series of such State Stunts for such C-Cunts to make it appear beyond all doubt (to the easily fooled) that CCnut is one of the good guys when in fact he is just one of them. Of course CCnut had to send the email like Griffin had to say Islam was a wicked and vicious faith to set the ball rolling. They have to be arrested/charged for saying/doing something after all. With all the accusations and suspicions flying around about ZBR, Morristein and CCnut, it comes as no surprise that they have gone into such desperation mode to try and fend off these allegations which refuse to go away. I was only asking myself the other day, why have they never been arrested (or rather questioned/taken in for questioning) for what they publish on a moderated blog? They after all approve the comments which the pc and thought crime filth would certainly have a problem with. What's your bet that Dowson gets 'collared' before too long in a similar fake arrest exercise?

  12. GriffinWatch

    "That was before Ebanks hijacked that forum and sacked all the other mods. That was all to do with her support of Eddy Butler.6 September 2012 21:34"Sounds about right. She really is a nasty piece of work. Most definately still plod/state? She tried to entrap me.

  13. Anonymous

    Ebonics and sue kelly have been mates since the days of the bnp members forum which ebonics ran as her own little online cult, then spat the dummy out when she was removed and another equally unbalanced individual in lee barnes was installed by griffin, to shut it down.


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