Emma West trial adjourned, yet again.

THE trial of alleged tram racist Emma West has been adjourned for the third time.
West, 28, (Redacted. Ed.), is charged with two racially aggravated public order offences after a video, which apparently shows her abusing black, Asian and Polish tram passengers while holding her four-year-old son, was posted on YouTube.

  1. Emma West denies two racially aggravated public order offences
    Emma West denies two racially aggravated public order offences

The mother of two pleaded not guilty and had been due to face trial at Croydon Crown Court tomorrow (Wednesday).
However, the case has been adjourned for the third time after the Crown Prosecution Service asked for further reports to be compiled.
A new date for the trial has yet to be fixed.
West had been due to stand trial in June but the case was adjourned for further psychiatric reports. The case was moved to July but delayed again for the same reason.
The YouTube video, called My Tram Experience and filmed on a tram travelling between Croydon and Wimbledon, was watched by more than 11 million people after it was uploaded on November 27 last year.
Croydon Crown Court has previously heard that West, a former dental receptionist, had taken a double dose of her medication at the time of the incident, which is believed to have occurred on October 18 last year.


The establishment are clearly between a rock and a hard place with regards to the Emma West trial, this is clear due to the constant adjournments. What will they do? Come down hard on Emma and alienate ever more of the indigenous population or give her a suspended sentence/find her not guilty and incur the wrath of the “equality type” lobbyists? 
As always, only time will tell.


The creature from the black lagoon:



5 thoughts on “Emma West trial adjourned, yet again.

  1. Anonymous

    This case, mirrored by the antics of the monkey highlights the nonsense that is this 'law' pertaining to 'offensive/racist behaviour'.In Britain it used to be that such behaviour may indeed be offensive but to actually BE an offence punishable by custodial sentence/fine was ridiculous.These same cretins also seem to have forgotten the adage "sticks & stones…." just what kind of Britain is this where lawyers/barristers not only are the governing class/career politicians but now also persue their agenda backed by THEIR laws to social engineer?It is not the muds who need to be met with the anger of the White Britons but our fellow White skinned cunts!Fly on Shit!

  2. Anonymous

    Grettings brother Fly On Shit – I concur – a surefire away of beating all the pestiferous parasitical money-ravenous legal hyenas, jackals and vultures of the jewdickery in the Crown Courts Corporation courts is by running with the English Bill of Rights 1689, as did David Gawthorpe successfully did in a jury trial where the police had charged him with unlawfully carrying a shotgun in public to intimidate four asian wogs that had nearly killed his wife by causing her car to swerve off the road and up an embankment.Using no solicitors, no lawyers, no barristers Gawthorpe ran with what is known within certain circles as the `Michael James Burke Defence' – that is, using Article 7 of the English Bill of Rights 1689, which gives EVERY law-abiding English person `Lawful Authority' to carry weapons for self-defence, in public – constables/police officers DO NOT have special Royal Dispensation or special Parliamentary Dispensation for carrying weapons (trunceons, batons, disabling sprays, tasers and firearmes, etc) – Article 7 of the English Bill of Rights 1689 is the ONLY authority that gives constables/police officers `Lawful Authourity' to carry weapons – THAT AND NOTHING ELSE.Study the David Gawthorpe trial transcript – not the David Gawthorpe Appeal Hearing to get his guns back from the police after the trial. He lost his Appeal Hearing (a Micky Mouse/kangaroo charade involving a begowned jew judge sitting outside his Oath of Office) but a few weeks after the bogus Section 44 Firearms Appeal Hearing, the police phoned Gawthorpe and told him if he reapplied for his guns, the police would return them to him – the Old Bill threw in the towel because they knew they were on a loser because knew James Burke was involved and the case would be heading for the Queen's Bench Court Division, in the Royal High Courts – the Queen's Bench Court is a proper Common Law Court of Record where ones enalienable Rights protected by the Magna Cata and the English Bill of Rights 1689 can be claimed.In all probability the Crown Prosecutor decided not to charge the guy who used a 12 gauge to blast the two thieving cunts, because he was wetting his knickers because he would know of the David Gawthorp fury trial and its outcome, and of the probability Michael Burke would be coaching the householder should he be charged with a firearms offence. Racist Regards,Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch, either I can't find it or someones nicked my Bill of Rights 1689 dissertation on the lawful right of English citizens to carry weapons for self-defence in public, as established in a judicial review presented by Michael J. Burke, to three Law Lords who upheld Michael Burke's claim that under Article 7 of the English Bill of Rights he has Lawful Authority to carry weapons for defending himself, his family, his property, up-holding Common Law, defending the Queen's Peace and defending the Realm.Fly On The Wall


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