Suspended from the B.N.P. for displaying a white nationalist flag.

“I got banned from the BNP lol because of this flag (I am a National Front member now)

I took this flag with me to one of the meetings and everyone loved it and I got like 50 photos with others behind the flag!

Hello Graeme. Due to the nature of this incident and the severity of it I have suspended your membership with immediate effect. I gave you the chance to apologise but this fell on deaf ears. I will contact you shortly with a final decision but you will not be allowed to attend any British National Party official demos and the SDL have instructed me to advise you you won’t be welcome back with them. You of course will have the right to reply. David Orr, Scottish Organiser British National Party. 

But wait, just to highlight the absolutely blatant hypocrisy of the Scottish multiracialist organiser David Orr ( a Griffin yes man):

You couldn’t make it up, yet they still do!



7 thoughts on “Suspended from the B.N.P. for displaying a white nationalist flag.

  1. Anonymous

    While I am personally bored to death with having Griffins treason pointed out to me by GW,I saw the light years ago,I still value its efforts as sadly their are still far too many people who have failed to understand just how greedy,treasonous and plain bloody nasty this little twat can be! So at the risk of future personal boredom may I just wish you all the best for the thankless yet very public spirited work you do every day in an attempt to keep this little turd from coming back up again after he has been flushed so often!

  2. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch, continually exposing Gri££in and his fellow marxist is no doubt a hard tedious grind but I assure not thankless nor unappreciated by true nationalists – keep up the good work.Our thanks and our best regards,Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    Griffin gave up on RWB cos theres more money to be made at the Notting Hill Carinival ? Why have a Vanns burger van when you can have a chicken van in the middle of London ? Once dem locals see a big sign saying CHICKEN and start smelling Rooster cooking they come running en mass.


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