4 thoughts on “Pictures of Britain. A picturesque aerial view of a beach.

  1. Anonymous

    Thermo nuke the whole area. The ZOG will be only too glad to assist. Even they've had more than enough of the son of a bitch. It's the only way to be sure of getting rid of the clear and present danger to nationalism and white mankind of Morristein. On second thoughts, they've suffered more than enough having the boiled lager lout and louse as a pike, kike, scrounging neighbour so a Jollywood precision approach may be more appropriate. Nearly Got Morris – Official Video Morris was the fat Welsh blob and sheep shagger bleating about the road in the Range Rover that got away. No children or animals or anyone were injured in the making of this video but just the thought of it was orgasmic.

  2. Anonymous

    It is established for all time! Morristein along with its sidekick, wheelchair bound and Scarborough Fair headed Cnut Crusader ARE Zionist Shills! The true nationalist mind and soul partially or completely absorbs the treacherous poison of the Zionist British Resistance while viewing. One unguarded, un-forewarned single visit to ZBR is sufficient to poison the nationalist mind and patriotic soul forever. Never again will such visitors be able to sire or bear true nationalist children – they will all be Zionist bastards as will their children's children. Now we know why the Zionist British Resistance uses every artifice of deception, lies and duplicity in order to poison the minds and souls of patriots. The ZBR has been aware of these effects on true nationalists for years, and therefore plans systematically the annihilation of the true nationalist spirit which are superior to theirs and by the same token, superior to Zionism. Wearing the dual cloaks of Nationalism and Patriotism are their instruments for the distribution of their poisonous deceit and lies and the concealment of the inconvenient truth about the Zionist British Resistance.


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