The British Resistance (sic) website stats. continue to plummet.

With the hate filled rants from the editor of the British Resistance website increasing in intensity, it’s hardly surprising that said websites Alexa stats. are currently in freefall.
Paul Morris is clearly teetering on the brink of insanity and henceforth is lashing out in all directions, after a recent encounter with Paul “I AM THE GREEN ARROW” Morris in a Paltalk room, I am utterly convinced of this. The man is losing the plot, bigtime. 

Expect a rather detailed expose of Mr. Morris and his sidekick, the Kennedy kid in due course. 🙂


18 thoughts on “The British Resistance (sic) website stats. continue to plummet.

  1. Anonymous

    Morris thought at one point by reporting the size,weight,colour and the time Griffin had a shit he was about to get onto the BNP payroll ? How wrong was he cos Griffin ordered all Blogs across the country to take any links off that associated them to the BNP.This was why Morris started boiling 25pence cans of lager and betting on a crocodile to win the Grand National because Sir Lord Griffin as he used to be know to Morris shit on him and the pain of rejection by Morris was too much to bear.

  2. Anonymous

    Zionist Shill and Muppet Morris (Donate!) doesn't link to this website in his latest sad and sick rant though he does link to Searchlight which speaks volumes about the traitorous twat. Interesting that ZBR are encouraging gullible posters to report you Sean to the authorities for being out of work. No doubt just another ruse to get patriots who do contact the authorities identified by the nefarious Zionist State and get them on a 'list' for future reference and transporting off to the gulags.

  3. GriffinWatch

    I find it most amusing, Morris just doesn't know when to quit. He's very close to tipping over the edge into complete insanity, one more push and he will surely topple over the edge. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    The Hook: Posting a few necessarily nasty/amusing but essentially/sadly true comments on here about Zionist British Resistance. The Line: Waiting patiently for Mad Morris to take the bait. The Sinker: Seeing Mad Morris write (if it can be called writing) an article about said comments AND beyond all my greatest expectations, even posting those comments on his own website while quite incredibly linking to Searchlight. Victory doesn't get and taste much better than this. Thanks Sean for allowing me to indulge myself and exposing this nationalist Donate! fraudster.

  5. GriffinWatch

    Morris has been played like a cheap fiddle, he probably doesn't even realise it yet.He has a god complex you see, in his world he is a god of nationalism, when he realises how much nationalists laugh at him, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a heart attack or topped himself.

  6. Anonymous

    I can't believe that Paul Morris has published that article along with those really funny and derogatory comments about himself and Mark Kennedy. I wish I could write like that but I never use the C or F word and think the impact (and amusement) would be lost without them. As for the article, I hope the sick cunt of a fuck Morris and his wheelchair bound sidekick Kennedy think the article was worth it. Discount Mobility Shop – Wheelchairs 'R' Us British Nationalist – Happy 2 Help – And Remember… We Care 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Hey Sean you must have really rattled their Zionist cage because they are now desperately calling in their Zionist friends in the media archives on that latest article in an attempt to denigrate you still further. Typical Zionist modus operandi? Cool fellow patriot. I wish I could attract that kind of attention.

  8. Anonymous

    Teaser: Sean, I'm working on my next little project to finally OUT the Zionist British Resistance cunt and fuckwits and wanted to share it with you and other readers but especially Zionist British Resistance. It's a fucking beaut and I bet they go for it, even though I've told them. They'll never be able to resist it, I promise you. We really should start to refer to Morris and Kennedy as Zumb and Zumber.

  9. Anonymous

    This is my first post ever on any internet blog. I would never have come across this site if it had not been for that article on British Resistance. You guys certainly know how to fall out with one another. Those comments on British Resistance are very funny if not bordering on the obscene. I haven't found them on here yet. Are they for real? Wicked sense of humour. I'm impressed.

  10. Anonymous

    @ 19:00 The last contest was far too easy a victory so I'm going to make it a bit easier for the ZBR whallas this time. The next 'Hook' is the comment I posted at 19:00. Sean, with all this help they'll still fuck it up. Dumb Zucks.

  11. Anonymous

    The out and our wanker Cunt Crusader pandejo jerk-off denies ever having had a wank. This is quite ridiculous even though he is blind to the reality of his imminent downfall. He should have worn boxing gloves in bed at night in his adolescent teens. CCunt and Morristein jerk each other and their readership off all the time and expect us to take them seriously? Pull the other one!

  12. Anonymous

    What makes me laugh is that Morris the Twat thinks 'bone disease' will put that gormless cunt crusader kennedy in a wheelchair!He has no fucking inclination how many people are fighting amongst themselves to put the jug eared cunt in a wheelchair long before 'bone disease' takes a hold.That's the irony!

  13. Anonymous

    Morris-Kennedy-Zionist-British-Resistance-Britain First RIP-NOT!No man is an island,Entire of itself.Each is a piece of the continent,A part of the main.If a clod be washed away by the sea,Europe is the less.As well as if a promontory were.As well as if a manor of thine ownOr of thine friend's were.Each man's death diminishes me,For I am involved in mankind.Therefore, send not to knowFor whom the bell tolls,It tolls for thee.

  14. Anonymous

    Mad Morris is beginning to really get on my bloody nerves. He has the nerve to criticise this blog for its direct harsh language and yet he publishes sickening articles about rimming and anal leakage by/of homosexuals. He pokes fun at others as though he hasn't looked in the mirror for donkey's years and taken a long hard look at his bloated, ageing, balding self. I couldn't believe it the first time I had the misfortune to ever set eyes on an image of him. I thought surely this can't be THE Green Arrow? There must be some mistake? "Don't look Ethel!" I shouted to 'er indoors wearing nothing but a smile at the time but twas too late. Her image of a well hung Aryan nationalist knight in shining armour was shattered forever. And when she first heard his voice on a You Tube video, well she said it reminded her of the late Emlyn Hughes or Alan Ball and the squeaky voices that they both had. In their latest article about Breivik, a poster quite rightly makes a comment about not talking to the enemy press which is also supported by a reply. Yet the Dowson creep and shyster is tolerated and even welcome on there (while many decent nationalists have been chased off or just cleared off) even though he infamously participated in a BBC Panorama programme against the BNP which Dowson stuck with long, long after many others had left after sounding the alarm about what was going on. The ZBR site and those two hypocrites who run it are a sick and sad joke.


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