Griffin. Just can’t get the staff.

The reason that Griffin “can’t get the staff” anymore is because all of the educated and decent nationalists have already woken up to Griffin’s “family business scam” and voted with their feet, so to speak, they have walked away from the party.

Griffin is desperate now, he knows that he will not get re-elected to the Euro gravy train and is desperately trying to think of ways to earn a living after the Euro gravy train ends, perhaps he will retire to his French villa retreat and write books.

It matters not what he does, Griffin’s treachery and betrayal of nationalism is well documented now, his destruction of nationalism in Britain, will be the only thing that he will be remembered for, a fitting epitath.


49 thoughts on “Griffin. Just can’t get the staff.

  1. Anonymous

    Griffin is getting more like David Koresh every day and turning the BNP into the Waco party.Ive heard on the outskirts of Welshpool town centre there is now a little old man who rings a loud bell everytime the Griffinmobile comes down the hill to warn the locals Griffin is about to enter town so they can all lock up quick. Apparently only the cummerbund & kebab shop stay open when Griffin arrives.

  2. Anonymous

    From the ZBR Lie Factory and Donate Machine:Stillborn_John 78p · 2 hours agoShalom, Green Zlime, the travails of this forum lately reminds me of a pub I used to visit who one day served a 'problem drinker'. Next day he brought a fellow social outcast with him and so it grew, within weeks the pub was full of smelly old men shouting at the TV, swearing at the staff and pestering the normal customers, who subsequently stopped using the place in droves, it soon went bust. Substitute 'problem thinkers' for 'problem drinkers' and I think the analogy is plain. I used to like that pub, the same way I enjoyed being on this forum, please don't let it go the same way.ReportReply 2 replies · active 1 hour agoReply from:Cunt Crusader 100p · 1 hour agoShalom, Stillborn_Cunt, I mean John,I have just have just been talking with the Green Zlime on this very subject and can assure you it is being dealt with. GZ will be putting an article out about this hopefully tomorrow as the comment section on our site has changed dramatically over the recent months and it's not carrying on any longer. A quick message to all those that comment here….. If you wish to re fight the second world war then go and find a suitable site for that purpose. If you wish to discuss every conspiracy under the sun then go and do it on David Icke's forum. From now on we will only be printing comments that affect British Nationalism today and the survival of our people. Signed: Corsham Cunt Here's another comment from the Stillborn_Cunt_John on the same article:Stillborn_Cunt_John 78p · 2 hours agoA dullard and an idiot I may be, but that's preferable to you fellows who camp out on the internet swooning over Adolph and inventing nonsense tales about 9/11, the moon landings, HAARP, jews controlling the weather, chemtrails and the rest of the conspiracy gibberish. You say there are millions 'beginning to get it', the capacity of you people to kid yourselves knows no bounds, instead, I suggest there are millions who, after hearing your Fantasy Island ramblings have thought "How can we trust the judgement of crackpots like them?" and gone elsewhere for their political enlightenment. Of course, with this damned dullness of perception of mine I could be wrong. ********** Well it's very clear who is and isn't welcome on the latest re-branding/re-launching of the Zionist State's fake British-Israel Resistance webshite which is no doubt being re-positioned to maximise donations from the gullible.

  3. Anonymous

    Truth Truck, some joke – more like the Lying Fuck's Truck – Gri££in, you one-eyed fat sack of jew shit, you're gonna get your's bye and bye from some nationalist and it'll be bye, bye, adios, via con Diablo, au revoir, arsehole.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    Personally I can see nothing wrong with using the 'Truth Truck' to prop up a failing bridge and commend the BNP for their generosity in allowing the vehicle to be used for this worthwhile act. Of course there are bound to be those who will intimate that this was an unplanned problem and that present day BNP members are a little lacking in 'grey matter', resulting in them having a problem with understanding that a vehicle 5' 7" high will not be able to drive under a 5' 6" high bridge but hey!! we all make mistakes right. The other articles are worth a read too especially if you're having a tropical downpour as here in Torquay, with nowhere to go.PL Sent to and posted by Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    Ian Kitchen has been made head of the Justice Department but they are having problems getting the officer dibble hat on his head because the colander he has been been wearing for the past 5 years was welded on by Clive Jefferson and Linda keeps pinching his truncheon.

  7. Anonymous

    Very Interesting to hear that NG has a French villa retreat…nice to know the money has not been wasted.There were rumours of Croatian and Dubai property purchases.I would love to know where to send the Christmas cards.baz

  8. Anonymous

    I can hear Gri££in now : "Get in my office now Jefferson you bloody idiot!" "Sorry Gov I didn't see it coming, the cheap Sat Nav you bought in Hungry didn't work properly."

  9. Anonymous

    @ 11:17 Most certainly and also the cost of the mandatory 'structural integrity' inspection of the bridge and any subsequent repair to it. The vehicle's/driver's insurance will pick up the tab for that little lot so BNP will not be billed directly for it.

  10. Anonymous

    I can hear Gri££in now : "Get in my office now Jefferson you bloody idiot!" "Sorry Gov I didn't see it coming, the cheap Sat Nav you bought in Hungry didn't work properly."……………………………..The one from Hungary was broke they were using the one Raj Singh brought back from a day trip to Kasmir.

  11. Anonymous

    What is it Ken Griffths driveing? He claims to be an experianced driver. Specialist in driveing past red lights on dodgy junctions. He would do anything to be in Gri££ins good books.

  12. Anonymous

    @ 22:09 There was a boiled lager louse called Morristein, Who messed up in ways that I’ve never seen, The posters cleared off, having had more than enough, Of this hateful Welsh twat of an has-been.

  13. Anonymous

    Sad Simple Corsham met Jim Pie-Man going to the Banker, Said Simple Corsham to Jim Pie-Man, Praise be! What have you there?" "Sssh! Ain't it obvious?" asked Jim Pie-man, with a diabolical stare,"Today's donations, for your info, you useless CCunting wanker!"

  14. Anonymous

    That truck ain't stuck – it's run out of diesel and the BNP kitty is empty because Gri££in stole all the money to buy luxurious bolt-holes in foreign lands – on the eve of the 2010 general election the South Cambs BNP fundholder was campaigning in the Truth Truck (remember the good old days, Baz?) – he pulled into a garage in Buckingham and filled the tank full with diesel but when he presented the BNP fuel card the garage staff told him the BNP fuel card company had cancelled it because they hadn't been paid for months – if the local BNP hadn't stumped up the £70 fuel bill the mobile scrapyard would still be on the Bucklngham garage forecourt, resting on its axle diffs.Fly On The Wall

  15. Anonymous

    Amazing this hasn't made it into the mainstream media…yet.On the Buckingham fuel fiasco – The men there were all staunch and pro-griffin, even after the fuel card bounced.I hope I am wrong, but I don't think there is a Buckingham branch anymore.

  16. Anonymous

    Gri££in's latest tweet, is the man turning into a Red Commey? "Great account of greedy corporations running wild & looting us all. Pro-capitalist politicians ."

  17. Anonymous

    Anon & 31 August 2012 10:36 – the one-eyed jew cunt, Gri££inbergstein incorrectly punctuated his twitter-twatterings and inadvertently reversed a couple of words – it should've read:"Great account of greedy corporations running wild & looting all us pro-capitalist politicians."If nationalists had their way, the one-eyed sack of jew shit would hanging from the bridge, next to his four-wheeled junk heap. Fly On The Wall

  18. Anonymous

    The Zionist phoney British-Israel Resistance still allows that religious nut and fruitcase and always ever the hateful and condescending cunt (and hater/baiter of our German White European kinsfolk) Dowson (I spit) to strut its monarch worshipping/911 believing stuff on there, and wonders why most decent nationalists have cleared off never to return no matter what Morristein and the Corsham Cunt do now. The webshite is finished and good riddance. To allow such an evil bastard as Dowson to comment on there after he has openly expressed preference for black Christians over white Pagans and his eternal loathing for the German people (some Christian hey?) and that he would fight World War 2 against them all over again, shows what a truly despicable and satanic twat this Dowson vermin is.

  19. Anonymous

    @ 12:38 Aberdeen Nationalist appears to have a swipe at Britain First or its personnel when he says "Now we have both come across complete rotters who are frauds out to make money, etc on the back of true nationalists, they will always need outed, one or two still kick around on here." I can't think of what else he could possibly be referring to but the Britain First outfit bunch of 'naggers' (nationalist muggers) on there.

  20. Anonymous

    Oh Whats this…A BBC article telling us about Drones….You know the ones that are sued already by the USA to Kill people at Funerals, Weddings, and to Spy on people, the ones that are already armed and in the Sky in the US…Could they be getting the British people ready for these in the UK under Cameron Millibands Cleggs Big Ziociety…

  21. Anonymous

    Dowson wants to run with the hare and enemies of nationalism, enemies of the people, enemies of the country by supporting/lauding the nefarious monarchy and perpetuating monstrous establishment lies like 911…… yet wants to run with (and while doing so, disrupt/frustrate/obstruct the efforts of) the nationalist hounds who are desperately trying to expose the fake and fable version of history along with its Zionist creators/manipulators/liars that have brought the people and this country to its knees and on the threshold of Zionist engineered World War 3 for Israel. ANYONE attempting to persuade or browbeat nationalists into watering down the message to the people (for votes that will never materialise) is an absolute enemy of the people. This is why Dowson along with his Britain First Donate! outfit and band of liars perpetuating myths such as 911 is never to be trusted. By association, neither is the British Resistance outfit either. Trust a nationalist by the company they keep and Morris and Kennedy have befriended Dowson and his suspect ex BNP lot at the top and should equally be avoided. With so many traitors embedded in nationalism, if you don't understand it, walk away from it or kick them out of your nationalist life – and keep them out.

  22. Anonymous

    Interesting article at No one To Vote For:Thursday, 30 August 2012The Jewish Media It is about time everybody, including Jews, got acquainted with the truth about the Nazi 'gas chambers', one of the most recent "truths that dare not speak their name" (along with 9/11, 7/7, but no longer 'The Gulf of Tonkin' incident now openly admitted to be a lie even within school A Level history syllabi). Rachel Corrie On Humanitarianism

  23. Anonymous

    God Bless Rachel Corrie another Victim of Israel without JusticeSo why isnt Griffin speaking out about the impending War on Iran for the sake of Nuclear Armed Israel?Iran LIE Same As Iraq LIE!

  24. Anonymous

    @ 19:45 That's exactly the sort of inconvenient truth that Britain First and it seems British Resistance want to avoid and bury and keep from the donating public lest they be scared off. If Islam isn't the bad guy, then Britain First especially don't want to know. No doubt they would say that Rachel Corrie had it coming and the driver of the bulldozer should drive over (and then reverse back over as happened) Rachel Corrie just like the scum Israeli twat all over again, and just like one of their number would see World War 2 fought all over again for Zionism against those nasty Germans.

  25. Anonymous

    GW at 20:06 So was Yvonne Fletcher most likely, not to mention countless others too numerous to mention. "All covert operations involve deception to a greater or lesser degree and St James was no exception. The police present that day were briefed that a group of anti-Quadhafi demonstrators would be cordoned on the inner pavement of the Square, enabling them to demonstrate peacefully against Libyan staff situated in their bureau across the road at number five. As with all such briefings the police were told to keep both factions apart, with the dividing line being the road itself. Since there were only two groups opposing each other, it was "obvious" that if a member of one of the two groups was injured, the other group would be responsible. So when Yvonne Fletcher was shot in the vicinity of the anti-Quadhafi demonstrators, the immediate assumption was that she must have been shot from the Libyan Bureau. It seemed there was no other option, but there was.Two professional television cameras were filming at the time, one located outside the Bureau at 5 St James and the other outside 8 St James. In ballistics terms the footage from those two cameras provides most of the hard scientific proof needed to prove the shots could not have been fired by the Libyans, and confirms the firing platform was located in a building on the northern side of the square, well to the west of the Libyan Bureau. Forensic details from Yvonne Fletcher's post mortem provide the balance of irrefutable scientific evidence."

  26. Anonymous

    It's a sickening site to see Rev Dowson being given a platform and thumbs up on that British Resistance website in their latest article. Genuine nationalists have left in droves or been ordered off their fake nationalist cyber-field but the scum likes of Rev Dowson are allowed to stay on. Such phoney nationalist websites are more dangerous than known entities like the BBC….. for true nationalism can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within? A known enemy such as the BBC at the cyber gates is less formidable, for they are known and carry their banner openly. But the fake nationalist website and campaign group moves amongst those within the cyber gate freely, their sly whispers rustling through all the RAMS and ROMS, heard Intel Inside the very halls of Pentium. For such fiends of nationalism appear not as traitors; they speak in accents familiar to their victims, and wear their faces and their arguments, they appeal to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all cyber and keyboard patriots. They rot the soul of a cyber nationalist community, they work secretly and unknown night and day to undermine the pillars of that community, they infect the true nationalist mind so that it can no longer resist. The BBC is less to fear. BR and BF are the plague. Cicero

  27. Anonymous

    Has anyone else noticed how Morristein has acquired a sort of persecution complex and created a 'victim status' about himself? It's a Jewish thing isn't it? Noisily appearing the downtrodden while quietly shafting and fleecing the Goy? There will soon be a word for it called Anti-Morrism. The State is after him; the Reds are after him; the Right is after him; Wales BNP/UAF (as he always puts it) are after him; his landlord is after him; and so it goes on and on. It would appear Tony Cunting Blair has less enemies than Paul Cunting Morristein.

  28. Anonymous

    GW, are you preparing (and protecting yourself) for the political endgame of muppets Griffin, Dowson, Morris and Co? All the signs are there. When these three cunts go down and out of nationalism forever, it won't be pleasant. Like ridding oneself of a cancer. No gain without pain. Their handlers will be plenty pissed with them and their failure but even more pissed with those who have exposed them for the traitorous scum that they were.

  29. Anonymous

    This whole story about the truck being stuck under that bridge is probably totally fabricated. There appears to be no damage of ANY kind to the front of the flat-bed advertising/storage piece just behind the cab spoiler with that stupid BNP heart logo on it. None whatsoever. There appears to be a slight bend in the top centre of the advertising piece but stopping under the bridge and a driver and passenger (or two passengers) getting out of the cab would make the front of the vehicle lift up and make contact with the bridge in such a way if it was that close – 12' 6". The driver/passengers staying in and reversing out would have easily resolved the problem – though they would have had a legal obligation to report that (if) they had made contact with the bridge. It happens all the time where vehicles slowly try to manoeuvre under a low/tight bridge and then reverse when they hear the top of the cab/body/trailer scrape and make contact. It is not the job of the police to climb on ladders to do God knows what at the top of a vehicle allegedly stuck under a bridge. That is the job of an engineer. What we see is just a stupid photo opportunity for the consumption of the masses. What was that stupid cop going to do anyway? Stick in his hand a wriggle it free? Definitely staged in my opinion. The BNP need all the Zionist media publicity they can get. The classical solution of letting the tyres down to 'free it' almost certainly gives the game away to the Zionist lie about this story. Also, if that vehicle had struck that bridge at speed, the advertising piece would have been pushed well back at an angle, yet it appears perfectly straight at the back of the vehicle. This vehicle was carefully positioned under it, then the crew got out to appear to wedge it stuck when it wasn't wedged or stuck at all.

  30. Anonymous

    I would have replied (NB CCunt it's 'HAVE replied' not 'OF replied' and while I'm on about basic kid's rules of grammar 'has' – not 'as' – that Green Zlime of yours sorted out his 'as' from his ass/'has' yet?) to this other cunt John but I don't think my comment would HAVE been published. john · 4 hours agoThe only faults I see in you, are your naivete(sic) on the divide and conquer methods that the establishment uses against any political organization that poses a threat and your equal naivete(sic) about the damage done to a movement by oddball extremists and their pet insane theories. You leave this site wide open for Jew haters and black haters and of course moles who post lies and exaggerations just to wind these people up and to paint the entire nationalist movement as a lot of wacko Neo Nazi cranks. [This next bit is a bit garbled but I think I get the drift and you just have to laugh out loud] You fail to understand Griffins, (Griffin's) late in being implemented but entirely necessary, zero tolerance policy for these mental cases and continue to moan about, how his group has purged what you are calling " good nationalists" but who are in fact responsible for the bulk of the negative publicity about nationalism. (This next part had me in bloody stitches)The Only fault I see in the Griffin leadership is that he kept people like Butler Collet and the like in the party for far too long. He tried for too long to get people to change their ways and to get along for the sake of the cause GA and CC you are honest but you fail to see that the extreme brand of anti antisemitism [a double negative = a positive?] and anti black racism you tolerate on your site is selectively used by your enemies to paint you as not a bit different than that monster Anders Breivik who murdered all those teenagers. [Believe Breivik did that and the Oslo bombing to boot all by himself – if he was involved at all – and you will believe anything naive cunt john] You can meet with people forever to try and form a nationalist group but until you see that you are fighting the entire world financial establishment [comprised almost entirely – if not entirely – of those Zionist/Khazar counterfeit non Semitic atheistic Jews you wish to defend naive cunt john] in a war [those same Jews are bloodied dab hands at causing them too] to control the public's perception, your efforts will be in vane. —- Dear naive cunt john, I suspect your efforts today will not be entirely in vain as Morristein and CCunt both take you on advice and ban everyone but themselves from posting on there just to be on the safe side. It's the only way to be sure.

  31. Anonymous

    @ 11:21 and Breivik 22 July, 2011: Oslo, Norway: Anders BreivikEvent: The massacre of civilians via bombing and shooting by a right-wing domestic extremist blue-eyed caucasian Norwegian. Another instance of where a police and military drill went live, this time only twenty-six minutes after the drill had ended.Motives: Continue a “strategy of tension” in the vein of Gladio. Shift narrative from left-wing and Muslim extremist to right-wing domestic populace, essentially broadening the suspect spectrum to now include anyone and everyone. The perfect pretext for the rendition and unwarranted arrest of any individual regardless of evidence or racial profile. Fact: Government military drills gone live. No doubt this is the sort of inconvenient truth and conspiracy evidence (certainly NOT mere theory) that naive cunt john and others like him such as Dowson and his Britain First Donate! gang of naggers (nationalist muggers) would like kept from the donating electorate. As if the ex BNP Dowson Gang are going to be allowed anywhere near those levers of office (certainly not power which the hidden Crown retains regardless of who is in office) or be allowed to persuade the electorate to stop voting for the LibLabConspiracy one party with three names. ——Any American [or Briton] who thinks they are living in a free country does not have a clue. The fact is that the United States corporation is controlled from the City of London, by the Crown, which is not the British Monarchy as many believe, but rather the private corporation that is the inner 'City of London' itself, also commonly known as "The City" or "The Square Mile." This square mile that makes up the center of Greater London has its own mayor, laws, courts, flag, police force and newspaper. It is the heart of the global financial system. 'City States' The City of London Corporation: the state within a state

  32. Anonymous

    Just posting this in retort to Dowson (who for some inane reason has posted the Welsh National Anthem on the Zionist British-Israel Resistance) in the hope that it really pisses the creature off. We should never have gone to war (for International Jewry and Zionism) with our German brethren of course but Dowson the warmongering fiend would do it all over again given the chance. Who are the cretins who follow and donate to this thing? Deutschlandlied-Anthem of Germany German National Anthem Some interesting comments – the usual nazi jibes that Dowson would approve of – plus nice images AND both videos include the now omitted first two verses/stanza in the present (temporary) version of the Berman National Anthem. How pathetic our tedious God Save The Queen (NOT the Country and its People mind but just the bloody Queen or King) is compared to theirs and many other countries' National Anthems.

  33. Anonymous

    Well the British Resistance whallas asked for trouble and looking at the above comments they are getting it in spades. It's only a matter of time before that mendacious website sinks without trace and their abject failure to give Dowson and his Donate First lot along with other obvious Zionist trash on there the boot and for good is proof if any was needed that they are unfit to call themselves Nationalists. Good riddance to such bad and fake nationalist rubbish.

  34. Anonymous

    I see the boiled lager louse is having another go at you Sean. Both Morristein and the Cunt Crusader are now seemingly 'victims' who will no doubt soon have a memorial day (27 January is already spoken for btw Morristein and CCunt) to their alleged suffering and horse's ass whipping at the hands of us nasty bloggers who try and expose these naggers and supporters of the Dowson Gang for what they really are. Morristein says and I of course quote: "You attack the Cunt Crusader, the hardest shirking fake National Socialist I have ever met. You quite rightly accuse him of being a sponge for not working and yet you know that he has a degenerative bone disease that will see him confined to a wheel chair hopefully in time for the next Paraplegic Olympics." More at:

  35. Anonymous

    "CC has a degenerative bone disease that will see him confined to a wheel chair hopefully in time for the next Paraplegic Olympics." Unless the Zionist State – thoroughly pissed off at the piss poor return on their ZBR investment – help him on his way and get to put CC in a wheelchair first. Zionist State Slogan: "We're Here To Help"

  36. Anonymous

    Speaking only for myself on here, if 'Morristein' thought that his article would appeal to the more sensitive and forgiving side of my nature then I am afraid that he has seriously misjudged me. He says that I and others like me are the scum of the earth! Or an ant in an afterbirth? Or a slug in the sun? Morristein's (and Corsham Cunt's) problems probably started from an abused kid, a battered infant… either may have even had sexual relations with… their mother… or father. My heart bleeds for him, as a child. Someone took an innocent kid and manufactured a Morris Monster. At the same time, as an adult, he's now irredeemable. He chases lost causes, indulges in trivial pursuits and fantasies (like Britain First) and delusions of nationalist grandeur. As an adult, someone should kick the sick fuck out of its socks and into reality. (Manhunter 1986 Quotes)

  37. GriffinWatch

    Morris can barely contain his hate filled rants. He is clearly teetering on the brink of insanity, he classes himself as a "God of nationalism", seriously, he really does. It won't take a lot for him to metaphorically fall over the edge, methinks. 🙂

  38. Anonymous

    Anon @ 1 September 2012 said:"18:01Morristein says and I of course quote: "You attack the Cunt Crusader, the hardest shirking fake National Socialist I have ever met. You quite rightly accuse him of being a sponge for not working and yet you know that he has a degenerative bone disease that will see him confined to a wheel chair hopefully in time for the next Paraplegic Olympics."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For a mo' I thought the creepy Corsham cunt was suffering from a degenerative brain disease – but then he would require a brain for that type pathology.


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