The odious creature has been arrested.


Woman arrested after video surfaces of black woman making racist comments about white people on a London bus

  • 34-year-old held on suspicion of racially aggravated public order offence
  • Middle-aged black woman’s racist rant lasts two-and-a-half minutes
  • ‘Free speech. I hate white people. I can’t stand none of you’, she said
  • Film uploaded to YouTube has been watched nearly 7,000 times

A woman has been arrested by police officers investigating claims that a black woman made racist comments about white people on a London bus, Scotland Yard said today.
The Metropolitan Police said a 34-year-old woman was arrested this afternoon at an address in Hackney on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence and is being questioned at an east London police station.
A force spokesman said the arrest came after they began examining video footage of a woman making comments on a bus.


16 thoughts on “The odious creature has been arrested.

  1. Anonymous

    She's going be severely punished by being rehoused in a newly refurbished multi-million-£££ London flat and regularly given dozens of flight tickets to Kingston Jamaica, all found by White race taxpayers she detests.Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    Since when did being 34 years old qualify as being MIDDLE AGED ? As I am now in my fifties this point is of some importance as if this judgement stands then clearly I am well beyond my middle years and that can only mean one thing – I AM OLD ! If Griffinwatch let this statement stand then you may take it as read that you have lost my support,now and forever, regardless of how little time I have left!

  3. Anonymous

    Either way Human rights lawyers will be all over this with excuses such as my bantu client has never been the same since the EU changed the size and shape of imported banana'a OR she she has been suffering from post olympic stress disorder because of the lack of black gold medal winners for team GB.As punishment they they will probably just ban her from KFC for a month.

  4. Anonymous

    From an 'Independent' / Zionist Newspaper reporter in Aleppo Syria''I asked about the rebels’ weapons''STILL promoting the lie that these are 'rebels , when they are TERRORISTS , Al-Quada, and those of the 'Muslim Brotherhood' that were supported by Nato, UK, US that 'liberated', Libya via Racial Genocide, Mass Murder, beheadings and War Crimes… these same rebels that are hanging girls and murdering her family, the same that are being Funded by the British Treasonous , US, and Israeli Governments…

  5. Anonymous

    @ 22 August 2012 20:01 said "What a pig ugly woman,with a face like that she shouldn't be allowed on public transport"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The hog-ugly Africoon bitch shouldn't be out in public without a bag on her head and without a Home Office Section 5 license for sporting a lethal anti-White racist attitude.

  6. Anonymous

    Just one small detail , on the handy work of , Hague, Cameron, Milliband , Obama, Nato, Saudi etal and their funding ''non leathly ' of Terrorists 'rebels' in Syria “We found him later,”(one Syrian General referring to a Syrian Soldier) the General says, “cut into two pieces and thrown into a sewage tank”. (By the 'rebels')Yes, the 'British' Government waging 'war'/Terror abroad and at home against the British people

  7. Anonymous

    Ecuador president righteously rams the truth brutally hard up homosexual Willie Hague's over-reamed and creamed arse by telling homo Hague that the UK has no right to lecture over Assange… after its failure to extradite Pinochet a decade agoRead more: readers comments:Tit for Tat then.- Jan, Lancs, 23/8/2012 18:19Rating 36 green arrowsThe UK is a nauseous police state and poodle which will extradite its own citizens over the US for an handful of mp3 shared from their British home : appalling and pitiful.- Me, Here, There, 23/8/2012 18:17Rating 140 green arrowsThe hit the nail directly on the head, the British government has absolutely no excuses.- Max Nex, Lugano, 23/8/2012 18:13Rating 162 green arrowsWell said! Sadly, colonial master, UK has refused to learn to shut up and behave.- John, London, 23/8/2012 18:11Rating 124 green arrowsHe is quite correct. Pinochet caused the deaths of thousands of innocent people while Assange has not caused the death of one person!- Hope, Cheltenham., 23/8/2012 18:09Rating 194 green arrowsHe is absolutely right!- Xavx, London, England, 23/8/2012 18:00Rating 311 green arrowsAs I said before, here starts the demonisation of Ecuador by the orchestrated media. He will know as many others do that Britain is truly the Land of Double Standards. The establishment, with the assistance of their compliant media, does it without blinking an eyelid.- Jack Tar, Torrevieja, Spain , 23/8/2012 17:58Rating 114 green arrowsStop there aid simple as that- eeatmeeee, Newcastle, 23/8/2012 17:53Rating 145 red arrowsWilliam Hague is correct. We have to extradite Assagne to show that we British always obey the law. The Pinochet case is a red herring because even if he did murder thousands of people Britain had to protect him because of the cold war situation.Things are different now, as William has stated.- kerry livermore, London, England, 23/8/2012 17:50Rating 226 red arrowsThe cosy arrangement between the US and Sweden would allow a fast track removal of Assange to the US. This is unique in the EU and Sweden is the only country in the EU that has such a bi-lateral agreements with the US that could allow this to happen. No wonder the US want him removed to Sweden.- james, lewes, 23/8/2012 17:44Rating 221 green arrowsFly On The Wall


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