Wave goodbye to the Euro.


Lord Rothschild takes £130m bet against the euro

Lord Rothschild has taken a near-£130m bet against the euro as fears continue to grow that the single currency will break up.

“The member of the banking dynasty has taken the position through RIT Capital Partners, the £1.9bn investment trust of which he is executive chairman.

The fact that the former investment banker, a senior member of the Rothschild family, has taken such a view will be seen as a further negative for the currency.
The latest omen follows news in The Daily Telegraph late last week that the government of Finland is already preparing for the euro’s break-up.
RIT, which Lord Rothschild has led since 1988, had a -7pc net short position in terms of principal currency exposures on the euro at the end of July, up from -3pc at the end of January. Given a net asset value of £1.836bn at the end of July, the position is worth £128m.
Sources close to RIT suggested that the position was not a dogmatic negative view on the euro as a currency, but rather a realistic approach on a currency that remains relatively weak.
It is not the first time Lord Rothschild has used currency positions as a form of hedge. RIT significantly increased its exposure in sterling after the currency’s decline in 2008, but then scaled back on both the sterling and the euro, anticipating the ensuing recessions in both regions.
Some 53pc of RIT’s assets were in US dollars at the end of July, in part a reflection of its deal to buy a 37pc stake in Rockefeller Financial Services at the end of May.
Lord Rothschild is not alone in seeing value in shorting – or selling down – the euro. At a conference organised by business news channel CNBC in July, Mary Callahan Erdoes, head of JPMorgan Asset Management, said “shorting the euro” when asked for her single best investment idea.
In June, George Soros – the billionaire investor best known in the UK for helping to force sterling out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1992 by betting against the British currency – said that European leaders at that point had a “three-month window” to save the euro.”


The evil bastard pictured above is one of the world’s behind the scenes stringpullers, the fact that “it” is betting against the Euro, is very telling indeed.


11 thoughts on “Wave goodbye to the Euro.

  1. Anonymous

    Seems a lot of people are now waking up to the true scam thats called local,national and international politics excpet those still sending wonga to political parties such as the one eyed crook in Welshpool to DONATE,DONATE,DONATE.The councillors at local council level are the puppets to the MPs at national level,the MPs at national level are the puppets to the international banksters and politicians who control the money flow and these lot are the puppets for the globalist elite such as the rothschilds,the bilderbergers and the worldwide cabal.Politics is the biggest scam on mother Earth for modern day slavery and idiots still going out to vote need there heads testing because the likes of Cameron were not voted in by the people he was chosen as the best man at the time to enslave and tax the sheeple even more and isnt he just doing a good job of it the same as Obama's job was/is to turn America THE SO CALLED LAND OF FREE into a communist dictatorship.Wake up World !

  2. Anonymous

    Whilst the British and German ''intelligence'' services say “We can be proud of the significant contribution we are making to the fall of the Assad regime,” a BND official told BildThey mean lackeys and dupes for the Corporatist USral NWO and obviously don't mind the terrorist that they are aiding Hang Children and mass murder their family just because they support their OWN country against the corrupt murderous Rothschild Corporate Communo NWO Unlike these %^&**I 'British and Germans'

  3. Anonymous

    Griffin couldnt see shit if his neck could bend backwards like an Ostrich and look up his own arse because Griffins arse hasnt been fitted with a DONATE button !

  4. GriffinWatch

    Well that's put me in my place, I shall shut down the blog immediately and bow down before the alter of Green Arrow and his holy B.R. webshite.NOT. :-)I'de like to say that I'm almost annoyed but that would be a lie.Methinks that they may be a little miffed at losing their racemixing webmaster (if he has actually jumped ship).Oh well.C'est la vie.

  5. Anonymous

    Jut heard that Cameron has had a very large donation from an Israeli(is he and other anonymous donor going to be made transparent Mr Cameron?) And surprise surprise the Conservative friends of is-rel have a massive influence on Cameron's Conservative party/government Just like AIPCa as in the USGovernment of the Uk the Us by ProxyWars against Syria and Iran for IsraelTime the true British Public were made aware of yet more treason


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