Action Stations action stations, man overboard, the rudderless barge that is the British Resistance website , loses it’s Boatswain.

Now you see him.
Now you don’t.
You have to hand it to Paul “Green Arrow” Morris and Mark “Alexa Stats.” Kennedy, they really are comedy gold and a constant source of mirth an merriment and indeed disdain for nationalists worldwide.
After our recent  repeated expose of Stuart “Boatswain” Bainbridge  being married to a Japanese lady:
Instead of doing the manly thing, ie admitting that the British Resistance website, which carries the 14 Words in it’s banner is administered/hosted by a race mixer, they have slyly removed any traces of Stuart “Anjin Sama/Boatswain” Bainbridge, from the main website (screenshot 2), such deceipt, such hypocrisy, so typically Morris and Kennedy. 

The hapless pair don’t seem to realise that when they are both stuck in a rather large hole, it’s best to stop digging.

Is it any wonder that they are so distrusted, in knowledgable nationalist circles?

Hat tip to Ragz over at S.F.

Here’s one for Paul and Mark:  🙂


27 thoughts on “Action Stations action stations, man overboard, the rudderless barge that is the British Resistance website , loses it’s Boatswain.

  1. Anonymous

    It was removed between the 10th and 12th August. It was definitely still there for the Total War – Beginnings article but has gone by the time of the Zionism is racism article.

  2. Anonymous

    On BDFHis "achievements" in regard to rank hypocrisy outshine all others: Today:Think about this, neither I or the Corsham Crusader will ever be free to travel to many parts of Europe because we would be arrested immediately for being "deniers of the Holocaust", a fake Holocaust that any thinking person, with the ability to use the internet can discover for themselves to be one, if not the greatest hoax ever played on the world to benefit the real instigators of the 2nd World War. From 25/02/08The holocaust was a terrible time in the history of the world. The deaths of 6 million people dieing in horrendous ways is right up there with the quoted figure of 20 million people who died because of Stalin and communism.From 27/05/08 The exhibition is about the killings during the second world war of anything up to six million Jews and others considered to be undesirable by the Nazi Government. Now personally I think that the permanent exhibition at the Holocaust Centre in Laxton, Nottinghamshire is a good idea. …. The British National Party condemns all holocausts and the people who committed them and those that commit them now and I as a member of the BNP and an ex-serviceman find it totally offensive and insulting to be compared to mass murderers from a foreign country [Germany] that my father fought to remove. From 19/07/09I have never denied the holocaust (and similar instances) …Just for the record, this site has repeatedly said that it accepts the right for Israel to survive as a nation. There are many other instances, however I quickly lost interest and the above shall have to suffice. Let us turn to the matter of race… From 04/09/09So that said, the reason for this post. Martin Wingfield who understands exactly what is happening, as suggested that one of the British National Party's oldest and truest Sikh allies, Rajinder Singh be given the honour of being the first Sikh to join the Party. I go further. I would suggest that Rajinder Singh be made an honorary life time member and given a special award for his services to the BNP and Our Country. From 07/09/09Again I say that Rajinder Singh be made a Life Member of the BNP and if the current rules do not allow that, then make him an Honorary Member until the rules are changed. And this next bit is going to prompt a lot of hostile comments but I am not here to win friends, I am here to speak the truth the way I perceive it. Nationalists should be making approaches to areas where there are large Sikh or West Indian Communities and looking for new members and candidates to stand in those areas. Bring it on. A "National Socialist"? Or is he more in the way of a National Bocialist, of Monty Python fame? Perhaps he even has a dead parrot.

  3. Anonymous

    I was thinking Boatswain doesn't look all that white to me when I saw this comment from the August 2010 Griffin Watch article:- Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said…If you ask me I would wager a princely sum that old Anjin has a touch of the tar brush if my tired old eyes don't decieve me with regard to his decidedly Asiatic countenance.Definitely not of my fathers house, as the saying goes, wouldn't you agree?.Anjin – Sama is a Japanese honourary title of if I remember correctly.I find it most offensive that traitors such as Bainbridge, who jump ship for foreign parts in order to bed down with the beast of the field still try to convey the appearance of being British and oh so patriotic by putting an oar in and 'muddying' the waters back home.Not hard to see why race mixing is regarded Biblically not only as the original, but also the unpardonable sin.Pip pip

  4. Anonymous

    @ 21:54 There are lots of interesting comments on that article from two years back. Just received the latest Dowson/Gri££in BNP begging letter from Belfast sounding more desperate than ever. 'grave situation''suffering acute…financial pressure''we are David to the establishment's thuggish Goliath. But right now were (sic) out of slingshots…' "I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. That menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation was founded by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within a state. Jews are Asiatics, are a menace to this country if permitted entrance, and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention."-Benjamin Franklin quote from the above link:- "They (the Jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemy's armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in… It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pest to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America."(From The Maxims of George Washington by A. A. Appleton & Co.)

  5. Anonymous

    Morris claims in one of his latest 'Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! some money' articles that he has received just £9 in donations this month! What a strange figure? It's a pity it wasn't £9.11 then we could have asked "Who sent in the 0.01" to which the reply could have been "All 911 of them." It begs the question "If the fake nationalist British Resistance site is so bloody popular with thousands upon thousands of visitors and an Alexa rating that Griffin Watch (according to the CCnut) can only dream of, where are all the frigging donations?" It's not like the Donate icon/button is hidden away and difficult to see is it?Does anyone remember the infamous Truth Truck scam where the BNP website 'Begometer' was allegedly held back from its £30,000 target (which was quickly and easily reached) in order to keep donations pouring in and the actual amount received eventually topped £80,000, though this was never admitted? I mean, some on the thread are saying "£25 on its way or I'll do it now or £20 donated" and so on. Maybe it's a case of all nine of them have donated £1 or variations thereof. It just doesn't make any sense that a website supposedly getting all these thousands of visitors, gets just £9 this month. Not to me it doesn't.

  6. GriffinWatch

    He's probably lying about the figures that are donated, he refuses to release provable accounts for the website. Just like Griffin, he appears to be "ripping off" naive nationalists.

  7. Anonymous

    GW @ 17:23 The CCnut annoys me like no other pesky pest. I really don't like him and the way he talks to you and calls you Hadley when you give him undeserved respect by calling him Mark. I'm visiting Gwent next week and thinking of paying Kennedy a visit at its local and giving the CCnut a piece of my mind about it and showing him my latest no obligation money back guarantee industrial standard toe-tector footwear and hard hats which I hawk around construction sites and their nearest pubs for a living when I'm between jobs and trying to keep myself busy and in the money which I need for the luxuries in life today like bread and shoes. Kennedy may need such protection from the right, left and centre unhinged out there one day soon the hateful way he is carrying on and I'm only trying to protect him but God alone knows why after the way he talks down to you and helps fleece gullible nationalists via that poxy BR website. The above is a joke but I bet he doesn't see it that way? CCnut!

  8. Anonymous

    GW, surely you are going to respond (in time) to one of today's articles on there "We need a few Breviks(sic)?" No mention of false flags and government drills gone live (which it certainly was) but just a total acceptance of the debunked official version of events and this supposed lone nut. Honestly you couldn't make it up. Why do we bother?The two thick cnut posters on there overner2 and draximus are in total agreement with the fantasy article. overner2 particularly amazes me in wondering "why dont they go for the politicians or Generals or chiefs of police…etc,"? overner2, if you are reading this, they are rather better protected than inert buildings and children and in any case are not the target where the nefarious and complicit state is concerned. Fcuking unbelievable! Operation False Flag: A Modern Primer 22 July, 2011: Oslo, Norway: Anders Breivik (65th anniversary of the King David Hotel bombing in 1946)Event: The massacre of civilians via bombing and shooting by a right-wing domestic extremist blue-eyed caucasian Norwegian. Another instance of where a police and military drill went live, this time only twenty-six minutes after the drill had ended.Motives: Continue a “strategy of tension” in the vein of Gladio. Shift narrative from left-wing and Muslim extremist to right-wing domestic populace, essentially broadening the suspect spectrum to now include anyone and everyone. The perfect pretext for the rendition and unwarranted arrest of any individual regardless of evidence or racial profile. Fact: Government military drills gone live.

  9. Anonymous

    The nefarious fake nationalist British Resistance website is about to implode, I am certain of it. They will try to get as many last minute donations from the usual suckers before the plug is finally pulled any day soon.

  10. Anonymous

    Just look at that article and image on the Backstabber British Resistance webSHITE. The headline reads: 'We need a few Breviks(sic)?' and the image shows Breivik giving a clenched fist salute which most out there will interpret as a Nazi/Roman salute. It is designed to convey almost the very opposite of what uneducated nationalists stupidly think to be the case. What would someone think stumbling across this article with little time to spare? A deceitful image (and headline) is worth a thousand other explanatory and lost, never read words?

  11. Anonymous

    Notice how the nefarious and hateful nostradamus fiend at Fake Nationalist Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! some money British Resistance turns the totally innocent victims into the offspring of supposed demons!!!:- nostradamus · 1 hour ago"One thing that no one has said about the Brevik incident, no one has blamed the Parents of these children, they were having politics pushed into them at a very political camp. Hitler had such camps, Hitler Youth and that was wrong,The Norwegions have camps which is much the same as Hitlers and nothing is said. Without a shadow of doubt, the parents are also to blame for the childrens death as is Brevik. For the record, in my opinion Brevik is not mad, he was either used and brainwashed or is as most sensible people are , that muslims are a danger to our society." I don't think I have ever seen a more disgraceful comment on a nationalist(sic) website. The guilty Zionist State who almost certainly perpetrated the despicable crime gets a free pass from this nostradamus cunt while the victims and parents are castigated.

  12. Anonymous

    Anon @ 14 August 2012 19:21 said: "Event: The massacre of civilians via bombing and shooting by a right-wing domestic extremist blue-e yed caucasian Norwegian.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At at least one national news rag inadvertently leaked the unserprising news that Brevic is a jewboy who underwent plastic surgery to look os if he's of the Aryan/pure-white race – check out all the loonies who went on mass-killing shooting sprees in the USA, and you'll find over 85% of the shooters who look like of the white race are in fact jewboys – a fact the British and USA MSM always cover-up.Regards,Fly ON The Wall

  13. Anonymous

    How do we warn the gullible of these nefarious fake nationalist parasites and websites??? Britain First Paul Golding – Chump, can you help our Muslim grooming campaign for just £1 per week? 13/08/12 Britain First Website Editor – The latest news, activities and campaigns 12/08/12 Britain First – If we don't make this campaign a success, then our young girls will suffer in silence and the perverts will win! 11/08/12 Britain First – If we don't make this campaign a success, then our young girls will suffer in silence and the perverts will win! 10/08/12 British National Party – Today is the day to take action 10/08/12 Britain First – Check out the Britain First video library! 09/08/12 Chump, I need you to help our grooming campaign – Britain First 06/08/12 Needless to say, all of the above emails are about Donate! Donate! Donate! just like British Resistance! British Resistance! British Resistance!

  14. Anonymous

    Anon @ 14 August 2012 22:39 said: "How do we warn the gullible of these nefarious fake nationalist parasites and websites???"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Looks like the successful Hungarian nationalist party, Jobik, have discovered a fake nationalist parasitical jew cuckoo in their nest and flung the cunt out into the cold – all those members still in the BNP are too thick to work out that the one-eyed cunt leading them is a parasitical jew cuckoo pretending to be a nationalist and is robbing them blind. On The Wall

  15. Anonymous

    While we might be critical of Green Arrow and his chums,we must recognise that it does not matter what (we) other nationalists think.The website is there, it has loads of good material on it, and may influence those who come across it, to join up with other like-minded people.Criticism and comenting on the hippocracy of these people is something we can do in private.Also, while I feel that having sexual relations with a Japanese lady to be unusual- the children of such a union will probably be well mannered and socialised.This is far preferable to cross breeding with Africans or Afghans/Pakistanis. At least Japanese people as a species, are evolving to be like our own.

  16. GriffinWatch

    @11:30hrs.Oh I see, yet another adherent of the old "a little salt in the soup will do us no harm" ruse.It just won't wash on this blog fella, we know different.If it's forgiven for one then it must be forgiven for all, genocide comes from such thinking and I for one don't intend to stand by and watch my people become extinct.

  17. Anonymous

    Actually I, Stuart Bainbridge have stepped down.Because of you I will no longer be helping any nationalist group.I hope that is what you wished for.Stuart Bainbridge

  18. GriffinWatch

    Well at least you have done the decent thing. You are not a nationalist, by your own marital choice.The message that you send out by said choice damages nationalism.Don't take it personally, I have no problem with Japanese people nor yourself, it's your choice that annoys me and I suspect all true nationalists also.We cannot have this message sent out, it potentially promotes genocide for both our people and indeed Japanese people.Regards.Sean Hadley.

  19. Anonymous

    anon at 11:30 said "The website (British Resistance) is there, it has loads of good material on it, and may influence those who come across it, to join up with other like-minded people." Join up with those like Britain First? The British Resistance (a name deliberately chosen to deceive I might suggest) stuck rabidly, attack dog fashion with BNP when alarm bells were ringing in most other nationalist ears. The Dowson 'salesman' was churning out his begging letters and emails and his Belfast call centre their unsolicited telephone calls and pushing his various schemes like BNP Life Membership costing £hundreds when he would/should have known that BNP finances were in turmoil and total disarray and all was not well at the top. He also would have known (and I have seen him post as such on British Resistance if it was in fact him) that new members signing up (as well as then current members) may have signed up to a financial liability for any debts an unincorporated association like the BNP incurred. Con-artists ( like Bernie Madoff ) are seasoned and expert liars which is why they convince so many of their honesty and trustworthiness when the very opposite is the case. I have made up my own mind about Britain First and British Resistance and you and others must do the same. If you think it's such a great site, then Donate! Donate! Donate! to keep the damn thing going and the same with Britain First. I'll just avoid BR like the plague and keep the Britain First gang that they avidly supported up until only a few weeks ago at long arm's length while keeping the other hand firmly on my wallet. You only have to take one look at those emails of theirs to know full well that as far as fundraising methods are concerned, this is nothing other than BNP2.

  20. Anonymous

    GW at 17:10, can you be sure that is him posting and that what he is saying is in fact genuine? It could well be just a way of explaining the disappeared Boatswain name from British Resistance. Absolutely nothing may have changed.

  21. GriffinWatch

    I thought exactly the same, especially with attempted blame being laid at my door, so to speak. As the comments are anonymous, I can't confirm if it was Bainbridge or not.

  22. Anonymous

    Speaking the Inconvenient Truth (about British Resistance) Initial comment of this thread:-ken · 6 hours agoWe need some truth in nationalism. Butler pushed Claudia into going public with that story and stood back when everybody started attacking her. Just like he did with Shelley Rose. Shelly told me the other day that her biggest regret was being naive enough to be persuaded by Collet and Butler to make up a story and star in a video. She genuinely believed that she was lying for the greater good as in her words "butler saw my vunerability and persuaded me I would be a hero. Poor Jim, I wish I could turn back the clock, its my biggest regret". I assume Butler did the same with Claudia. He's a weasel who puts others in the firing line whilst pretending he had nothing to do with it.Reply to ken:-Jim Dowson · 2 hours ago"He who is without sin cast the first stone" We have all told tales and done wrong at some time (me many times) I bear no ill will, never did, I forgive 70 x 70 times as I need the same mercy afforded to me , so no big deal and i heard she went back to her faith after all the trouble, so my public slagging more than worth it. Besides a wee fat, half blind Jock accused of trying it on with a big, nubile ,leggy blonde is not the worst thing i have ever been accused of, might even have added a bit to my street cred lol! It doesnt bother me so dont let it bother you, I answer to one only and he always knows the truth.Reply to Jim Dowson:- Denis · 1 hour ago (my bold text)Very forgiving. Personally, I would have kicked seven shades of shit out of her – but that's just the Glaswegian in me! CHARMING!


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