8 thoughts on “Pirates on the High Thames.

  1. Anonymous

    Gotta laugh, the Law Commission is toying with the notion of repealing the laughable crime of ~~ wait for it ~~ "Scandalizing a Judge" – FFS, drunk, sober or orbiting on some kind of shit, you couldn't make it up – the fucking corrupt talmudic jewdickery have been scandalizing themselves since the first jew cunt was treasonously elevated to judge status – to wit the latest jewdickery scandal – 76-year old jewboy QC (Queer Cunt) Anthony Arsehole Arlidge dumping his 55-year old tree-swinging jungle bunny squeeze, judge Constance Briscoe, who he had been cracking nuts with for the last 12 years, until he started chasing a 25-year old blonde Oxford law graduate until Mademoiselle Lockwood well and truly hooked, reeled-in and netted the silly old cunt.As for Constance Bullshitter Bristoe, she once wrote a self-pitying autobiographical fairytale for levering law exam examiners into giving her pass marks for her poor less-than-qualifying grading marks (shades of moon-cricket Martin Luther King) – anyway, the sheboon called her inglorious fantasy slating her banana-munching mum and coconut-crunching baboon siblings, UGLY – seeing her own her simian visage in the mirror being the inspirational trigger for the title.Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks fuck the 2012 London coonfest has ended – cunt Camoron waxing lyrical with a load of old bollocks at team GB (Gambian Babbons) House – – of course jewboy Johnson had to get a serial-convicted bum-drilling drug addict to sing at the naff closing ceremony – about sums up what passes as Olympian games.Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    Monarch worshipping Rev and Arch Cunt Dowson of Britain First infamy has its say on the phoney British Resistance while genuine patriots are banned.Jim Dowson · 1 hour agoIt is diheatning to see so many idiots pose as 'nationalists' when in fact they are merely Jew hatting, nazi loving cranks. Many on here are healthy men yet they choose not to work (zogs low wages etc) and this is a good indicator of just how low the quality is amoungs many, not all, nationalist circles. They hate me and BF but we are double the size of the NF/BFP and in a short time so we are getting something right. We are BRITISH, we support Queen, County and our Christian heritage, a normal set up for British Patriots one would think but apparently not? We seem to lack an obsession with ZOG, the Joooooooooow and the NWO ! thus rendering us part of Zog or me as a Zionist, crook, rapist, con man…Pathetic! When some on here get off other decent patriots backs by simply GETTING A JOB I shall ignore whatever they say as its nothing more than words from people not fit to speak on behalf of decent hardworking patriots and those not working through illness who struggle to keep family and home together in these difficult times.

  4. Anonymous

    anon at 13:04 The penultimate paragraph of the latest article says- "Now take a look at the donations button by putting your mouse over it. Clearly many of you do not like the truth and it shows in the fact, that this month we have had just £9 donated for the upkeep of this site and a few of you, former ardent supporters of the site have said they will never return." Morris pointedly fails to mention that many not only don't like but absolutely despise, loathe, abhor and detest Dowson and Britain First and have left never to return primarily because such a fruit cake and his Donate First outfit is allowed to tarnish nationalism with his firebrand version of an imported Middle East cult, not to mention his undying devotion to our malevolent monarch and hatred of most things German it seems. Don't be fooled either by these articles purporting to support what all right thinking nationalists have known for years and decades if not generations. The GA and CC show is just a fifth rate version of Alex Jones. ARE ALEX JONES / PAUL MORRIS / MARK KENNEDY ZIONIST SHILLS? According to a number of postings which are excerpted below, Jones allegiance to Zionism stems from two things: 1) His core Protestant Fundamentalist-Zionist belief system, and, 2) Widely circulated reports that his wife is a Jew which would make their two children Jewish under Talmudic law.

  5. Anonymous

    Rev Dowson is ferreting around for the identity of banned Luke which CC claims to know on British Resistance, no doubt to pass to his state backers and handlers. Jim Dowson · 1 hour agoWho is he then CC, Do tell and is he in an institution? Nationalists have got to be crazy to go anywhere near that hateful site. Dowson especially was always asking the identity of those who criticised him or his Donate First shysters, calling them keyboard cowards. Who are these pillocks who sign up to Donate First or sign their pointless petitions giving all their personal details? Insane.

  6. Anonymous

    @ 15:16 You miss a very important point with that Dowson reply to CC/Kennedy on the Luke thread at British Resistance. Luke clearly asked for that particular comment referring to a previous unpublished comment of his NOT to be published but the nasty little Kennedy did so anyway. Kennedy has banned Luke but is allowing Dowson to post his poison on that thread, a derogatory and sniffing reply (for Luke's identity) inferring Luke belongs in an institution. Luke has no right of response. For the ever deranged and incurable mental illness called Dowson to infer that anyone is a lunatic and for such a comment to be allowed through proves beyond any doubt that the so called British Resistance is an absolute sham nationalist website and of absolutely no use to true British Nationalism.

  7. Anonymous

    Dear MPFurther to my last letter I now note that It is illegal to encourage terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2006.The UN has recently designated the Free Syrian Army as an “Al Qaeda affiliate”Al Qaeda is a proscribed terrorist organisation in the UK.On 10th August Mr Hague promised £ 5 million to ‘The Syrian Rebels’.Is it now illegal for me to pay UK tax?I really do not want to support any organisation that funds terrorism.Please reply soonest.Yours sincerely,


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