MONEY MONEY MONEY The BNP (under) Griffin and The British Resistance (under Morris) exposed., it’s a joint scam.

British National Party
Join the British National Party today
Fellow Patriot,
If the politicians and the media have their way, our country will be totally overrun by the masses of the Third-World, we will be ruled from Brussels, we will be a despised, second-class minority in our own homeland.

Is that the future you want for your children? Will you regret it when it is too late? Will you wish that you had joined the British Resistance when you had the chance?

The clock is ticking, our country is dying, and our beautiful innocent children are depending on us to save their future. Here are the different membership options:

METHOD #1: Join the British Resistance

Why would Griffin SUBLIMINALLY mention Paul Morris’s British Resistance webshite in this begging letter?

Have you joined the dots yet? Ed. 

The BNP is the only hope for our country, for our children and grand-children. There are thousands of people receiving this e-bulletin that are not members yet. Why not join the British Resistance to political correctness, multiculturalism and the enforced colonisation of our country. Membership costs from just £2.50 per month and you can join right now by clicking on the link below or ringing 0844 809 4581:

METHOD #2: Become a Gold Member

Gold members stand out from the crowd due to the unique gold membership badge that all Gold members wear with pride. Gold membership costs just £8.75 per month and shows that little bit of extra commitment to the Cause of British survival:

METHOD #3: Renew your membership

Renew your membership today by clicking on the link below or ringing 0844 809 4581.

Please do not put this off. We need your support in order to continue growing, and to ensurepositive futurefor our children and our country. Only with your help will this be possible. I hope I can count on you.
Yours faithfully
Nick Griffin MEP
Chairman, British National Party
P.S. It may be that your personal situation stops you from joining our ranks as a member, please don’t forget that you can still donate; every little bit really does help. Thank you.

The most revealing screenshot is the last one, why do the British Resistance (sic) webshite, refuse to out Griffin as the state operative that he clearly is?

The title of this post gives you a large clue. 🙂

10 thoughts on “MONEY MONEY MONEY The BNP (under) Griffin and The British Resistance (under Morris) exposed., it’s a joint scam.

  1. Anonymous

    Boatswain (one of the three that make up the "British Resistance" – see his name at the bottom of their site) has a Japanese wife called Tomoko. Once that fact is highlighted, Morris and Kennedy cannot be taken seriously and their little "resistance" site represents the height of hypocrisy.

  2. Anonymous

    Here you go Sean. Gold at the end of the rainbow. Proof if any was needed what an utter Zionist scum site the British Resistance is. Luke · 21 minutes agoNot for publication Mark, I will be posting that off topic PATHWAY comment on other websites if it doesn't appear on here. I haven't got time to piss around where the culling of our elderly is concerned. You can be the first or not. The choice is yours.CorshamCrusader100p · 4 minutes agoYou know full well we don't respond to ultimatums or threats on the British Resistance. For your information, the reason I never posted said comment was because about 3 comments before that you submitted one that included a threat to another poster* so I decided to ban you there and then. You're free to post the link where you like, but we both know where you will go to don't we. I have always known who you are and this time you won't be given another chance. CC Banned comment?:- OFF TOPIC! PATHWAY Beware!The Zionist Jew culling machine and Genocide of the White Race is stepping up a gear or three……….. Terminally ill patients who fear being placed on 'routine' death pathway issued with opt-out cards by charityAnti-euthanasia charity distributes cards to patients telling doctors not to place them on controversial 'care pathway' Also from the mendacious Daily Mail……………. Top doctor's chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every yearProfessor says doctors use 'death pathway' to euthenasia of the elderlyTreatment on average brings a patient to death in 33 hoursAround 29 per cent of patients that die in hospital are on controversial 'care pathway'Pensioner admitted to hospital given treatment by doctor on weekend shift

  3. Anonymous

    I nearly forgot the thread:- Heechee 3 hours agoI should respect your opinions about holes Luke, you must know alot about how to dig one. Luke DELETED/REJECTED Comment:-Yaaaaaaaaaawn! Please try to be more creative Heechee. My time on Zyber Infiltrated Earth at my age is strictly limited…….. and so will yours be if you bore me like this ever again. 10 sonnhant Sean, the CCunt has had a right old go at you in one of its comments today. I claim first refusal to drop the trap door on this Zionist CCunt.

  4. Anonymous

    @23:10 Clearly saving the sick elderly is not a priority at the phoney British Resistance. No money in it. It's disgusting that they didn't allow the post to warn others out there about this Pathway Care (what a sick joke) euthanasia by the back door programme like this true patriotic site has done. British Resistance is without doubt a sinister Zionist state handled money grubbing touting website and should be avoided at all costs. No one should be fooled by their occasional anti Zionist and exposé articles and allowed comments. It's all a charade like the Britain First money begging parasites that they avidly supported and promoted until not that long ago.


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