Nick Griffin M.E.P. is a state operative. Proven. UPDATED.

To: redacted Ed.
Sent: Wednesday, 8 August 2012, 10:37
Subject: FOI Request: 327/2012

Dear Redacted Ed.
Reference No: 327/2012
I write in connection with your requests for information dated the 18th June 2012 and received in the FOI Unit on the 19th June 2012 regarding information relating to Nick Griffin MEP.
These requests have been considered under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
The Dyfed Powys Police Force can neither confirm nor deny that it holds the information relevant to your request as the duty in Section 1(1)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 does not apply, by virtue of the following exemptions:
Section 24(2) National Security
Section 30(3) Investigations and Proceedings conducted by Public Authorities
Section 31(3) Law Enforcement
Section 40(5)(b)(i) Personal Information
Section 30 is a class-based qualified exemption which means the legislators have highlighted the need for public interest considerations to be evidenced with regard to ensuing neither confirming nor denying information exists is a suitable approach.
Section 40(5) Personal Information is an absolute, class-based exemption where the release of the information would breach any of the Data Protection Principles.
Section 31 and Section 24 are prejudiced-based and qualified which requires me to conduct a public interest test with regard to maintaining a neither confirm nor deny approach and evidence of the harm in confirming or denying the existence of information.
Overall Harm for neither confirming nor denying that any information relevant to the request is held
Whilst Dyfed Powys Police has confirmed that the force has investigated complaints concerning the BNP, this request specifically relates to named individuals; which is why the following response is appropriate.
The function of Special Branches has been and remains to this day to undertake covert work to acquire and develop intelligence to protect the public from threats to national security, especially terrorism and other extremist activity. Whilst this list of activities is not exhaustive, it can include animal rights matters, environmental extremism, anarchism, extreme left or right wing activities and political violence that poses a threat or potential threat to public order and lawful commerce. Key to this activity is recognised that a primary focus of Special Branch is to provide support for the work of security bodies and the government. This close working relationship is clearly outlined in Home Office guidelines issued in 2004 on Special Branch work and these state:
“In particular, Special Branches assist the security service in carrying out its statutory duties under the Security Services Act 1989 – namely the protection of national security and, in particular, protection against threats from terrorism, espionage, sabotage, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and from actions intended to overthrow or undermine Parliamentary democracy by political, industrial or violent means. Special Branch also supports the work of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) in carrying out its statutory duties in support of national security.”
To reveal who and when Dyfed Powys Police consults or shares intelligence with as part of any investigation would undermine our ability to protect national security. The security of the country is of paramount importance and the police service will not divulge whether information is or is not held if to do so would place the safety of an individual at risk or undermine National Security. Whilst there is a public interest in the transparency of policing operations and providing assurance that the police service is appropriately and effectively engaging with the threat posed by those intent on committing crime, there is a very strong public interest in safeguarding both national security and the integrity of police investigations and operations in the highly sensitive area of serious terrorist related crime and disorder.  
Public Interest Test
Factors favouring confirmation or denial for Section 24:
The information simply relates to national security and disclosure would not actually harm it. The public are entitled to know how public funds are spent.
Factors against confirmation or denial for Section 24:
By confirming or denying any policing arrangements of this nature would render security measures less effective. This would lead to the compromise of on-going or future operations to protect the security or infra-structure of the UK and increase the risk of harm to the public.
Factors favouring confirmation or denial for Section 30:
Confirmation or denial that any information exists could provide satisfaction to the general public that investigations are conducted properly. In addition it could allow the public to make informed decisions about police procedures and the money spent in this business area.
Factors against confirmation or denial for Section 30:
The police service relies on information being supplied by the public as well as the public rely on information about or supplied by them is handled sensitively, confidentially and appropriately. Any disclosure which undermines this trust and confidence means it is likely that people will be less willing to come forward and provide information to the police, which will impact on our ability to detect and prevent crime. Therefore the Police Service will not disclose whether it has or hasn’t carried out an investigation in relation to named individuals unless that information is already in the public domain. Any disclosure under Freedom of Information is a release of information to the world in general and not an individual applicant. Therefore, by simply applying exemptions or stating no information held would confirm whether a force does or does not hold information relating to the request.
Factors favouring confirmation or denial for Section 31:
By confirming or denying whether individuals are of interest to other intelligence agencies would enable the public to understand how the police service works and where public funds are being spent. Better public awareness may reduce crime or lead to more information being obtained from the public.
Factors against confirmation or denial for Section 31:
By confirming or denying whether individuals are of interest to other intelligence agencies would compromise law enforcement tactics and therefore hinder the prevention and detection of crime. More crime would be committed and individuals subsequently placed at further risk. Security arrangements and tactics are re-used and have been monitored by criminal groups in the past.
Factors favouring confirmation or denial for Section 40: 
Confirmation or denial of information sharing involving named individuals would enable the public to know who was being investigated and provide the public with reassurance that the Police were protecting their interests. 
Factors against confirmation or denial for Section 40: 
By confirming or denying any information sharing in respect of named individuals would contravene the First Principle of the Data Protection Act which states that personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully and that a public authority must handle people’s personal data only in ways they would reasonably expect.
Balancing Test
The Police Service will not divulge whether information is or is not held if to do so would undermine law enforcement. Whilst there is a public interest in the transparency of policing and providing assurance that the police service is appropriately and effectively conducting any such investigations, these factors need to be weighed against the very strong public interest in safeguarding the integrity of police investigations. The police service relies heavily on the public providing information. The public have an expectation that any information they provide will be treated with confidence. Anything that puts that confidence at risk would have a serious detrimental effect on the police service.
To reveal who and when Dyfed Powys consults or shares intelligence with as part of any investigation would undermine their ability to protect national security. The security of the country is of paramount importance and the police service will not divulge whether information is or is not held if to do so would place the safety of an individual at risk or undermine National Security. Whilst there is a public interest in the transparency of policing operations and providing assurance that the police service is appropriately and effectively engaging with the threat posed by those intent on committing crime, there is a very strong public interest in safeguarding both national security and the integrity of police investigations and operations in the highly sensitive area of serious terrorist related crime and disorder.  
It is therefore the Dyfed Powys Police opinion that for these issues the balancing test for confirming or not that information is held, is not made out.
No inference can be taken from this refusal that any information does or does not exist.
If you are unhappy with the way your request for information had been handled, you can request a review by writing to the freedom of information unit address supplied on the attached appeal process document.
If you remain dissatisfied with the handling of your request or complaint you have a right to appeal to the Information Commissioner at:
The Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF.
Telephone:      0845 630 6060
Or:                   01625 545745
There is no charge for making an appeal.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Dyfed Powys and apologise for the delay in our response to you.
Yours sincerely
Redacted. Ed
Swyddog Rhyddid Gwybodaeth – Freedom of Information Officer
Uned Rhyddid Gwybodaeth – Freedom of Information Unit
Pencadlys Heddlu – Dyfed-Powys Police Headquarters
Caerfyrddin – Carmarthen
Ffon/Tel: 0845 330 2000 est/ext 23444
Uniongyrchol/Direct Line : 01267 226596
Dyfed Powys Police provides you the right to request a re-examination of your case under its review procedure (copy enclosed). If you decide to request such a review and having followed the Force’s full process you are still dissatisfied, then you have the right to direct your comments to the Information Commissioner who will give it consideration.
A oeddech chi’n gwybod bod modd cyrchu gwybodaeth ynghylch Heddlu Dyfed Powys drwy Gynllun Cyhoeddi a Log Datgeliadau Heddlu Dyfed-Powys?  Mae’r ddau ar gael drwy’r dolenni cyswllt isod:
Did you know you can access information about Dyfed Powys Police via the Dyfed Powys Police Publication Scheme and the Dyfed Powys Police Disclosure Log?  Both are available via the below links:



This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are not necessarily the view of Dyfed-Powys Police. It is intended only for the person or entity named above. If you have received this e-mail in error please notify the originator and erase this e-mail from your system. If you are not the intended recipient or the employer or agent responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, review, dissemination, distribution or copying of the e-mail is strictly prohibited. This e-mail and any files transmitted within it have been checked for all known viruses. The recipient should still check the e-mail and any attachments for the presence of viruses, as Dyfed-Powys Police accepts no liability for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this e-mail.
Nid yw’r e-bost hwn nag unrhyw ffeiliau a drosglwyddir gydag ef o angenrheidrwydd yn adlewyrchu barn Heddlu Dyfed-Powys. Bwriedir yr e-bost ar gyfer y person neu’r sefydliad a enwir uchod. Os derbyniwyd yr e-bost hwn trwy gamgymeriad, dylid hysbysu’r anfonydd a dileu’r e-bost oddi ar eich system os gwelwch yn dda. Os na’i fwriadwyd ar eich cyfer chi ac nid chi yw’r cyflogwr na’r asiant sy’n gyfrifol am roi’r e-bost i’r derbynnydd bwriadedig, fe’ch hysbysir gan hyn na chaniateir i chi ddefnyddio, adolygu, lledaenu, dosbarthu na chopio’r e-bost ar unrhyw gyfrif. Archwiliwyd yr e-bost hwn ac unrhyw ffeiliau a drosglwyddir gydag ef am firws. Serch hynny, dylai’r derbynnydd hefyd archwilio’r e-bost a’r ffeiliau sydd ynghlwm am firws oherwydd nid yw Heddlu Dyfed Powys yn derbyn cyfrifoldeb am unrhyw ddifrod a achosir gan unrhyw firws a drosglwyddir trwy gyfrwng yr e-bost hwn.
Dyfed Powys Police – the lowest levels of recorded crime and highest total detection rate across the whole of England and Wales.



The establishment always dump on their useful idiots, when they are no longer useful, I’ll wager a pound to a penny, that Nicholas John Griffin is shitting his pants now, aren’t you Nick? They have hung you out to dry, so to speak. 🙂 

22 thoughts on “Nick Griffin M.E.P. is a state operative. Proven. UPDATED.

  1. Nemesis

    How long before the moronic dunderheads who remain in the BNP, and all those in the media, wake up and see the facts?The media won't speak of these things as such facts contradict their establishment line and ideological perceptions. The media are part of the cover-up.Those remaining in the BNP are just part of a general relapse of lazy thinking and misguided beliefs.

  2. Nemesis

    Griffin Watch has yet again confirmed what it has been saying for so many years, and confirming what a brave other few have been saying for a long time.

  3. Anonymous

    Patriots should be warned that the jew syndicate behind the BNP and Britain First mailshot money extraction scams are now behind the English Democrats latest begging correspondence. Clearly, BNP, Britain First and now English Democrats are one and the same seeing as their correspondence is one and the same. They must think we are really fucking stupid.

  4. Anonymous

    @ 00:31 Check out the Return or Mailing Address and it will almost certainly be a bogus office. Has it got a landline telephone number? A mobile number is almost certainly a dead giveaway. I suspect the printers are one and the same and just after mugs and money. English Democrats seem to have broken cover for the state asset that they are and most of us already knew anyway.

  5. Anonymous

    Dowson's company is behind the latest English Democrats mailshot, I am certain of it. I was sent a copy by email attachment and it is indistinguishable from Britain First or BNP. Everything is the same.

  6. Anonymous

    This entry by Chris Beverley in the ED's 'England Awakes' is worth posting. "Why I Joined the English Democrats!" Testimonials from Members Chris Beverley (BNP Logo) For years I was a member of the BNP. I held a variety of positions and stood in many elections for them at all levels. I also served a full four-year term as a BNP councillor on Leeds City Council. Over time I came to realise that the BNP, whilst undoubtedly succeeding in recruiting some decent and well-meaning members is a thoroughly rotten organisation which can best be thought of as a cross between a criminal gang and a religious cult. The English Democrats offer a complete contrast in that they are a moderate and democratic party which stands up for England and opposes all forms of political correctness without ever betraying their membership by engaging in the kind of careless extremism, thuggery, sexual scandal and outright criminality which the public rightly associates with the BNP. I look forward to welcoming others like me who come to realise that our party constitutes the English nation's best hope in these troubling times. There really is no time to waste, and though our party is still small, I have no doubt that we are moving in the right direction.

  7. Anonymous

    Dowson and his begging mailshots and emails from whoever, BNP or Britain First or allegedly English Democrats are now an absolute cancer in nationalist politics. I don't know of any cancer that you reason with or try to live with in life but au contraire do your best to eradicate before it eradicates you.

  8. Anonymous

    Its strange in the past few years how the UAF all of a sudden dropped Griffin and the BNP ? As soon as Garside & Ossowski stopped attacking the BNP and its members so did Griffins pair of Sheffield Cunt attack dogs stopped blogging about nationalists and former members of the BNP ? Its like they all shut up shop and vanished at the same time.

  9. Anonymous

    I strongly urge people to look up "The Trust" or "Operation Trust" on google.They will learn that it was supposedly an ANTI-Communist organisation that brought together the various factions to co-ordinate their actions. In fact the TRUST was STARTED BY COMMUNISTS to help them defeat these people by allowing them to always know what they were doing and to stop it if it looked like working.The founder of the TRUST was FELIX DZINSKY who was the FOUNDER of STALINS secret police,what is now the KGB!The story of the Trust can be seen in the old TV series "Reilly,Ace of Spies",it is very instructive!

  10. Anonymous

    This is exactly why the BNP/NF/BPP will never be banned no matter how much lip service groups like ANaL/UAF call for it (although they know this will never happen…because the Establishment have told them so).Regarding the anti-Trust bogus group, can I assure you that although many amongst our ranks are braindead mongs, there are some who have indeed done this on the Reds and it works, also it also brings to light quite interesting bits of intel. regards those who are supposedly 'on our side'.

  11. Anonymous

    A couple of days back I received a hanful of English Democrats bumph – it got immediately shredded and binned. Beverley absolutely knew of the shystering strokes jewboys Messrs Gri££instein & Co££ett-Wa££et and et al wankers were pulling – and it's inconceivable wasn't receiving some form of remuneration or beneficial kickback from those pair of fucking thieving jew cunts, to keep Bevvy's trap shut.For those of you who're too young to remember a nigger/asian/muslin/mass-immigration-free and nigger/asian/muslin/immigrant crime-free Britain google:–pictures-How-book-Tate–Lyles-East-End-factory-prompted-workers-dig-albums.htmlThe early 1950s were austere but the streets were very safe – unlike now, where even 90-year old grannies are mugged and gang raped and murdered by niggers and immigrants from shithole countries where outright criminality is normal, an everyday way of life.Fly On The Wall

  12. Anonymous

    I asked Eddy Butler about dodgy Dowson's involvement, and he told me that the crooked Scotsman wasn't behind the ED mailshot, I don't know what to believe."Dowson's company is behind the latest English Democrats mailshot,"

  13. Anonymous

    A Snap shotIn the British governments there is a special team that as been created with foreign advisers,( French) on how ''British peoples minds can be changed ''Yes, to conform to Big Government Diktats, no doubtTotalitarian Stalinist. Mr Star Cameron.The same as introduced ' National Citizens service ' where army Camps have been opened to house these training sessions for young people to '' make them into good citizens ''Yes now that after Decades of Government deliberate undermining and destruction of the family cohesion and discipline of the childVery Close to a a kind of Hitler Youth ' ?Next stop Conscription of Youth for the Globalist Wars?Cameron cant even control the country (mainly because he isn't..) and yet he can Delight In the Results of the Invasion of Libya…and the Uk US Saudi backed Terrorists on Syria .Cameron the man who sees Alinksy as a Guru, these and all the other plices 'for change ' come out of that kind of ''philosophical'' diktat. Saul Alinsky worshiped Lucifer, by the way…This is the ''ready for change '' that Cameron used as an adage to get into power….and Theres a British MP that as received a large sum of Tax Payers money to have lessons in Hebrew so thathe can better communicate better with is Male Jewish Partner The same MP advocated stripping Penioners of their increase in Winter Heating allowance The BNP the only Nationalist hope for a future free country…gone…taken down by the same evil forces now taking hold of Government ?Such Betrayal

  14. Anonymous

    Nickedarse bumboy Boles, like bumboy Gri££instein, is a typical hypocritical shit-stabbing tory jewboy parasite – FFS, £678.80p of taxpayers' money wasted on the filthy perverted brown-hatting sicko, just to learn how tell his hairy-arsed jewboy bum chum, in hebrew "Ovez, Mordi, my boy, brace yourself because after I've eaten this bagel I'm gonna ram my dung-dibbler right it up your shitter, and it's going in dry and caked in bagel crumbs"Fly On The WalL

  15. Anonymous

    Had to laugh when I read that the jew barrister, wanker Warren Grier, who obligingly hanged himself was described as being "respected" – no cunt who's a member of the Crown Courts Corporation is not even remotely respectable, even less so if he/she is a jew – hope the self-serving bastard sets a fashionable trend for his brother barristers.Fly On The Wall

  16. Anonymous

    We all know what Griffin and his Hebrew and Masonic allies are, and have a good (If unpleasant) idea of what they get up to in private.This is not the problem – in fact the disease risks that their sexual preferences entail are in our favour, and to be encouraged among them, as they are disease risk prone and life-shortening.Our urgent task is to network and co-operate to produce a viable alternative. If not electorally, then through verbal "non violent" civil resistance.This is not verbal recreation for me – I am desperate. Free speech is great, but but constant

  17. Anonymous

    English Democrats Jim Donation Hotline 07834 543 *** for anyone dumb enough to be interested. An English Democrats Life Membership at £3,950 + the usual 1000% apr jewsury interest and a Free Nelson Gold Eye Patch is guaranteed on receipt of all such dumb applications.

  18. NickGrifford

    Griffin allowed any brand of "nationalist" to flow in and fill prominent positions within the party. When relationships froze, the party fractured and all manner of civic nationalist groups were conceived. Racial nationalists had long since departed but could never agree on a way forward.We need to be far more selective in our choice of comrades in future. We also require a guiding light rather than a leader(s) that has never proven his mettle or over which doubts about his ideological standing is cast. Our creed is the 14 Words.,N.G.

  19. Anonymous

    I received the ED begging letter and immediately alarm bells rang Identical to BNP and Britain First ones. They are either copying or Jimbo is behind it. Myletter went straight into the bin.


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