How it is but shouldn’t be.

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25 thoughts on “How it is but shouldn’t be.

  1. Anonymous

    Very interesting video of scumbag Gri££in exposing those who pull the strings in the background, what he lies about is his close Belgian pal Filip Dewinter from the Valaam Belang, who scrambled over to Israel 3 years ago to sign the Jerusalem Declaration along with several other so called European Nationalist parties. Gri££in also states that most Jews are not the problem just the US extreme Zionists, I just wonder who is pulling this fat spivs strings?

  2. Anonymous

    I've just listen to the Griffin conference video, everything he has said about the EDL's mentors has been in the public realm for sometime, there is nothing new there, evidently Griffin is nervous that the EDL are stealing his thunder and in fact are now going to contest elections next year. He lied about the Jew loving Nationalists in Europe and he twists and turns throughout his speech, it all the usual double-talk we have heard a thousand time from him before. I bet given half a chance he would have hopped over to Jew land and signed that declaration along with his treacherous foreign MEP chums?

  3. Anonymous

    Just like Flip-flop Dewinter, that fucking poverty-causing corporate raider Shithard Mitt Romney the Republican Party's presumptive nominee for the Presidency of the USA has been wholesale sucking jew arseholes in Tela Lie, israhell.Fly On The WallPS. bet all the niggers in British Olympic squad and all the multi-culti-multi-racial traitors are seriously pissed-off because a couple of indigenous English ladies have won the first Gold medals for England – hope every nigger supposedly representing Britain, come last in every contest.

  4. Anonymous

    A short article has been posted today on British Resistance regarding their Alexa ratings. A little over 2 years ago (15th July) its predecessor the Green Arrow website posted this: Please donate £3 to the BNP by texting DONATE TO *****So forget that cheap bottle of wine for today and go text a message. Some of the comments are a must read.

  5. Anonymous

    It does really, really gall the nigger loving marxist jew stooges that no matter how much they push and promote the non-White Olympians(Ennis for example) it is rowing, sailing and cycling which will no doubt bring home the largest medal haul for TeamGB….again!

  6. Anonymous

    From Home of The Green Arrow and Friends 19 June 2010 Author Paul MorrisAnd whilst the Statesman Nick Griffin is forging links and carrying the fight to our enemies in Brussels on behalf of the British People, what sort of creature do we have putting themselves forward as a possible leader of the BNP? Why we have the likes of Eddy Butler, who when he goes to Brussels goes to there only to get drunk and visit Brothels. From Home of The Green Arrow and Friends 18 June 2010 Author Paul MorrisSo the Rat has finally plucked up his courage and announced he is going to run against Nick Griffin MEP, Chairman of the British National Party and now you will discover another reason why I resigned from the party when I started this new site. Because, I am free to write exactly what I think, without the bonds of membership tying my hands. No political ambition within the party. No desire for a paid position within the party. Only the desire to serve my country and its only hope, the British National Party under the leadership of Nick Griffin. From Home of The Green Arrow and Friends 08 June 2010 Author Paul MorrisThere was never a country called Palestine and those of you who support Hamas against the state of Israel should find a new site to post your comments. No more will be going through.I have no great love for Israel {believe that if you want to} or any other country outside the United Kingdom if it comes to that but all sane people should recognise the right of the Israeli nation to exist, regardless of how it came into being.

  7. Anonymous

    @ 19:32 and 22:58- this is a reply by the article's author to a posted comment- 'this site is often accused of "attacking" other nationalists. What does attacking mean? Surely we ought to be allowed to point out salient FACTS. An "attack" is when people around the Internet refer to this site as the "Zionist British Resistance" which it demonstrably is NOT.' Well, looking at those awful 'attack dog' like comments referring to Eddy Butler as a creature and rat for merely standing against Nick Griffin, it's hard to believe what the author Elite Commander is banging on about. And believing in Israel's right to exist is more or less the definition of a Zionist/Zionism. They must all be frigging crazy and I would just like to know what drugs they are on.

  8. Anonymous

    I'm actually a bit confused here. According to Corsham Crusader/CC/Mark Kennedy yesterday, loads of people read their stuff and hardly anyone by comparison visits Griffin Watch. Yet the very next day they seem to desperately publish an article about their Alexa standing in the country/world as if that in any way counters accusations against them. Ten million sheeple voted for the LibLabCon in May 2010 while half a million voted BNP, the very BNP and its leader that the Green Arrow website and its leader sycophantically, even rabidly supported and would not have a negative word spoken against. If it's merely a numbers game, then the LibLabCon would seem to win the electoral version of the Alexa rankings by a long mile. Lies, damned lies and Alexa rankings comes to mind.

  9. Anonymous

    From One Line Comments.One line comments that say nothing will be the first to be deleted. On the latest article we have such one line comments, the shortest being a mere 3 words! And Jesus wept! From a longer comment- 'The people that attack the BR site are those headless chickens that have no where to go. I will not name names, but their site is built on negativity and attacking other people. The comments tend to give a guideline to the sort of people that are attracted to reading the kind of drivel that it produces.' Now I have taken just a brief look at this comment thread and it is loaded with serious and useful info while I cannot see a single useful and informative comment on that BR article. It is just a yawning fawning thread of congratulatory worthless crap.

  10. Anonymous

    "I have no great love for Israel {believe that if you want to} or any other country outside the United Kingdom if it comes to that but all sane people should recognise the right of the Israeli nation to exist, regardless of how it came into being." – so spake Gri££in's scabby-arsed zionist worshiping sewer rat with a brown tongue and jew shit dripping down his chin.Fly On The Wall

  11. Anonymous

    Re: 'but their site is built on negativity and attacking other people' @ 00:14 taken from a comment at ZBR.Sometimes negativity is all there is to talk about, a patriotic duty to talk about even. We don't want to talk up the dying country or wounded nationalism, even if there's actually something positive to talk up – can't think of anything worth mentioning off the top of my head apart from this blog and a few others like it. The ZOG would like that, talking about things like today's Gold medals by Team GB. Meanwhile squaddies are fighting for Israel and their lives in Helmand. One poor bugger/young soldier only 4 days out there got blown to bits inside the garrison perimeter! The locals had warned them the 'training area' was accessible and not difficult to get into but little was done. While probably getting quickly brought up to speed on how to try to stay alive in Helmand, he trod on an IED in what should have been a totally safe area from such things. Literally planted inside the barrack walls! Criminal commander and the politicians who enabled it to happen. There a few good if misguided regular posters at ZBR who are being used as unpaid quality writers as much as they are using ZBR to get their message out. They are tolerated but far from welcome. While they are wasting their life and time on ZBR, they are kept safely away from genuine nationalist sites like this. Yes they get their message out to a wider audience (allegedly) but their comments only serve to 'pull in' the gullible to yet another fake nationalist dead-end. IMHO Rev Dowson is there to deter and keep 'hard' nationalists away who would otherwise rock the boat. They stick the 14 words at the top of each webpage but it's all just words. The NF hate the buggers and Morris' defence of Israel's recognition by the nefarious Illuminati's UN is just ludicrous if entirely predictable.

  12. CorshamCrusader

    What an utter disgrace to the nationalist movement this site is!You ought to be ashamed of yourself Sean for allowing our cause to be dragged through the dirt like this. No wonder this site is ranked by Alexa at 7.6 million.Disgraceful comments on here, a pox you all!CC

  13. Anonymous

    This the latest from the ZBR Alexa article-'I'm told that the detractors have started up commenting elsewhere on the web, apparently aggravated by our continued success' Why does a so-called 'truth site' {and believe that if you want to} have to talk in riddles? Elsewhere = Zionist British-Israel Resistance =

  14. Anonymous

    @01:04 The truth hurts doesn't it? Especially when one's own very words come back to haunt. Don't blame others but just look in the mirror as should your manager. Looking at those despicable Home of Green Arrow 2010 comments, hoisted with one's own petard would seem entirely appropriate.

  15. Anonymous

    Buyer beware!Just read these Home of The Green Arrow articles from August 2010 and cringe.BNP Leadership Challenge Full Results How more of those BNP membership fees and donations were spent- Adam Walker representing the BNP in Japan Why the Dopes don't Rate and why you should Donate So bugger the bottle of booze and the pack of tobacco, I am sending my £10 to the BNP today.Seriously people, we can win but there is never no gain without pain. You must donate, I must donate, all people who love their country must donate. It is a sad saying but a true one. Money talks and bullshit walks. Donate to the British National Party now please.

  16. GriffinWatch

    CorshamCrusader said… What an utter disgrace to the nationalist movement this site is! You ought to be ashamed of yourself Sean for allowing our cause to be dragged through the dirt like this. No wonder this site is ranked by Alexa at 7.6 million. Disgraceful comments on here, a pox you all! CCReading that from Paul Morris's chief lickspittle, I'm at a loss for words and that doesn't happen very often.

  17. Anonymous

    GW at 12:37 You couldn't make it up. Much of what he refers to as 'the cause being dragged through the dirt' are quotes from his master's voice. The ZBR needs no help from anyone when it comes to the cause being dragged through the dirt. Talking of causes, theirs is now a self serving cause, as are outfits like Britain First and BNP. Like the mushrooming charity growth industry, national causes/shops/collection tins are to be found (rattling) on every street corner and in every High Street. Once opened/spawned, they never die and will be open all hours. Britain First will settle (down) into a groove and stay there gaining a few members, losing a few members and the same with donations. There are old and new mugs to be found on every nationalist corner and High Street to maintain that self serving groove. For any of these 'nationalist' causes asking for money, the MO is run don't walk.

  18. GriffinWatch

    Well done to our commenters for exposing Morris and some of his supporters for being the hypocritical flip flopping moneygrabbers that they are.Top job everyone, it would take me a month writing a post to fully expose Morris's betrayals and stupidity.Ta.Sean.


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