46 thoughts on “Bringing things into perspective. Obama vs. Holmes.

  1. Anonymous

    That should read "Kills hundreds of thousands if not millions with his (Jew banker master's) foreign policy and wins Nobel Peace Prize". Let's give these millions of anonymous but very real and not a hoax goyim war dead the recognition they fully deserve.

  2. Anonymous

    '''Dutch newspaper NRC: “Those guys are totally independentfrom the Free Syrian Army. Many of them spoke good English, with Birmingham accents.''(Quote from article Truthseeker) Really? No Surprise there then.Unofficially Backed by the US UK Gov are they ?

  3. Anonymous

    Start phantom fly posting similar posters but with arsehole Hague's, cunt Camoron's and bumboy Blair's ugly mugs next to Brevik's for an interesting comparison.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    I see the unhinged 'Black Christian in its house and shit trench' preferring cockroach and toilet bug Dowson has been forgiven and urgently called into the comment stream of the fake and Zionist British Resistance in a pathetic and vain attempt to bolster its plummeting readership and posters. It's almost got who/what is funding ZBR stamped on its forehead.

  5. Anonymous

    @21:57 HTF does the 'toilet bug' Dowson know this as just read over at 'ZBR' – "Adam talking about shrinkink memberships when one considers that the BNP have fallen from 14,500 to just over 2,500 in 18 months I hardly think slagging the ED's mitagates the train wreck that is now the BNP. 2 supporters in Glasgow and 9 (real ones) in Dalkieth yesterday and the anti paedo locals shouting abuse at Griffin? Great stuff eh!" How does cunt Dowson know what the BNP's supposed membership now is unless he's privy and party to it? He talks about the latest Griffin Glasgow 'run in' as if it was real when any idiot and his dog knows it's all state sanctioned and orchestrated. Cunt Dowson must think we are all as thick as he is.

  6. Anonymous

    The reason for Gri££in's latest Glasgow state orchestrated 'run in' and Dowson's highlighting of it – there is no such thing as bad publicity – is now crystal clear after seeing the latest begging email – "We will not be silenced, we will stand firm in the face of this disgraceful abuse of police powers and we will fully support our fellow patriots. We are in urgent need of a fighting fund to allow us to hire the best legal defence for our friends so please make a donation right now to this urgent appeal and together as nationalists we will defend the basic democratic rights of our comrades and the British people.Yet again the political puppet masters have underestimated the tenacity of our people and of our cause.Please make your most generous donation NOW by clicking on the link below or by calling 0844 *** **** between 9.30 am and 6pm." Yeah sure Nick and Jim. The names Hunt BTW and not Cunt.

  7. Anonymous

    What follows after the definition of 'Gimp' is a comment from TB (Toilet Bug/Tuberculosis) Dowson on an article by something called Gimp as posted on the nefarious Zionist British Resistance website – (1) a derrogatory term for someone that is disabled or has a medicial problem that results in physical impairment. (2) An insult implying that someone is incompetent, stupid, etc. Can also be used to imply that the person is uncool or can't/won't do what everyone else is doing. (3) A sex slave or submissive, usually male, as popularlized by the movie Pulp Fiction."I have more cause than most to dislike Mr Butler (Shelley rose stitch up). However, the man was right on several points: he alleged that Clive was an imbecile—HE WAS RIGHT, he alleged that Harrington was a sneaky vile wretch—-HE WAS RIGHT, he alleged the party was full of crooks—–HE WAS RIGHT. And as for Adam and the legal/financial burden on members, again BUTLER WAS 100% CORRECT! The BNP as an unincorporated body has all debts and liabilities spread through the membership, although courts usually only go for the office bearers. PS, the English Dems got almost THREE TIMES the BNP vote last week." Now why would someone call themselves 'Gimp' when posting an article? Would anyone in their right minds submit (or accept) an article with the pen name of anal? Are these articles and comments meant to bring Nationalism into disrepute?

  8. Anonymous

    It looks like Reynolds is sodomising that Red on the newspaper photo and Griffin is franticly pooping Reynolds from behind by the expression on his face. It looks like caption competition time?

  9. Anonymous

    It's a bit rich fat, fake Gri££in protesting against Peodos in Scotland, with the likes of Collet, Hannam and Co as ex-pals.Rhyl BNP organiser, Ian Si’ree, was convicted in June of making and possessing 138 illegal images of child sex abuse.BNP Lancashire member, Nigel Hesmondhalgh, was imprisoned for nine months after a series of degrading photos and videos of children were found on his home computer in 2011.In 2010 Northampton BNP activist Darren Francis was jailed for a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl. He was described by police as “every parents’ worst nightmare”.

  10. Anonymous

    I see that wanker Michael Colman – who still backs that bastard Gri££in up to the hilt – only received 27 votes in the Springfields and Trent Vale ward up there in Stoke last Thursday. The BNP is a non-party now, when will wankers like Colman wake up to this fact?

  11. Anonymous

    Selective memory loss and lapses and less than total recall from the duplicitous BR mod-wallahs trying to defend the indefensible and other similar 'last seconders' who left the stinking Gri££in Ship 'Rip Off' at the 59th second of the 59th minute of the 23rd hour but only after sycophantically supporting Gri££in's BNP up to that point while viciously vilifying and demonising those who dared to do so an awful lot sooner when it was blindingly obvious what was going on. They must have duped hundreds if not thousands of unwitting supporters/donors during that 'should have known/must have known' period and the fact that they have Dowson of all people strutting its stuff and being tolerated again on the same comment thread tells you all you need to know about the mendacious British Resistance website. This is the same 'man' (thing) who came up with the OAP-like fleecing BNP Life Membership and a free watch or something for £395? and recently as part of the Britain First lot sent an email with this garbage in it- "Could you possibly make a gift of £1,000 or more, since the need is so great and the stakes are so high?If that's not possible, could you send a gift of £500 or more? To meet the demand I'll need many gifts in the range of £100-£300….could you send a gift in that range?" Dowson prefers Black Christians in his home to White Pagans, seeks to defend our malevolent monarchy and God and Jesus Christ knows what else, such as he would (seriously) invade Germany and fight the 'Nazis' all over again given the chance, even though fighting them has brought us to exactly where we now find ourselves today. A plague on Dowson and those who tolerate him like the phoney British Resistance.

  12. Anonymous

    @23:20 29th I have one rule with wholly untrustworthy sites like British Resistance and that's the same rule I emphasise over and over to my children which is "never trust a stranger or accept sweets from them however convincing". The only difference is trusting strange sites like British Resistance will get your entire country killed along with its children.

  13. Anonymous

    @ 19:14You have a few decent and genuine nationalists trying to deal with and reply to the Dowson creature, cockroach and toilet bug over at Zionist British Resistance but it will all be in vain and to no avail. You can argue the toss about and even cut the head off such a cockroach but it will not die by such means. No, it dies eventually and not soon enough because it has inadvertently had the financial means to feed itself cut off. Fact or Fiction?: Dowson Can Live without Its HeadCockroaches are infamous for their tenacity, and are often cited as the most likely survivors of a nuclear war. Some even claim that they can live without their heads. It turns out that these armchair exterminators (and their professional brethren) are right. Headless roaches are capable of living for weeks. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=fact-or-fiction-cockroach-can-live-without-head

  14. Anonymous

    The Poisonous British Resistance WebsiteMary looks at the search results for British Resistance. She has to wait for what seems like a long time. She scrolls through the results that are on the monitor. But she is much too nervous to be able to read more than a few. She recalls the warning of her Conscience: A Patriot must avoid a Zionist website such as British Resistance! As Mary naively entered The British Resistance website, she has a strange experience. She was sure she heard the scornful laugh of a man. Then all was suddenly silent. Breathlessly Mary had listened.What does all that mean? she asked herself, and her heart beat faster. Once again she thought of the warnings of her Conscience.Mary has been viewing the ZBR for a dangerous hour. Then a cyber-door opens. Mary looks up. The Morris appears. A mouthed cry comes from Mary's petrified lips. In terror she lets the mouse drop. Terrified, she jumps up. Her eyes stare into the face of Morris. And this face is the face of the Devil. In the middle of this devilish face sits an enormous crooked nose. Behind the glasses glare two criminal eyes. And a grin runs across the protruding lips. A grin that wants to say: Now I have you at last, little Mary!Morris seems to come at her. In her affected mind, his fat fingers grasp for her. But now Mary has recovered. Before Morris can seemingly grab her she lashes out at the imaginary fat face of Morris on the screen. Then a leap to the door. Breathlessly Mary runs down the steps. She dashes out of the house. She is free of Zionist British Resistance that she should never have visited in the first place.

  15. Anonymous

    @ 11:11t said "it looks like Reynolds is sodomising that Red on the newspaper photo and Griffin is franticly pooping Reynolds from behind by the expression on his face.Anon @ 11:20, now you why "Nick Griffin was quoted in press just after the Glasgow event as saying: "It was a very sticky situation." Anon @ 12:51 said "I see Deputy Dog Deacon has also been refused to play his bugle at the Olympics"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thick-as-pigshit Dickhead Deacon will be consoling himself by blowing a medley of tunes on Gri££in's cheesy one-holed hornpipe.Fly On The Wall

  16. Anonymous

    19:14 The Gimp/Butler article was clearly conceived and published to allow Dowson to strut its Britain First stuff on to tempt and lure in new members/mugs/donors. What's he doing on there anyway? His previous discredited plagiarised article was pulled and his views bordering on the insane are too well known. One would have thought that a lifetime ban would have been appropriate but no, other far more able and informative posters seem to have been driven off.

  17. Anonymous

    @14:31 British Resistance and Britain First, even BNP, are joined at the hip and imho virtually one and the same. The original split straight after the 2010 May elections and subsequent attacks on the BNP by BF's Dowson et al is all theatre to deceive, like the pulling of that article. Dowson's much hyped appearance on Panorama which turned out to be a non programme was just more theatre to reinforce the illusion of irreconcilable differences and even criminality by some at the BNP helm. Like Lib/Lab/Con like BNP/BR/BF, one dead-end cause with three names.

  18. Anonymous

    18:48 – All references utter bollocks??? Even the references about Dowson's BNP Life Membership and Britain First's 'can you spare a £1000' and the ever repulsive and obnoxious Rev Dowson being allowed to post comments on your website when he is so deservedly reviled in genuine nationalist circles? You really are a mental illness to not see what a laughing stock you have become. Enjoy!

  19. GriffinWatch

    "Blogger CorshamCrusader said… As always on this blog, 100% of all references to the British Resistance are complete and utter bollocks!"It's a reputation that the B.R. team have made for themselves, your fault, not mine. We here at G.W. don't CENSOR peoples comments. If you can't have your say you have nothing, oh and Mark, building the young fella "Elite" up for a fall, is considered bad form, amongst us nationalists.Sean.

  20. CorshamCrusader

    British Resistance Alexa rank:1 month 104,2283 month 135,295Global Rank: 135,295Griffinwatch Alexa Rank:Global Rank: 7,599,521@18:48, go and find me a nationalist website (bar the BNP) that has a better Alexa Traffic Rank than The British Resistance. You won't find one because we are the most read independent nationalist site in Europe!As I said in my previous comment – "100% of all references to the British Resistance are complete and utter bollocks!"You just wrote "You really are a mental illness to not see what a laughing stock you have become. Enjoy!"Got an more Jokes?CC

  21. GriffinWatch

    The BBC, ITV, C4, C5, also whip the G.W. blogs arse in the Alexa ratings, the difference is that we tell the truth and allow everyone to have their say, WITHOUT INTERFERENCE, I would prefer 1 thinking nationalist to 1000 useful idiots everytime and twice on a Sunday.Oh and we NEVER ask for money, like Griffin/Morris et al, we are here to serve and give, not take, who do you really think is winning the battle of hearts and minds Mark?

  22. GriffinWatch

    "Sean, would you care to explain exactly what you mean by building Elite up for a fall?He is a very good friend of mine and is quite happy at the British Resistance.CC"He is intelligent, he will work it out for himself and turn to us, Mark my words, excuse the pun. 🙂

  23. Anonymous

    Looks like the Syrian people are cornering the Clinton, Cameron etal backed Terrorists who have gone onto Aleppo, a particularly nationalist area of Syria…The Syrian Citizens are organizing to corner these US, UK Saudi UN backed terrorists who seek to undermine and destroy a sovereign nation …Hey but no mete keep watching the Ziompics I have not seen one second of the Ziomopics

  24. CorshamCrusader

    Yes Sean, I can see you have the cream of nationalism posting on this site by the flood of intellectual comments on here.By the way, with an Alexa rank of 7.6 million it means that about 20 people read this blog compared to the thousands of daily readers to the BR site.Finally, the old chestnut about money comes up again. You have a blog Sean which is free and you have no overheads, yet you run ads on here which pay you money. We have a website which due to the huge amount traffic we get is classed in the business section, we have lots of overheads including the costs of maintaining the old Green Arrow website.And regarding 'bad form', it isn't good form to try and poach writers from another site behind everyone's back!And finally we have never attacked your site or allowed comments through that do. I'm sorry you can't say the same thing back. You have also been allowed to run down GA in Berties paltalk room which I also find disgracefulCC

  25. Anonymous

    FFS I see Darby is back to writing in morse code :Difficult 15 mile hike to see a sea eagle results in my first ever sighting of this magnificent creature. Just had big sirloin steak and red wine to celebrate. Olympic blackout functioning well.

  26. CorshamCrusader

    "He is intelligent, he will work it out for himself and turn to us, Mark my words, excuse the pun. :-"Sean, Elite Commander will never write for this blog and the above doesn't explain what you meant by 'building him up for a fall'CC

  27. GriffinWatch

    "Finally, the old chestnut about money comes up again. You have a blog Sean which is free and you have no overheads, yet you run ads on here which pay you money. We have a website which due to the huge amount traffic we get is classed in the business section, we have lots of overheads including the costs of maintaining the old Green Arrow website."I receive no money from the blog, go on then Mark, explain to me how you have come to this lying conclusion?You seem to think and post as if you "own" Elite, like I said, he will wake up eventually.

  28. Anonymous

    Hey Sean, why don't you flit and fly over to British Resistance and try to explain by way of a certain to be deleted comment what you mean about Elite Commander? The Cunt Crusader is certain to be waiting seeing as he has fuck all better to do than wait for the occasional comment to come in all day. How does he make his living?

  29. Anonymous

    @20:28 Have you got some grip over this Elite Commander whoever he/she/it is? Never say never comes to mind and you should never (sic) make such definitive statements or prophecies about others who are able to think and speak for themselves. I think I know what GW means by his 'building him up for a fall' remark. Your worthless blog is always at it and will never change.

  30. CorshamCrusader

    @SeanI assumed that you still recieved money from adverts as you told me from your own lips in the Paltalk room that you recieved a payment of £65 for the first month when you put your first add on here. If you remember that was when we all got along and you were asking us why we didn't put ads on the site to raise money instead of asking for donations.We told you then that we will never ruin the look of the site with adverts and also you can get caught out just like the British Freedom Party were this week. I had a look on their site a few days ago and they had an advert for 'Islamic Relief' in a big red square on the right, on one of their articles, LOL.Honestly, I have no idea if you still run ads on here as I haven't looked and can't be bothered to scroll up, but I do know what you told me in the Paltalk room.I also find it quite sad that the day after GA banned you for constantly swearing in a G Room and running down other room members that all of sudden on this blog we were in the pay of ZOG and all the other nonsense printed on here about us.I can understand the bad feeling though regardless of the reasons you were banned because if I was banned by someone from somewhere then I would have that churning feeling about it too. I wouldn't of printed and said what you did about us though in response, that again is 'bad form'.CC

  31. GriffinWatch

    I don't even bother exposing B.R. on the front page nowerdays, thinking nationalists avoid B.R. like the plague.This blog is only interested in thinking nationalists.

  32. CorshamCrusader

    So the correct answer would be that you don't recieve money from ads anymore?What about that gifgaf thing on the right? Only asking because we have never run ads so I'm not sure how the payment thing works.CC

  33. GriffinWatch

    GiffGaff is an excellent community run mobile service provider, that's why it is bumped on the blog. I have never received any money from Giffgaff related to this blog.Stop digging Mark, you are in a big enough hole as it is. 🙂

  34. Anonymous

    Gri££in finally twigs that the EDL is a Ziontist front, why did it take him so long? Also in his latest speech he says most Jews are alright!"After several months of in-depth research and analysis, Nick Griffin used his main speech at the recent conference of the Alliance of European National Movements to expose the push to hijack and manipulate nationalism."


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