Labour M.P. Frank Field. Should pro-immigration politicians be shot?

Quote of the week: Labour MP Frank Field, responding to the census figures showing the population of England and Wales had soared by 7.1 per cent due to increased immigration, said: ‘This is not so much a wake-up call. It is almost time for the firing squad for politicians who have allowed this to happen.’

36 thoughts on “Labour M.P. Frank Field. Should pro-immigration politicians be shot?

  1. Anonymous

    I have very strong feelings about this. Having first noticed my country changing as I grew up in the early 60's. Living in a small town in the North, my exposure to other races was mainly via television. Cities such as London, Birmingham etc saw it much earlier. Then immigration began to accellerate at the same rate as my understanding, as I grew into maturity.The rate of change is now geometrical and time is short. What to do with the filthy traitor scum politicians?…I MEAN THIS;1)Those still alive shall have all pension rights revoked, including widows/widowers of the said scum.2)Forensic examination of ALL finances of the scum and spouse/s during their decision making tenures and shall be carried out with a view to TOTAL confiscation of assets WITHOUT COMPENSATION followed by imprisonment and basic social re housing should they ever be released.3)All proven third party collaboraters to undergo the same procedure with prohibited (living) departure from the U.K.Ever.4)All deceased scum remains to be exhumed,processed and deposited outside U.K borders,i.e at sea.5)All references i.e. historical, statues, pictures, paintings,charities or any recognisable legacy of the traitorous scum to be destroyed/removed in such a manner that it would be as if they had never been born. 6)EVERY Town/City/Village where the scum had ever originated from or was involved with,to compulsorily erect a marble monument detailing their traitorus actions but giving only the basic information necessary to vilify the scum.7)All schoolchildren to visit their local monument annually and reflect upon the traitorous actions of the scum alongside a British Memorial Week throughout the U.K. where the monsterous crimes these scum traitors committed can be studied,especially in schools.

  2. Anonymous

    GW @ 19:30 cheers but wouldn't it be easier to link to the article itself? I'm having a problem with the DM website in that the webpage comes up in very large (huge) print and all down either side is missing. I can't see anything to do with Frank Field and it doesn't come up in a google search either. Is there not a link to the article instead of the On-track-disaster-Network-Rail one? Am I missing something here?

  3. Anonymous

    GW @ 19:30 again! The large text problem is a Google Chrome web browser issue with the DM website but using Mozilla Firefox and viewong the whole page, no c*nt in this house can see sweet FA about Frank Field on that DM webpage. Grrr!

  4. Anonymous

    Fuck Field, he's going up against the wall to keep his comrades company aswell.Ignorance of the consequences of your actions is absolutely no defence especially when the vast majority of British people were not only aware but had to live with the reality of such treachery.The only thing that concerns this cunt Field (as it does with his comrades) is that the mud invaders are now moving in to his 'nice and genteel' neighbourhood.Field at the end of the day is a career-politician and as such he has been quite happy to act the shill and thus has NO respect from us.Fly on Shit!

  5. Anonymous

    FonS @ 23:49 Totally agree. These political nonentities are probably allowed out of their cages periodically to voice controlled dissent and make it appear that someone in the Westminster Village of the Damned cares. As if anything is ever going to change because of his weasel words that were probably chosen for him to say anyway. The whole media apparatus that reports on these fiends is a lie anyway. Telling the truth would probably kill them.

  6. Anonymous

    Frank Field is just another fucking jew cunt trying to sound like an English patriot – fucking sheeny wanker is on the list for hanging, drawing, quartering and having his hebby head stuck on spike on one of the Tower ramparts, along with all the other treasonous jew cunts on the list.

  7. Anonymous

    Is because its starting to effect them ! Take a walk through any small tory toy town and you will see quite a few packs of 3rd world immigrants strolling through the small high streets as the big cities are now at bursting points.Then theres the gangs of eastern europeans that work in the countryside that tend to live 20 to a house close by in rural suburbia.Yes i can honestly say the MPs never took all this into account and its now biting them back on the arse because the immigrants are no longer being contained in the SLAVE cities as theres not enough room,instead there landing in a lot of small villages and these bastards in parliment dont like it ! WELL GOOD YOU CUNTS COS YOU MADE THE REST OF US ALL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF MASS IMMIGRATION.

  8. Anonymous

    I've always seen queer Fields as a pressure valve type 'man of the people,' they have a few stooges in Parliament to make it look like there are a few people on the public's side, it's all a big con trick a bit like fat, fake Griffin fronting a Nationalist party. Come the White revolution we will blow all their brains out against the wall.

  9. Anonymous

    I've got to agree with Anonymous' @13:20 comment. 'Left' Field is there to show the masses that not all politicians are bad eggs, that some of them think like Mr & Mrs Cor Blimey. Of course to get into the club at all a politician has to be bought; the trouble with someone like Field is that it looks as if he hasn't been paid off and he therefore legitimises the whole charade for any of the sheeple still paying attention.

  10. Anonymous

    Multiple comments from regular anti Zionist posters being rejected by British Resistance moderators tonight after their earlier warning off article. It seems clear that they have either been bought off or warned off.

  11. Anonymous

    They are not only laughing at but harvesting comments and IP addresses. An IP address is not a person but they know who a lot of them are likely to be. Better to kill 10 innocents than let 1 guilty go free will be the modus operandi of those who collect those IP addresses.

  12. Anonymous

    IP addresses harvested at such sites such as British Resistance will be relatively easy to track back to a certain point but no further. It would be necessary to know many other details and an almost impossible task. However, starting the trackback from a suspect IP address is much easier and like trying to solve a crime when you already have a suspect.

  13. Anonymous

    The duplicity of BR is self evident when you look at the obvious tolerated Zionist troll such as Lynn, Lynn being approved yet genuine anti Zionists being denied. BR should be rubbed into the ground and forgotten for the worthless web-shite that it is.

  14. Anonymous

    anon at 23:56 I am disgusted and ashamed that I ever visited there. They stab posters in the back at a certain point having lured them in. They come across all anti NWO anti Zionist but at a certain point they pull the rug. This has happened so many times with these British Resistance bastards who sycophantically supported BNP and Britain First. They build and build and seem to allow the truth but then revert back to Zion. They are worse than scum.

  15. Anonymous

    @ anon They binned a Jim Dowson article after over a hundred people had bothered to comment on it. The BR really are the scum of the earth for pulling stunts like that. It was probably all pre-planned. The majority of the article was a copy and paste and Morris will have known that or should have. Then they invoke a new comments policy including 'sanctions' on those who copy and paste comments. They should be so lucky that people are bothered to visit their useless fucking site anyway.

  16. Anonymous

    I've NEVER visited the BR jewboy shite site – wonder some nationalist hasn't given Morritz a special visit to discuss health issues – like retaining one's knee-caps and the ability for drawing breath.Fly On The Wall

  17. Anonymous

    Fly at 14:53 The GA admins are at it again today trying to chase anti Zionist posters away while also trying to sound tough with BR appointed trolls such as Lynn x 2. The non alcoholic Lynn x 2 bitch is called a spineless turd by its alter ego Paul Morris though its comment is allowed and published and Lex fails to get the message to "Fuck Off" when CC admonishes them for submitting comments with multiple ID's. BR is one nasty fucking Zionist site and those who visit there need to check out their health insurance.

  18. Anonymous

    @anons- look how they attacked anyone who spoke out against first of all the BNP and then Britain First. they create confrontation and division. this aggro with the south Wales BNP is all BS. you can see right through it. like you can with BNP and BF. they're one and the same. Morris speaking out against Dowson is just more BS. they are one and the same when it comes to their anti English and even anti white agenda. they are both probably crypto Jews out to destroy what's left of the white race. wankers all of them.

  19. Anonymous

    Gri££in's latest idiotic tweet an hour ago, what a fool he is, BNP membership has plunged by an even greater percentage over the last two years! "Tory party had 3OO,OOO members when the C'moron took over. Now set to plunge below 1OO,OOO."

  20. Anonymous

    Should anything fortuitous happen to Gri££in's speaking turd, Paul Morritzberger, like in the way of an axe getting stuck in the back of his head while he was chopping fire wood, at least Old Bill will be able to narrow down the suspects to fifty-million anti-zionist English patriots.Fly On The Wall

  21. Anonymous

    @15:09 It's crystal clear that the BR site is zionist state run and funded. Pleading poverty the way Morris does just proves the point you make of his Jewish roots if that's what he is. Did he not shack up or rent share with a Mikhail Greenberg at one time? I'm sure I read recently about him slagging this guy Mike Green off but it's all a fake like his distancing the site from Britain First. BNP and Britain First and Morris and Dowson and Griffin are all one and the same and in the same zionist bed. The fall outs are invented I'm certain of it.

  22. Anonymous

    GW@22:01 that's him alright and I only wish I could remember the cunt's name when he used to lurk the BNP website many years ago. The cunt would check anyone who mentioned the J word. He was a real cunt and no mistake.

  23. Anonymous

    This is the reality of the British Resistance website. The falling outs with Wales BNP, Griffin, Britain First, Dowson and so on are all manufactured. The nationalist dupes fall for it.

  24. Anonymous

    Anon @ 19:12, I'll give you a gilt-edged gold-plated cast-iron guarantee that fucking four-eyed cowboy-hat-wearing cunt Morritzberger is jew through and through – only a jew will go to the lengths Morritzberger goes to to protect jews – and the one-eyed sack of jewshit he worships has a penchant for surrounding himself with jewboys, homosexuals, paedophiles and sexual deviants.Fly On The Wall

  25. Anonymous


  26. Anonymous

    For Johannesburg read London, New York, Detroit (already there) or any city anywhere, where the black man is allowed to wander unrestricted and unsupervised. Even worse is to allow them move into and mix with civilised society, for they will not even attempt to emulate your standard of living and hygiene, but will bring you down to their level. My greatest shock was to return to this blighted country after spending 42 years attempting to raise the African's standard of living to a European level, only to find that he had emigrated here and lowered ours to his.Pete *****.Subject: The Death of Johannesburg by a friend of and posted by:Fly On The WallPS. Every politician who supported, still supports and actively encourages and promotes immigration, is responsible for every nigger/immigrant crime and every nigger/immigrant murder of every indigenous Englishman, every indigenous English woman and every indigenous English child.

  27. Anonymous

    Sock puppets are still alive and socking it to one another over at British Resistance despite Arrowitz's and Corshamberg's empty threats not to publish such stuff.


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