Antizionist league. Have a free read, see how the world really works.


5 thoughts on “Antizionist league. Have a free read, see how the world really works.

  1. Anonymous

    Anyone know who this "smoker99" idiot is? He posts on moneysavingexpert forums but is stuck so far up Gri££in's smelly flea-infested arse that he embarasses decent nationalists.

  2. Anonymous

    Off topic ?but here is a little something I wroteCarceriEverywhere around I see new buildings being thrown up , teh majority of which I call the new architecture of austerity I mean the architecture of authority , perhaps the 'new old style' come dogma of architecture and design per se It is true that the architecture of the time reflects the curent stateof a culture, a people and the ruling e l i t e and human life and human aspiration in general and so we are assailed by the police station looks like the school the school looks like the police stationthe housing office looks like the police station and the housing office looks likethe school and corporate headquarters looks like the school and the prison looks like a school and the school looks like a factory and the town hall looks like maximum security unit of the military and the media headquarters looks like the town hall and the apartment block looks like a prison and so on ad nauseum..I call it the neo corporate architecture the not so new House Style for Manchester and the UK at large. The local regeneration looks like something out of the old Soviet Eastern BlocIn all this loving regeneration and building the only relief from the vertical rectangle of grey, is the use of rectangles of bright multi color mainly in schools what is the meaning of this? This kind of thing was used back in the forties and fifties, and the Bauhaus school in Germany. Whilst blue as a light seems to be the colour that one sees across the city , so what is the meaning of that …a certain acid Blue is used in the Police sation atop an apartment block and a car park and upon a football stadium …another Red blutopia ?

  3. Anonymous

    continuedEverywhere then, whilst we are moved (or is it 'nudged')to the rythmn of 'austerity' we see building continue, although this is mostly private corporate money…(or public private partnership/takeover)and well if its a public building probably borrowed / printed money from the Rothschild ''Bank of England''..(known as Fiat Money) that the tax payer as to returned to the bank with Interest in real and hard earned cashSo again, what is the dutopia we see being erected around us in these edifices of erm, banality, mediocrity, concrete austerity…?Looks I have said it ..Then we perhaps can think of such word and images as leveling, shutting things down, limiting, controlling (that wold be Agenda 21 created by the lurving UN look it up) , mixing mergeing, oh yes and Centralising how could we forget …our History (well by its selective use and omission by the ruling elite ha ha …) any way…so to its repetition…and so we are being sold slavery as freedom war as peace and humanitarianism as bombing…Buildings , architecture near devoid of beauty, values, ideals turned away from a Sense of Place, a people and their nature and destiny … Thinking about the use of colours in the banal way they have been used as if in their abstract use in an abstract building , with no connection to the genius loci, (spirit of place) they refer to nothing much ,nothing in particular and of any real enduring value or substance…but the multi color are pretty and well they ''function''…Green is the New REDI note that the massive long term building especially apartments and the general densification of the city, is not very '''green'' is it, what all that Cement(biggest producer of C02) … but no matter its Green when they say it is and when it is not… in any event it is to serve Agenda cramming everyone into cities in a box , I mean luxury apartments, has all the advantages of making sure they can control you all the more…(look out for Smart Meters, look it up) A captured consumer prisoner for the umteenth local corporate communitarian monopoly supermarketIndeed looking at the half completed school in… it reminds me of a picture by the Italian Artist Piranesi called Carceri, a picture of a huge rotting and abandoned prison interior, well at least his image in comparison to that so called 'super' school has more imagination and feeling… Is the modern gulag they are building merely imaginary …

  4. Anonymous

    …interesting, although you have neglected to highlight the fact that the speed of such erections reflect their non-permanant state, they merely reflect and compliment society's love of the 'instant'… fast-food/buy-now-pay-later mindset.Anyone who has a little understanding of construction knows that the buildings which go up these days are 80% made up of third rate materiel reflecting the transient nature of such 'architectural delights'!Technology has enabled the 'masters of the universe' to do away with having to construct buildings for specific usage, the days of building prisons/camps is long gone.And the stupid sheeple are complicit and give them all that they need, from facebook (CIA creation) to mobile phone (mobile barcode!) to even signing up to Tesco 'loyalty cards' they are quite happy to hand themselves over to 'their masters'One needs to realise that with regards the majority of our people we merely fight to save them from themselves, other than that they are mostly cowardly, treacherous, back-stabbing, selfish, useless cretins!

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for pointing that out. I guess I am so familiar with that idea I forgot to mention it.For example in my local area as been subject o countless 'regenerations' (developers money making schemes) I.E demolishing and rebuilding all the while disrupting any organic community development of locals.(Note All the Pubs have been removed and numerous Off licenses opened) Many building that have lasted a hundred years have been demolished, and many buildings that have been standing for 20 – 30 years have also been demolished to build more transient cheap modern mediocrity Yes as you say its All a Prison/Gulag Now


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