By Nemesis
On the 14thJune 2012 Dyfed-Powys Police closed the file on the various allegations of fraud and deception, as well as criminal conspiracy,  that had been made against North-West MEP and Chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin in 2011.
An article concerning the BNP’s ‘Truth Truck’ was published on Griffin Watch in June 2011:
On 7 June 2011 a complaint was made to Dyfed-Powys Police regarding the BNP’s so-called ‘Truth Truck’ (see figure 1) and how Nick Griffin had committed fraud and deception in raising the funds for this propaganda vehicle, the crux being that funds for it were based on a mixture of fraud and deception.
Griffin appealed for funds for a specially designed vehicle for BNP use which intention was not to own it in the first place. The UK Life League truck and the BNP truth were one and the same vehicle that the BNP leased from the former organisation, the common intermediary being Jim Dowson who ran UK Life League and was now a business consultant with the BNP.  It seems that the vehicle was only purchased from the UK Life League after court bailiffs attempted to seize the Truth Truck. There was also nothing that had been published by the BNP to say that the truck would be anything other than brand new and custom-built.
Evidence in the form of documents and allied research were submitted to the police in pursuance of the complaint against Griffin. Some of these items were collated in a document sent to the police (see figure 2).
On 14 July 2011 a further complaint was submitted to Dyfed-Powys Police regarding allegations of criminal conspiracy against Greater London Assembly member, Richard Barnbrook in an attempt to blame him for the  printing debts of the British National Party (see figures 3 and 4). With this complaint a published statement from Arthur Kemp was submitted, providing serious allegations and evidence that an elected official, Nick Griffin, had attempted to conspire against another elected officer, Richard Barnbrook, to procure him into an unlawful criminal charge. Such allegations are extremely serious and, involving as they do an elected Member of the European Parliament, warranted serious investigation by the authorities and interest from the media.
It is believed that other individuals had also submitted complaints to Dyfed-Powys Police regarding allegations of the criminal actions of Griffin.
On 1st September an interview was held with one of the main complainants at his home by two detectives from the Economic Crime Unit of Dyfed-Powys Police. A statement was made and further evidence submitted.
On 19thMarch the Police indicated that their evaluation of the material had been completed and that it was being analysed by a senior officer.
A letter from Dyfed-Powys Police dated 14th June 2012 (see figure 5) closed the case, over a year since the submission of the complaints.  Just who the ‘senior’ officer was who had analysed the material we have yet to ascertain and why the case took so long for it to be examined, before being rejected, is a matter of serious concern.
We do not even know whether Dyfed-Powys Police interviewed Nick Griffin. Certainly he was not arrested which, given the seriousness of some of the allegations involved, seems bizarre and unconventional. This apparent lack of action by the police is at odds with what happened with former UKIP MEP, Nikki Sinclaire (West Midland), who was arrested, along with three of her staff, in February of this year on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud the European Parliament:

The allegations were apparently derived from a former ex-employee and related to her MEP expenses and allowances. Properties were also searched during the course of the investigation.
Yet we have not received any information as to whether Griffin and his properties were searched or whether his assistants and close officials were arrested.
We do know that previous complaints to the Met and to Dyfed-Powys Police have failed to get off the ground and were rejected. We can say, however, that on this occasion Dyfed-Powys Police have accepted the seriousness of the complaints and taken action on collating the material and interviewing the complainants. This can only be a positive step forward although the seriousness of the complaint and the evidence submitted did warrant some form of police action.

What we have here is an apparent block on the investigation at a senior level. Whether this involves the machinations of Masonic elements – considering Griffin’s father Edgar, is a local and high-ranking freemason – cannot be determined at present. Or whether this blockage is related to interference from the Intelligence Services needs to be analysed.

It has become increasingly self-evident that Nick Griffin is being protected by the State. But we need to determine at what level, by whom and why. The last question is perhaps the easiest to answer as he is a key layer in channelling and neutralising nationalist dissent. Those critics who proclaim Griffin to be stupid or prone to making serious strategic errors are wrong. Griffin may be vain and he may be arrogant and naïve to some extent but he is an intelligent man and he is experienced. The reason that he has made so many ‘errors’ and committed substantial strategic failures, as well as so many policy changes to ‘modernise’ the party, and why so many experienced and capable individuals have been expelled or have resigned, is simple: it is because he is doing what he has been told to do by individuals higher up within the British State. His task is to ensure that the BNP never succeeds but to ensure that it stays afloat and strong enough to absorb sufficient dissent from within nationalism and to attract sufficient levels of dissent and protest votes from the public.
Griffin has never had any sound convictions for the ideals of race and nation. He is by nature an opportunist and his zeal is superficial and based on intellectualism. A body of nationalists, mostly notably those of the North-West Nationalists led by Pete Barker, have consistently been in the running with the hypothesis that Griffin was a state agent. They have been proven right over the years, despite the early popularity and success of Griffin, and the opposition that they had to endure for their insights. 
In former analyses Nemesis has made an incorrect analysis from observations made of Griffin and the BNP, incorrectly stating that the State was about to ‘pull the plug on the BNP’. Time has shown that this was not the case and the capacity of the BNP under Griffin to continue its task of attracting nationalists and dissent continues.  It is becoming clear that the mere existence of the BNP, both as an established brand name and under a well-known leader and MEP (even as a figure who is widely reviled and ridiculed), has ensured that it be allowed to continue on its path as an establishment ‘Trojan Horse’.
So long as the BNP exists then that momentum to develop and expand an alternative nationalist party does not exist, particularly with a senior figure as Andrew Brons MEP who resists the setting up of a new party as long as the parent body remains. The failure of the English Democratic Party (EDP) and the British Freedom Party (BFP) have all demonstrated that no other nationalist party can forge ahead with that same level of momentum and capability that the BNP had from 2002 onwards. The BNP was in a league of its own, its nearest rival the National Front, had become eclipsed and relegated to the sidelines by a resurgent and powerful BNP under Griffin who was able to build up in the aftermath of the northern riots and the hard work of its successful branches.
It is fact that the BNP occupies that all important political strategic space that a nationalist party would need to take before becoming a credible alternative. Hence why the State prefers the BNP to continue in its lethargic state run by Griffin.

What can we as nationalists do about this state of affairs?
First and foremost we shall not be fobbed off with the statement made by Dyfed-Powys Police regarding their investigation that “no further action will be taken and the case is now closed”.

Griffin Watch shall be instigating a series of Freedom of Information requests demanding further information about their investigations and why no action will be taken. Whatever action we shall take in pursuance of this will depend on what kind of information we receive in response.
It is possible that a senior official within the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) was approached by the senior police officer at Dyfed-Powys as police are allowed to seek advice from prosecutors about any aspect of their work. Considering the role of the CPS during the 1998 ‘Rune Trial’ when Griffin was prosecuted, leading to Griffin himself dropping his legal team and handling his own defence, it is quite possible that the CPS have a secret understanding with him and are protecting him, as Griffin may have struck a bargain with them at time for a lenient sentence.

We are not entirely surprised by the police failure to thoroughly investigate Griffin and in dropping the cases. They should not be amazed because this is regulation behaviour by the police. Those who believe that they rigorously investigate complaints as a matter of course are sorely mistaken.   The police routinely fail to investigate complaints properly or at all when it suits their purposes. The links, for example, between the Met and politicians and the now defunct News of the World were very strong and corrupt.

The record of the Metropolitan Police, for example, in failing to investigate complaints, or to even record them, is very poor.  This ranges from  refusals to investigate Peter Mandelson after he obtained a mortgage by  fraudulent means; refusals to investigate complaints of incitement to racial hatred by Greg Dyke when BBC Director-General  (his “hideously white” description of the BBC) and a Plaid  Cymru leader who described the English in Wales as “a virus).
The police are a corrupt institution controlled by corrupt officers at senior level who operate according to the demands of the British liberal state. The fact that Dyfed-Powys Police have stopped their investigation into the various allegations involving Nick Griffin is serious, although not surprising.
What we intend to do is, if all else fails, is to consider an approach to a court of law, after legal consultation, for access to a writ of mandamus (which means “we command”) and is the name of one of the prerogative writs in the common law and is “issued by a superior court to compel a lower court or a government officer to perform mandatory or purely ministerial duties correctly.”
Before we entertain that stage we shall endeavour to seek out as much information as we can from the authorities. This occurrence has not just happened once with Griffin, but on a number of occasions.
What we would like individuals to do is to disseminate this failure of justice by the authorities and to take up verbal arms against them, that is, to take this issue up with the authorities themselves. If enough complaints and notices are sent in over time then the authorities and the media who have for too long remained silent, must listen. We ask that those individuals who want to take action to contact their Member of Parliament and also representatives of the House of Lords, as well as the national media, and to ensure that this matter is brought to their attention. We ask that you approach your local MP and inform them of the failure of the authorities to prosecute this case and to ask why someone who is generally vilified by the media as being ‘extremist’ or ‘racist’ is actually being apparently protected by the authorities. That despite clear evidence of fraud and deception being committed by Nick Griffin and also in involved in criminal charges to pervert justice by attempting to frame an elected official, that the police have dropped all charges.
Tell them that this indicates that not only is Nick Griffin being protected by a state which shows all the hallmarks of being schizophrenic in its attitude to race and immigration,, but it indicates that elements within the British State are actively involved in interfering with democracy by undermining and manipulating democratic political parties, seeking to subvert them and denying the people of Britain a free and open choice of who they want to represent them.
If you wish you may copy this template or use it as the basis for your own letter or email to your MP:
I am writing to you as your constituent regarding the failure of the Dyfed-Powys Police to fully investigate and pursue very serious allegations against the Chairman of the British National Party (BNP), Nick Griffin MEP.
In 2011 a number of complainants made allegations to the Dyfed-Powys Police concerning various charges of fraud and deception to procure funds from its membership, for the BNP’s ‘Truth Truck’, a propaganda vehicle used by the BNP. Evidence was submitted that showed that fraud and deception appeared to have been committed in the pursuit of the purchase of this vehicle.
Further allegations were also made regarding efforts by Nick Griffin to pervert justice in attempting to procure an elected GLA officer, Richard Barnbrook, into a criminal charge by conspiring to enter into false documentation to incriminate Mr Barnbrook.
You may be interested to realise that none of these matters has ever been carried by the mainstream media who have seemingly kept this out of public attention.
This is not the first time that serious allegations against Mr Griffin have been dropped by the authorities and the evidence gathered by such blogs as Griffin Watch have underline the distinct possibility that Nick Griffin is being protected by the establishment. Considering the fact that a UKIP MEP, Nikki Sinclaire, was arrested earlier this year for allegations concerning EU expenses, yet Mr Griffin has not been arrested, then this may give cause for concern.
Nick Griffin has a trail of allegations and evidence concerning financial corruption yet he and the BNP have never been properly investigated by the authorities, unlike other parties. The evidence is available for those wishing to seek it, which indicate that Mr Griffin is being manipulated by elements within the establishment to destabilise a democratic political party, allowing his financial misadventures to be ignored in return for him steering that party into a direction more desirable to the establishment.
I therefore ask you as my constituent Member of Parliament, to address this serious address on my behalf and raise it in the House of Commons, and to seek an enquiry as to the nature and scale of interference by the Intelligence Services within political parties of this country., and within the democratic process as a whole.

Yours sincerely,

A list of MPs and Lords can be accessed at either of these sites below:

You may also wish to write to the editors of national newspapers or to discuss the issue on newspaper forums. In fact, use any avenue to disseminate the negligence of the police in pursuing this case against Griffin and the impact it has on the democratic process. Remember it is our democracy, or at least the principle and values of it, that are being subverted by anti-democratic forces within the establishment.
We may even have to pursue this matter through European institutions. If the fascist forces of the British establishment want to resist then we shall pursue this matter. Why? Because it is a matter that hits at the heart of who we are as a people and as nation and who we are being governed by. It is fundamental to the relationship between the governed and the government. It is the role between common law and the statutes imposed upon us by a state that has become so anti-democratic that it now fears democracy and the will of the people. Above all, it affects the very building blocks of our constitution. If forces have attempted to subvert the essence of democracy then our system is redundant.
We have been lied to and deceived for too long by nefarious forces at work within our system of government. Our democracy is a sham and we are like puppets being manipulated by dark forces. If an arm of the state can wilfully and deliberately interfere with, and subject a democratic political party, to subversion, then we are no longer living in a democracy – but a totalitarian one. Make no mistake about this matter: the dereliction of the government to protect the democratic freedoms of its citizens makes us puppets, and no longer citizens. Our contract with this totalitarian state will be terminated. Our call to non-compliance, civil disobedience and mass resistance looms larger each day.

By Nemesis
This article had to be retained until the conclusion of the trial at Carlisle Crown Court involving Romac Printer owner, David Sloan, who has since been convicted of two of a number of charges involving alleged threats to Nick Griffin and his family over unpaid debts.
We find it extremely disturbing and ironic that a businessman who was owned thousands of pounds for printing work done on behalf of the BNP and was then the target for fraud and conspiracy by Griffin and his family, should have emerged as a criminal. Griffin’s legal victory over the real victim of this monstrous indictment is a shocking story that should demonstrate to any individual, whether a business or as a nationalist, that Griffin is extremely dangerous and toxic and must be avoided at all costs. When the Secret State colludes with a sociopathic individual the outcome can only be described as a clear and present threat to both democracy and sanity.
Griffin and his family have never been interviewed or charged over the criminal conspiracy to entrap Richard Barnbrook, in which Griffin attempted to use David Sloan as a patsy with the enticement of being paid his business debts.
We find this affair both extremely offensive and unjust, and this matter indicates the extent that Griffin and his family can operate as virtual Mafiosi within the world of politics, protected by the police and the judiciary. Whilst the victims of Griffin’s extra-legal rampage goes unchecked and unchallenged, the real victims are ignored, silenced, intimidated or imprisoned on trumped up charges. This is the real world of nationalism within Britain today. Yet the mass media are silent on this matter, the police deliberately cover up the evidence and what is left of the membership of the BNP go about their business with closed eyes to the reality behind the toxic and dangerous political machine that is today’s BNP.
We have since been in communication with Richard Barnbrook who confirms that he was never contacted by the police, despite Dyfed-Powys Police assertion that they had fully investigated the complaints, including the criminal conspiracy against Richard Barnbrook. It took Dyfed-Powys Police nearly a year to conclude their investigation yet it has become all too obvious that they deliberately failed to investigate this part of the complaints against Griffin.
We shall be pursuing this matter up to, and including the highest levels of authority, with the aim of finding the truth and exposing the machinations of the Secret State and its collusion with Nick Griffin, as well as to fight for justice for both Richard Barnbrook, David Sloan and all those members of the BNP who have been lied to, cheated, abused and financially fleeced by what is fast becoming a major scandal within British politics.



  1. Anonymous

    Was thinking the other day does anyone remember Cameron before he was elected and he was always spouting off about the BNP and Griffin and once elected he has a surprise for both of them ? Then once elected nothing ? Never ever mentioned the BNP again ! So someone somewhere told the known UAF supporter Cameron to back off Griffin and the BNP once he got into power.

  2. Anonymous

    The investigation was blown by eejits ranting on about the truth truch which was bought 100% legally by the party long before any writs. The reason the writs did not get the truck was down to thier poor legal team and a failure to follow up on paperwork. If i have explained this once i have explained it a thousand times but still some idiots try to get NG on it, this weakens all other accusations and makes any complaint look petty and vindictive. JD

  3. Anonymous

    As much as I respect Griffin Watch I do feel that in this instance you may have over looked a fact or two! The observation that Nick Griffin was too bad a Nationalist leader to be believed and had repeatedly made silly "mistakes" that even a child would have avoided ,never mind a Cambridege graduate,goes back earlier than you might imagine.The original observation surfaced well over 6 years ago and was made by more than one BNP member in the Merseyside and Manchester branches.At least one of these people was villified on VNN by Joe Owens for expressing this opinion to him in a supposedly private phone conversation.The attack dogs then moved in and heaped every possible abuse on this person for not only questionning Griffins loyalty but that of the gaggle of traitors,spies and perverts that at that time made up a very sizeable minority of Merseyside BNP.It has still not been recognised that it was ESSENTIAL to the government to prevent Liverpool and Manchester from becoming successful areas for the BNP because with PR the BNP could win in the North West area only if it did well in these areas.The scheme to infiltrate Merseyside was a huge success but Manchester was a lot more difficult because of the staunch defence provided by a certain man who has beavered away for years on Griffins background and knows a rat when he steps on one!It is hugely amusing to see that so many of Griffins former attack dogs have now re-invented themselves as being anti-Griffinites and now wish to claim that they had ALWAYS distrusted him.Among this number are 2 perverts and several spies! It is quite chilling to note that that the perverts are actually OUTNUMBERED by the proven spies!The identity of these people is known and when a suitable period of anarchy breaks out in Britain in the near future,and IT WILL,then these people can expect to be troubled by more than their consciences,if they ever had one.

  4. GWR

    There was a top level and at the time secret Government group that was organised to combat the BNP quite soon after the 2001 riots and BNP election victories. This was around 2002 – 2003. It was centred on the 'M62 motorway corridor' because at that time the BNP was winning elections for fun in Lancashire and Yorkshire.After this top level Government group was revealed in the press I never heard anything else about it.Does anyone have any info/details on this Government group ?Griffin for his part, shortly after this group was formed, went about 'trashing' all the areas such as Burnley,Oldham, Dewsbury, Bradford and Halifax and more.Griffin promoted SEARCHLIGHTs Andy Sykes in Bradford.

  5. Anonymous

    If memory serves me the BNP's NorthWest Regional Organiser, or rather Dis-Organiser,was David Joines. It was his job to be on hand during ALL elections in this area and to be responsible for the BNP complying with all the various rules governing elections and candidates.It came as something of a surprise a few years ago when not only Mr. Joines but his Deputy both decided to go on holiday at the same time,just before the election,and that having both forgotten that Britain has Local Council Elections every year at this time they both forgot that as the BNP's Area Organisers they were the only people legally allowed to sign the BNP candidates paperwork and that without it the BNP wouldn't have ANY candidates in this area!!!!!This pair of spies had the same level of subtlety as being woken up by a toilet brush up the arse yet still Griffin didn't seem to notice them and anyone who questionned their performance immediately became a target for the attack dogs! Greenhalgh and Squires provided plenty of laughter on Merseyside with their own particular brand of BNP loyalty which revolved around never going anywhere near an area the BNP had a chance of winning but instead putting lots of effort into crap areas! Once again they had Griffins TOTAL loyalty!Liverpool BNP had more spies per square inch than Cambridge did in the 1930's yet still Griffin didn't pick up on the obvious failure to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat when Super Activist Steve Greenhalgh openly refused to have a target seat,and thus CONCENTRATE all effort on the area in which we had already secured 20% of the votes! Griffins verdict upon this man was that "we need more like him",well HE would say that wouldn't he!

  6. Anonymous

    Have you ever noticed the Griffin trolls come out to play when something is getting close to the truth when true Nationalist are talking about it ? We had them pair of CUNTS for some years ! You see them day in day out on the BDF forum and occasionally you get Mr Muscles Hickman from Birmingham coming on here suffering side effects from his hair loss cream ? Why and i ask the question do they never troll on their local UAF/left wing blogs and forums ? An example of this is Hickman who has never set foot on his local lefty blog The Stirrer run by Adrian Goldberg in Birmingham ? Now Godlberg (who is a friend of Denise Garside) a few years back tried to instigate a bit of bother at a BNP meeting in Hickmans neck of the woods of South Birmingham so why do they feel the need to have a pop a long term Nationalists that know the score and that score being Griffin is not what he is meant to be ? Why do they never have a pop at the true opposition ? Ask yourself that question.

  7. IC1MALE

    Anonymous said… "Have you ever noticed the Griffin trolls come out to play when something is getting close to the truth when true Nationalist are talking about it ? We had them pair of CUNTS for some years !" etc etcI have a right to reply and to state my opinions as does anyone else. I try to be civil unlike some of the ANONYMOUS posters such as yourself.The only red we had in Brum was a guy called Spencer who sits in the Green Arrow paltalk room (they think he's great). Also known as Wowbanger.I don't bother with red sites as they're boring and as I said before their arguments do not stand up.I have looked at the stirrer from time to time and quoted a thread about Kings Heath on there at the last branch meeting. I talked of the irony of how they were complaining about the 'changing face' of Kings Heath High st but never mentioned the changing ethnic make up.Yes I know Goldberg attempted to cause trouble at a South Brum meeting in 2006 (I think) what that has to do with me I don't know.We had a Brum BNP barbecue the other week which included Brums oldest member/activist who joined in 1989, the guy who is well know for getting signatures D.G, and the former South Brum org and long term member/candidate L.O.Who knows what the picture will be by 2014 – going by past experience sites like this and BR will be proved wrong time and time again.

  8. GriffinWatch

    Fuck off Hickman, G.W. has been proved right time and time again, you aren't a nationalist, your commenting rights have just been revoked. You aren't welcome here.

  9. Nemesis

    GWR said,"There was a top level and at the time secret Government group that was organised to combat the BNP quite soon after the 2001 riots and BNP election victories.This was around 2002 – 2003."Would this have been the report into community cohesion and the government strategy that came after that with the setting up of community cohesion panels?

  10. Nemesis

    Anonymous said… The investigation was blown by eejits ranting on about the truth truch which was bought 100% legally by the party long before any writs. The reason the writs did not get the truck was down to thier poor legal team and a failure to follow up on paperwork. If i have explained this once i have explained it a thousand times but still some idiots try to get NG on it, this weakens all other accusations and makes any complaint look petty and vindictive. JD 5 July 2012 14:40***********************************How does Jim Dowson, former spiv master to Griffin, actually KNOW that the investigation was blown by reference to the accusations about the 'Truth Truck'? Unless Dowson has high level contacts with Dyfed-Powys police we simply don't know.Even if it was the complaints included a separate complaint regarding the criminal conspiracy against Richard Barnbrook, which would have been dealt with by the police as a unique and separate case.What exactly is Dowson's issue with the Truth Truck? Is it because he was instrumental behind its leasing to the BNP and realises that if there is sjullduggery behind the terms of th leasing and selling of that vehicle by the BNP then Dowson is as much culpable as Griffin is..It is unlikely that we shall ever find the real truth behind the Truth Truck and the shady and grubby dealings between Griffin and Dowson as those two are tight between one another regarding this issue.One thing is for sure is that Dowson seems to be hiding a lot. If Dowson wanted to bring doen Griffin he could with all the information he would have had on Griffin. Yet because he is seemingly implicated in a number of deals with Griffin he can't afford to do so.

  11. Nemesis

    If the Truth Truck was owned by the BNP by the time that the writs were served then why did the BNP deny ownership when the writs were served?The BNP in their statement to the court said that the vehicle was not owned by them, but was hired. This flies in the face of the statement they made to their membership after the fundraising drive to 'buy' it. The bailiffs who attempted to seize the vehicle were also told that it belonged to Dowson.If Dowson is correct, that the vehicle was sold to the BNP in 2008, then Griffin has lied to the courts when the BNP were being chased on behalf of Croucher’s legal claim. If Griffin’s claim, which he made to the AC are to be believed, that the Truth Truck was purchased in July/August 2009, then Griffin lied to the membership that they had actually purchased the vehicle earlier.Dowson worked very closely with Griffin raising a lot of money for the BNP ( as well as for the pair of them). He must bear some measure of blame and responsibility for what has happened in the BNP.But will Dowson ever come clean?Dowson finishes off by stating,"If i have explained this once i have explained it a thousand times but still some idiots try to get NG on it, this weakens all other accusations and makes any complaint look petty and vindictive."It is evident that the whole Truth Truck business is fishy. Yet Dowson repeats his mantra that it was a clean and ethical operation. The fact that the Truth Truck complaint has become part of the overall package of complaints to the police does not invalidate any of them. And it does not make it look 'petty' or 'vindictive' either. Just what Dowson is hiding from only he knows.But he cannot be trusted on the nationalist scene no more than Griffin.

  12. Anonymous

    Dim Jewson hates white people, he only "loves" Christians (as long as they're not Catholics of course), be they white, brown, beige or rancid yellow poo.Even that fat oaf, Paula Moritz (the Moldy Marrow) is slowly lifting the fat away from his tired eyes and understands Jewson's egregious perspective on life.Dowson desires nationalist cash like the cookie monster craves cheap plastic biscuits.It is no wonder One Lamp, the greatest tool of them all, gravitated to the snake Jewson and vice versa.Wellington

  13. Anonymous

    If Dowson is correct, that the vehicle was sold to the BNP in 2008, then Griffin has lied to the courts when the BNP were being chased on behalf of Croucher’s legal claim. If Griffin’s claim, which he made to the AC are to be believed, that the Truth Truck was purchased in July/August 2009, then Griffin lied to the membership that they had actually purchased the vehicle earlier……………………….Clap,Clap,Clap Griffin is allowed to lie on oath !

  14. Anonymous

    "Griffin Watch shall be instigating a series of Freedom of Information requests demanding further information about their investigations and why no action will be taken. Whatever action we shall take in pursuance of this will depend on what kind of information we receive in response."Does sitting on your own middle finger and spinning, count????

  15. Anonymous

    @5 anon July 2012 14:57What rubbish,are you Gary Aronoson by any chance? who ever you are you chatting shite.I have never trusted Griffin and only backed him up when Butler tried to take the party,which IMO would be worse than Griffin at the helm.GL.


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