“British National Party leader Nick Griffin attempted to incite a criminal conspiracy to bankrupt Greater London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook with forged documents blaming him for the party’s printing debts, it has emerged.
This shocking situation has brought the entire party into disrepute and is conclusive proof that Nick Griffin is unfit to be leader of the BNP. Any “normal” political leader would stand down under these circumstances.
The outrageous story begins in July 2010, when Nick Griffin and Clive Jefferson drew up a conspiracy to force Richard Barnbrook into giving up the Greater London Assembly seat.
To do this, they devised a plot to use forged documents to get Mr Barnbrook declared bankrupt.
To this end, the utterly evil and devious plan was developed:
1. Nick Griffin approached the owner of Romac Press in Belfast, David Sloan, with an offer to settle the outstanding printing debt owed to his company.
2. In terms of this offer, Mr Griffin asked Mr Sloan to sign and print out, on Romac letterheads, two different letters addressed to Mr Barnbrook.
3. The first later, which Mr Griffin dated 11th August 2010 (both letters were written by Mr Griffin in July 2010), was a seemingly friendly reminder to Mr Barnbrook that the printing bill for the Barking and Dagenham election material had not been paid.
4. The second letter, which Mr Griffin dated 1st November 2010, was a formal demand for full payment of the outstanding debt, failing which court proceedings would follow.
In return, Mr Sloan said, Mr Griffin undertook to pay off the printing bill and, as “a sweetener,” offered to put Mr Sloan onto an EU salary for £1,000 per month.
To his great credit, Mr Sloan refused to partake in this plot, saying that it was clearly a “criminal activity.”
Mr Griffin’s daughter, Jennifer, sent the two letters Mr Griffin had drawn up (as MS Word attachments) to Mr Sloan by email from her ‘britprincess’ hotmail account.
Ms Griffin’s email is reproduced below.

Note the wording: “These from Nick.”
‘These’ refers to the two word document attachments to the email. The full text of these word documents is reproduced below.
“Please add your surname to them both and print on Romac letter headed paper.”
This is an instruction to Mr Sloan to print and sign both letters on his own official letterheads.

“Please then post them to Gribin, Llanerfyl, Welshpool, Powys SY21 0JQ.”

This is an instruction to Mr Sloan to return the signed letters direct to Mr Griffin personally, and NOT to forward them to Mr Barnbrook.
The plan was that Mr Griffin would then send the letters to Mr Barnbrook, pretending that they were coming from Mr Sloan.
To make matters even more devious, Mr Griffin deliberately used Mr Barnbrook’s old mailing address, because then Mr Barnbrook would be certain not to even receive them.
The point of this was to make sure that when Mr Barnbrook was eventually sued for the outstanding account, the plaintiff (supposedly Romac Press, but actually Mr Griffin in the background, pulling the strings and having written the letters of demand) could claim that the letters had been sent and had been left unanswered.
“He says that if we get the London seat back we will be able to guarantee you a payment each month.”
‘He’ is of course Mr Griffin.
This sentence shows the quid pro quo: if Mr Sloan agreed to take part in this thoroughly disgusting plan, he would be paid the £44,000 he is owed.
As it turned out, Mr Sloan refused to play Mr Griffin’s criminal game.
As a result, he was not paid, and has resulted in a number of legal actions.

“Call or text me if you need, best wishes

This shows the level of involvement in this conspiracy by Jennifer Griffin as well. She was not merely a “messenger” for her father, but obviously knew the intricate details of the plot. Is this a suitable person to be in charge of the finances of a political party and to hold the keys to private details of all members?

The exact wording of the first letter which Mr Griffin wanted Mr Sloan to sign (of which you can download an original here) reads as follows:

“Richard Barnbrook
136 Arden Crescent



11th August 2010

Dear Richard

I hope that you are now fully recovered from the excursions and perhaps disappointment of the election. I guess you have been busy but I am getting a bit worried that I haven’t received any payments for my invoices, let alone the prompt and full payment which you promised when pressing for the jobs to be done so urgently before the election. I hope and trust that you will be able to put this right very shortly.

Yours Sincerely

Romac Press”

The exact wording of the second letter which Mr Griffin wanted Mr Sloan to sign (of which you can download an original here), reads as follows:

“Richard Barnbrook
136 Arden Crescent



1st November 2010

Dear Richard,

Re. Invoice Number 7760 and 7770
As we have not received a reply to our letter of 11th August we are writing to inform you that, unless a satisfactory proposal for settlement of this outstanding claim is sent to us within fourteen (14) working days of the date of this letter, we shall issue a summons against you in the county court without further reference to you.

Yours sincerely,


Romac Press”

There are some important and shocking points to note about these letters:
1. Both were written by Nick Griffin at the same time (circa July 2010).
2. Both have been written with different dates to make it appear as if they were composed and sent at a date in the future.
3. Both are designed to take an innocent man to court and have him declared bankrupt, simply because he has fallen out of favour with Nick Griffin.
In summary, this is the situation:
– Nick Griffin and Clive Jefferson drew up an unbelievably evil plot to deceitfully bankrupt a totally innocent man because they had fallen out politically with him;
– Nick Griffin attempted to bribe David Sloan from Romac Printers to play along with two forged “letters of demand.”
– In return for Mr Sloan’s co-operation, Mr Griffin offered to pay Mr Sloan’s outstanding printing bill of £44,000.
– In addition, Mr Griffin offered Mr Sloan an additional £1,000 per month paid from EU funds as an additional bribe to take part in this criminal scheme.
– The forged letters of demand were written and pre-dated by Mr Griffin personally.
– Mr Griffin’s daughter Jennifer, who is currently the BNP membership secretary, is fully aware and complicit in this evil, vile, outrageous and clearly criminal scheme.
This plot is currently the subject of a criminal investigation by the police, and is being looked at in conjunction with the false declarations submitted by the party (Mr Griffin and Mr Jefferson in particular) to the Electoral Commission concerning election expenses for the Barking and Dagenham election.
The email offer to exchange payment for forged letters of demand proves that Mr Griffin was aware that the printing bills had not been paid—months after he and his treasury staff submitted returns to the Electoral Commission saying all the accounts had been paid.
Both the conspiracy and false declaration charges carry severe criminal and possible jail terms as sentences if the accused are found guilty. A sentence of longer than six months will result in Mr Griffin losing his MEP seat.
Can the party survive much more of this abuse at its highest level? Increasing numbers of observers think not.” 

A complaint about the above post was put in to Dyfed Powys police and the complainent was interviewed, we have a copy of the original witness statement..

Dyfed Powys police stated in a signed letter below: 

“The police investigation was based on the information that you provided in your witness statement and the extensive Police enquiries that followed”
Dyfed Powys Police NEVER EVEN INTERVIEWED Richard Barnbrook about the complaint regarding the above post, we have just had this confirmed.

Dyfed Powys Police lied, on paper, this is course CLEAR AND PRESENT EVIDENCE that Dyfed Powys Police are protecting Nicholas John Griffin.

We will of course chase up this issue and let you know the results of our further enquiries.

Related from an earlier post:

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Breaking news, a G.W. exclusive. Griffarage slips through the net once again.

“The Crown Prosecution Service has dropped all charges against Richard Barnbrook and Griffin in relation to the election expenses case for the general election in Barking in 2010. Barnbrook didn’t know about the illegal actions that Griffin was undertaking i.e bills not paid, false statements and fake invoices  etc. Probably the main reason that Griffin got off was the untimely death of Dave Hannam, Griffin has probably  pushed all the blame onto him. That bastard Griffin slips through the net yet again.”
Thanks to our London correspondent for the info.


  1. Anonymous

    It wasn't to hard for Gri££in to stitch up old Dickey, he has a pretty low IQ and is drunk most of the time. Gri££in runs rings around the idiots he surrounds himself with, anybody half intelligent he avoids or expels.

  2. Anonymous

    Griffin always uses suckers and then drops them in it, it's the usual trick of a unscrupulous conman used the world over. Old Bumbrook just didn't see it coming.

  3. Anonymous

    Latest from MI5 agent Darby's blog, yet again this proves Darbyis up to no good and protecting his asset."Meanwhile the trial in the blackmailing of Nick at Carlisle Crown Court is over with the accused being found guilty, remanded and facing an "inevitable" prison sentence on Friday July 13th. It is disgraceful to think there are those that would defend the threatening of children and elderly parents when it suits there own agenda."

  4. Anonymous

    I remember the last day of the trial at Leeds crown court and Griffin had a large envelope during the dinner break which was to be handed to Darby if he got sent dow.Wonder what was in that envelope ?

  5. Anonymous

    What happened to the £3000 cheque Steve Johnson the Harlow organiser gave to Nick Griffin at a Barking and Dagenham meeting about 6 months before the EUSSR elections? Steve left 6 weeks later without telling anyone why. Was it declared?


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