Caption competition time.

“Oy. Mario, that’s not what big Ben meant when he said climb on him and play with his balls”

“Throw bananas and I’ll kill you, warns Balotelli amid racism fears at Euro 2012″

Warning: Balotelli has threatened to walk off the pitch

Warning: Balotelli has threatened to walk off

Mario Balotelli has threatened to walk off the pitch if he is racially abused at Euro 2012 and said he would ‘kill’ anyone who dares to throw a banana at him.
Manchester City’s volatile Italian striker spoke out amid increasing concerns that black players will be targeted by racists when the tournament kicks off in Poland and Ukraine next week.
The families of England players Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott will not travel to Ukraine because of fears for their safety but Balotelli, of Ghanaian descent, said: ‘I will not accept racism at all. It’s unacceptable. If someone throws a banana at me in the street, I will go to jail, because I will kill them.’
Balotelli has been the victim of racist abuse on several occasions – most recently in February when Porto were fined over the behaviour of their supporters in a Europa League tie against City.”

So why does the odious Ghanian thug get away with public threats to kill? More to the point, would it be justified if you killed someone for throwing a banana at you?
You can just imagine the headlines now can’t you? 
“Italian (actually a Ghanian) footballer is cleared of murder charges, it was said “THE MURDERED PERSON THREW A BANANA AT HIM”, what was the poor “victim murderer”  supposed to do…..”

28 thoughts on “Caption competition time.

  1. Anonymous

    "Throw bananas and I will kill you"Typical response from a thick nigger who's only gift, and a mediocre one at that, is to chimp about on a grass field kicking a ball about.Jigaboo Jim

  2. Anonymous

    Jigaboo Jim, I tell you, all the main search engines were `mysteriously' blocking me from either getting into Gri££in Watch or from opening up the comment boxes – Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Yahoo, not a chance – on Go Duck-Duck not a fuck – didn't even show the latest Gri££in File in the first page listings – some early Griffin File pages yes but when I clicked on `newer posts' to try working forward to the latest Gri££in Watch articles, Internet Explorer kept flagging me offside, so to speak – must've upset someone, but for the life of me haven't a clue who (8 – anyway back into the fray – gotta give it to the spaghetti benders, they've a nationalist sense of humour, too, where niggers are concerned.Regards Jigaboo Jim and allFly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    Isn't the Italian football squad the epitomy of what the one-eyed cunt refered to as 'a little salt in the pot'So under a BNP government we would expect no change in the racial makeup of the 'England' squad?!

  4. Anonymous

    @ 11:59 "So under a BNP government we would expect no change in the racial makeup of the 'England' squad?!"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~They'd be a change alright under a BNP government – like the `English' squad beinmg 100% nigger.Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    Rumor has it that EVO-STIK are naming their latest extra-heavy-duty wood glue, FURMULA NIGGER, claiming it holds tight as a black rapist on a white woman.Fly On The Wall


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