Brown’s bar in Coventry shows complete and utter disrespect to one of our fallen hero’s. Cpl. Michael Thacker. R.I.P.

Cpl. Michael Thacker.

“A bar in Coventry has sparked outrage by turning away the friends and family of city soldier Michael Thacker before his funeral – because they were wearing their military uniforms!
A huge internet campaign sprang up after Brown’s bar in Coventry allegedly turned away the pall bearers of city hero Corporal Thacker – including his own brother Matthew – before his funeral.
Hundreds of people flocked to Coventry Cathedral on Monday to say farewell to Michael, who was killed on duty in Afghanistan earlier this month serving his country.
Britain First is calling on all decent patriots and our supporters to write to Labour-controlled Coventry City Council to demand that it revoke the bar’s license.”
Click below for complaint template:
What with our special forces being nefariously, illegally? sent to interfere in Syria (see post below), things like the above really boil my piss, apologies for the profanity.

5 thoughts on “Brown’s bar in Coventry shows complete and utter disrespect to one of our fallen hero’s. Cpl. Michael Thacker. R.I.P.

  1. Anonymous

    Possibly the issue of grotty little pubs banning uniformed members of the armed from entering could be dealt with by a platoon of paras popping back and asking the manager to explain the reason for the ban?Should the police pop round to ask the soldiers to leave then the discussion might not be as one sided as the ones the police are used to enjoying with members of the public?Such a scenario would only have to be played out once or twice for pub managers to be persuaded to re-think their policy of excluding members of the armed forces in uniform.It is "odd",is it not, that bans like this are never extended to cover members of the local police force?

  2. Anonymous

    This pub has had a record of refusing to serve anyone over the years ! Seems like its some manageress on her 28 day cycle for a permanent 28 days.Im in Cov in a few weeks to meet up with some good old nationalist ex squaddies.Interesting to see what there take is on the place.

  3. Anonymous

    I will take this issue a little further and hopefully give people a wake up call.Only dumb cattle join the armed forces…WHAT????.Open your fucking eyes; "Military men are “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy". Henry Kissinger (Jew).Advice…don't join the military, it is a stupid cunts career.If you don't like the TRUTH…then join up and get your all your limbs blown off for Jewish interests.As for the poster painting a scenario of vengeful paras paying a visit…SAVE IT, it won't happen mate.The paras are 'elite' dumb cunts who are ready to die for the queen and Rothschilds, if that angers you…then tough!.If any of you get upset by what I have said, then do the proper thing and prevent young lads and girls joining up-save their lives (don't just post here fucking moaning).

  4. Anonymous

    Just as every 'career opportunity' is a pile of shit that ultimately serves the capitalist class and never the best interest of our nation and peoples, it is up to each and every 'employee' to make the best of the situation and take on board the useful knowledge garnered.In this instance the Armed Forces provide invaluable knowledge of logistics, discipline oh! and not to forget the knowhow on weapons handling!Fly on Shit!


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