Update on the David Sloan vs. Nick Griffin trial.

Earlier this afternoon, David Sloan was denied bail and has now been carted off to Durham prison for the remainder of the ongoing trial.
Strangely Clive Jefferson was “removed” from the witness list.

Make of the above what you will, I know what we here at G.W. are thinking.


9 thoughts on “Update on the David Sloan vs. Nick Griffin trial.

  1. Anonymous

    Griffin and his odious family will all be dealt with one day,have no fear on that score.Being the son of one of Britains top Masons will not impress the people he has spent years secretly shitting on.He is now recognised for what he has always been,a traitorous cunt.He will pay a terrible price for his betrayal of our people,death will come as a friend to release him from the punishment that is waiting for him.

  2. Nemesis

    So David Sloane, a reputable and hard-working businessman who helped the BNP with their printing needs, gets put in the slammer and denied bail on the basis of unsubstantiated lies from Griffin, yet with Griffin the Old Bill fail to even interview or arrest Griffin for substantiated allegations about fraud, corruption and deception time after time after time.Come on you BNP monkeys FFS, wake and small the coffee!!! Moronic brain dead idiots, You are not even worthy of wiping s**t from a Muzzie's a**e. You are merely credit assets for greedy Griffin and his fat pig family, despised by Griffin and his State-handlers for the mugs that you are.It has become patently obvious that the claims and predictions made by Griffin Watch – and others – over the years have become transparently true – that Griffin is nothing more than a state asset.The State really IS protecting Griffin so outrageously public that it doesn't even bother to conceal its purpose anymore. They have got away with it so much and so far that they need not try and cover it up.Well, the Law of Unintended Consequences will come into play shotly and the State which has been colluding with Griffin will come to a bitter end indeed over this matter.The biggst blackmailer in this case is Griffin.WHAT ABOUT THE CRIMINAL CONSPIRACT CLAIMS MADE AGAINST BARNBROOK BY GRIFFIN??

  3. Anonymous

    The benefits of State protection – but State protection has a limited, so to speak – if the one-eyed jew fuckpig Gri££in thinks he getting away with shafting Northern Irish businessmen, he's mistaken – methinks the one-eyed sack of jew shit has just signed his own death warrant – and if their single braincells manage producing a dull spark after meeting and clashing together, Reynolds and Jefferson might slowly get round to figuring it's time to dump a living target before a lead blizzard transformss the treacherous cunt into a string vest – Martin, Clive, the one-eyed jew sewer rat ain't worth it – if you see someone pulling a heater on the one-eyed fucker do a Lee Harvey Oswald security routine – dive for cover and let the bastard face the lead storm, alone, detested, and damned to hell.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    This stinks of state entrapment and Griffin is in the thick of it ! Why has dumbo Jefferson been removed from the witness list ? Any idiot still in the BNP wants their sweed examined or eyes in the back of it !!!

  5. Nemesis

    David Slone was merely asking for the money that he was lawfully and morally owed by Griffin.Griffin's appalling atctions insults and smears not just those left in the BNP (brain dead though they are), but all nationalists and all those who once proudly serve dthe party.I can be assurred that those who will deal Griffin a lesson in life will not make threats.Those who act without mercy and fear against those who have wronged them or their loved ones never make threats.Acts of retribution and justice are carried out in silence.There are many out there who follow this code.

  6. Porksword

    Jefferson has been removed from the witness list as I imagine they are scared the defence will destroy his credibility as a witness by revealing his past criminal convictions.

  7. Anonymous

    I bet nothing will be revealed in court about Griffin stealing money from the party and his villa in Italy, as was stated in an earlier newspaper report?

  8. Anonymous

    Griffin is being covered here as it looked like something was about to slip out hence locking up David Sloan and removing Forest Gump from thew witness stand.


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