There are NO INDIGENOUS PEOPLE in the United Kingdom, according to the Gov. (sic)

“That this House welcomes the 20th anniversary of International Labour Organisation Convention 169 on Tribal and Indigenous Peoples, which recognises and respects the land rights of indigenous peoples; notes that protecting the land rights of indigenous peoples is the most effective way to protect the world’s rainforests, crucial in the battle against climate change; further welcomes a memorandum submitted to the Environment Audit Committee by the Department for International Development and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs which recognises the importance of ensuring indigenous peoples’ rights are respected in terms of ownership of the carbon asset; notes the Government’s continued refusal to put these rights on a firm legal footing and ratify Convention 169, on the grounds that there are no indigenous peoples in the United Kingdom; further notes that this has not prevented either the Netherlands or Spain from joining the list of 20 countries, including Brazil, that have ratified the Convention; believes that protecting the rights of indigenous peoples is a matter of international concern; and calls on the Government to ratify Convention 169 without delay.” 

The above, my friends shows just how much that the people who control the Gov., absolutely detest white people/themselves.

An extremely revealing find by our Yorkshire correspondent. 
Good work as usual.


8 thoughts on “There are NO INDIGENOUS PEOPLE in the United Kingdom, according to the Gov. (sic)

  1. Anonymous

    We know who we are and we know our racial roots.We also do not take a blind bit of notice of what the Government, the Establishment, the State, the EU, the Judiciary, the many and varied quangos, the Welsh/Scottish/NI Assemblies nor indeed Parliament nor the House of Lords, the police, the council, DHSS, DWP, the utility companies, CBI/TUC, HMRC, politicos, Sociologists, Criminologists, Psychologists nor indeed any similar shower of shysters………So here is a message from an indigenous Brit to the Government…..F U C K O F F !

  2. Anonymous

    I was listening to a couple of young loony left students in a pub last year and they had been brainwashed into thinking that this island was once an uninhabited rock and all races and cultures came here to make it thrive.FFS talk about indoctrination ! Where this is all heading eventually all our programmes and films of the past will be banned becasue they show proof that this island was once an INDIGENOUS WHITE ISLAND.

  3. Anonymous

    Our people have been on these islands since the end of the last Ice Age,they couldn't have arrived any earlier as the presence of a block of ice 1 mile thick made farming rather difficult!If our being here 12000 years doesn't give us some sort of special rights to be considered the earliest aboriginals then can someone point me in the direction of the document in which this decision is printed as I should like to know the origin of it!

  4. Anonymous

    Below; is a daft request to send to MPs, see if they can argue their way out of this (grin)……Dear Mr / Ms (or otherwise)******** MPRe 'Rights of Tribal and Indigenous People – session 2008-09 / Date 20.04.2009', whereby government has emphatically declared “that there are no indigenous people in England”.?????Thus I write to inform you that I am an Ethnic English person, and I reserve my God given right to be known as such in all matters. So I ask that you provide me with sound EVIDENCE to support your (above) parties claim, that as an indigenous person of this land I do not exist? Please do not distort definitions or historical facts in your reply, or assume authority in this matters without my consent. Alternatively, you can make a written public apology to me and my family of old, via our national new papers and 'clearly' state, that it is OBVIOUS the Ethnic English do exist. Because you have just received an email from one (or more). I await your evidence, or written public apology either will sufficeYour sincerely, from an English person who is very much alivefrom Bug on the ground

  5. Nemesis

    Notice that if you go on the original document (link given on the article) that the main sponsors are either Labour or Liberal Democrat, whilst those MPS who signed the Motion are mostly Labour, Lib Dem, Independenr, SNP or Respect. Only 2 Conservatives.Now I know that Labour and Lib Dems are our enemies and promote globalisation and mass immigration and their reaosning for the Convention is almost certainly the fact that they support indigenous peoples and tribesmen in the Third World, but the fact that only 2 Tory MPSs signed it on its own speaks volumes about the Conservative Party's contempt for the indigenous peoples of Briatin – the Scots, Welsh, Irish and English. Their 'One Nation' Toryism is all about a globalised nation of British people, whether ethic Britrish or civic, it doesn't matter to them.The Conservatives do not recognise indigenous peoples in the UK. They are scum.

  6. GriffinWatch

    I noticed that also, the supposedly "right wing" are clearly nothing of the sort but then it's never really been about left or right (a very successful divide and conquer tactic that has stopped whites uniting for many a year), it is of course about RIGHT and WRONG.


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