Well my family certainly looks nothing like this , thankfully. :-)

Humanities African Origins Theory Challenged by New Findings

News Commentary – June 5, 2012

“While still largely accepted in some quarters, the idea that humanity’s roots lie solely in Africa is being questioned in the wake of new archaeological finds.
Among these is the discovery of early human fossils in a cave in southern China’s Guangxi province.  
Although academics are still debating whether the jawbone found came from an early human or a Neanderthal, the bone itself was dated to over 100,000 years old.
The “Out of Africa” theory maintains that modern humans evolved from a common homo-erectus ancestor in Africa; who then left Africa and migrated across the world between 150,000 and 100,000 years ago.
However, other discoveries have been made elsewhere in recent years that also challenge this theory about humanities origins. 
The discovery late last year of early stone tools near Dhofar is another that doesn’t quite fit with the “Out of Africa” model. The tools dated to over 100,000 years old point to the emergence of what could be recognised as early humans in the Arabian Peninsula long before it was thought there were any in the region.
Moreover, the theory that stipulates all humans originated in a single migration from Africa is now being challenged by new genetic discoveries.
In fact reports of discoveries that dispute the prevailing “Out or Africa” theory are coming in from around the world.
Researchers at Australian National University said they had analysed DNA taken from human remains discovered near Lake Mungo in New South Wales. Dating put the remains at between 56,000 and 65,000 years old.
ANU anthropologist Alan Thorne said that neither “Mungo Man’s” completely modern skeleton nor its DNA had any links with human ancestors from Africa found in other parts of the world.
Neither of them [the skeleton or DNA] show any evidence that they ever were in Africa,” Thorne told Reuters. “There’s modern humans in Australia that have nothing to do with Africa at all.” (ABCNews Jan 9, 2012)
Although as yet unproven, a competing hypothesis is emerging to challenge the prevailing “Out of Africa” theory. The competing hypothesis is called the “multiregional origin” of modern humans and while it’s still inconclusive, don’t let anyone tell you that humanities origins in Africa have been confirmed.
They haven’t. As they say, the juries still out on that one.
But perhaps we shouldn’t get too carried away with the debate between the two theories because after all they are only theories. Nor should we forget that Darwin’s famous theory of evolution itself remains only that, a theory.
Despite being taken as near gospel in some quarters Darwin’s theory has yet to be proven. That’s why they are still looking for a “missing link” that would conclusively connect earlier ape-like hominids with modern man.
In spite of having been discovered on numerous occasions – all of which were ultimately proven wrong or even hoaxed – the “missing link” is still precisely that, missing.
So perhaps we should pause here to remember that while Darwin’s theory has been widely accepted as tenable, it has not been established as an irrefutable scientific fact. Despite what various ‘authorities’ would have you believe Darwin’s theory is only one among a number of explanations for mankind’s origins.
Another prime contender to explain mankind’s origins is, of course, divine creation and here it should be noted that various vested interests would like that particular theory completely erased from the list; if only because it would then allow them to enter their own contender as creator.”

8 thoughts on “Well my family certainly looks nothing like this , thankfully. :-)

  1. Anonymous

    I was hoping you would put up this report GW,there is a lot of reports similar to this on the net if one searches.Of course the Darwinists notably the Communist scientist Dawkins go to great lengths to have scientific articles questioning Evolution suppressed.Like "global warming" and the holohoax Evolution just doesn't stand up.Besides the Satanists making fools of us the sinister reason behind it all is to remove the supreme authority of God.When they achieve that they can put themselves at the top of the pyramid.Nationalists should remember that our Common Law is based on the supreme authority of the Creator,remove that and you not only make our ancient laws redundant but we then become nothing more than slaves as Orwell said no past no future. I'm absolutely amazed that some Nationalists (irrespective of beliefs)cant fathom that out.Fortunately the Freeman movement has grasped the significance.Some nationalists should stand back and ask why the Zionist LibLabCon puppets are determined to force an unsubstantiated THEORY down our childrens throats.I reiterate my ancestors didn't swing from trees,I'm not from Africa,I have an eternal soul,my only master is God and his LAWS and this earth was given to us as stated in Genesis.As the Talmudic Jew murdered our saviour just what authority do they and their shabas goy have ??Whiteboar

  2. GriffinWatch

    I don't know everything W.B., not by a long chalk, but I do know that the establishment lies to us, everyday and twice on a sunday, so to speak.We look nothing like them, we are obviously totally different, any fool can see that, the truth matters. Keep up the good comments fella.

  3. Anonymous

    I notice that theres an exhibition on in ManchesterIts called ''Fast Forward''. I saw it advertised on a tax payer funded ? billboardBesides the bright acid yellow colour what draws the eye, there is a Star of a pinky red more or less at the centre. This exhibition is also advertised on the banners on the lamp posts The image on the banner consists of fragments of the majority of the worlds national flags all displayed together in a vibrant multi – coloured blurr of a head long rush. All Converging / Fast Forwarding On One Point echoing the Star design. This design is reminiscent indeed of the 'Big B', that sculpture set up in the Eastlands area of Manchester, that as since rusted , fallen apart and well had to be taken down due to fears of public safety. It was in any case ugly and didn't work. There you go 'art by committee'A shard of the British flag is present at the top of the design and gets the most 'band width', as it were.Oh and by the way you may like to know the exhibition in question is that of an exhibition of 'West African Art'. One wonders Why West Africa and not any other part of Africa, like Libyan art, Zimbabwe art or indeed the art any other Third World Country?When I saw this I immediately thought of the UK/EUs invasive Strategy to set up Job centers in West Africa and to welcome in50 Million or so, Africans into the EU. Then again Africa is currently in vogue in Manchester and across the World , as a war to take control of its Natural resources hots up, yes nothing 'humanitarian or 'disinterested' about the Global Corporations / Big Government / Corporate Fascists 'interventions' and 'philanthropy'. I wonder where all the work is, to give, in the current ever progressing (and planned) Economic Collapse, Recession and Depression….Of course, there is no exhibition in Manchester on the ongoing genocide of Black Africans triggered by the illegal war on a sovereign nation of LibyaNever mind the exhibition will take your mind of such thoughts and futuresLooks like there new research indicating that we did not 'come from out of Africa'

  4. Sarai Kouture

    See, I may have fully read your article and became informed of this view… but if people are still thankful that they don't have African ancestors then I'm definitely not going to look into it. And continue to assume this research is done just to put their mines at ease. Truthfully it's not that important we are still genetically very much the same! GENETICALLY… so therefore BIOLOGICALLY we're all similar. And who knows an ancestor of yours very well may have been African. Just as many of mines are Asian. Btw that's a nice looking kid.Shame, just a shame.

  5. Anonymous

    This sounds like mostly wishful thinking –please explain how neanderthal dna is found in white people and not in africans. A bit ironic or not since most of the brutality and evil in the world is carried out by the lowly and base white man; I refer of course to racists like yourself. No known manifestation/prophet of God has ever been white. Thats saying something -"God don't like no ugly" as they say


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