The Handgun debate. :-)

Handgun debate

I have friends on both sides of the handgun issue, those who believe easy access to hand guns is not good for this country and those who believe government has no business dictating ownership one way or the other.

I have gained valuable understanding from both arguments.  I have made my final decision.

Certain Aussies, especially those who are more likely to become victims of crime, need to own and become proficient with handguns!

I can’t discuss it further right now.  It’s my turn to pick up the empty shells.

Thanks to our politically incorrect correspondent. 🙂


17 thoughts on “The Handgun debate. :-)

  1. Anonymous

    Just spent the bank holiday in Northumbria and after visiting Alnwick Castle and bumping to some photo taking,slug eating tourist called Simon Darby im in need of another bank holiday.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    Gotta laugh – during a debate on Scotland going fully independent bunged-up-nosed extreme pro-immigration dusky-skinned arab-looking marxist bastard Ed `Wallis' Miliband spent about a quarter-hour continually trying to convince an asian wog TV interviewer that he, Sillymilly, was British first and an Englishman second – and a patriotic Englishman at that, citing he was born and educated in England – fucking dishonest twat knows he'll never be English regardless how long and how much he claims he is – he's cursed with jew genes and a jew he will still be when he kicks the kikes' bucket it's treacherous cunts of Miliband ilk who're personally criminally responsible for the chronic water shortage, energy shortage, transportation problems, ovewr-crowded roads, seriously over-stretched National Health Service, seriously over-stretched under-performing education system trying to cope with over 140 foreign languages, chronic housing shortage only detrimentally affecting the indigenous English, out-of-control serious immigrant crime, break-down in social cohesion etc, and so on – what did the jew wanker expect after flooding and swamping England with over 20,000,000 immigrants? – whatever it is it's never going to be peace, harmony and prosperity?Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    As none of the girls is wearing a holster, but is wearing a VERY short skirt and also showing no obvious evidence of wearing knickers ,I presume that they have found an alternative place to holster their weapons? Such a waste!

  5. Anonymous

    It will be interesting to note the reaction of a sex-case when he approaches one of these girls 'who is dressed in a manner in which she is asking for it' and suddenly feels the warm feeling in his groin of a loosed off round!All White women ought to by government decree have to attend firearms training….and for that matter all White men and the carrying of a firearm at all times ought to be compulsory as would the nutting of any mud within shooting range!

  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous @ 8 June 2012 20:26, agreed – there's some extremely interesting developments in the matter of Article 7 of the English Bill of Rights 1688/89 (the 1688/89 is the overlap of the Gregorian and Justinian calenders)- ARMED OLD BILL DON'T HAVE ROYAL DISPENSATION FOR CARRYING FIREARMS IN PUBLIC – THEY ONLY CARRY FIREARMS UNDER ARTICLE 7 OF THE ENGLISH BILL OF RIGHTS 1688/89 – THAT VERY BILL OF RIGHTS ARTICLE GIVES EVERY LAW-ABIDING ENGLISHMAN `LAWFUL AUTHORITY' TO CARRY WEAPONS IN PUBLIC, FOR SELF-DEFENSE, KEEPING THE MONARCH'S PEACE AND FOR THE DEFENSE OF THE REALM – as three Law Lords confirmed in their judicial review and Judgment of Michael Burke's Application for confirming Article 7 is common law `lawful authority' to carry weapons for self-defense, whether he's on private property or in a public place.Fly On The Wall

  7. Anonymous

    Indeed Fly On The WallThe police has grown in proportion to how much the people have been absolved of responsibility for maintaining national interest.Of course, the police were originally established to protect the rich from the oiks, such has been the evolution of this force that they protect the State from the people.The police is the private army (paid by us!) of the political class.Fly on Shit!

  8. Anonymous

    Greetings, brother Fly On Shit – study all of Dean Clifford's lectures on YouTube – you'll learn more about law, how the courts work, how to totally fuck government corporations (Old Bill, Inland Revenue Corporation, Jewdicial Corporation, Town and County council corporations by using their own statutes against themselves – remember, all statutes are commercial contract corporation laws and regulations only applying to officials/officers of a given corporation – and don't apply to anyone not of that given corporation unless you consent/contract with that given corporation – you're never told you have an option not to contract – they trick you into contract) than you will learn in ten years studying Law in Gri££in's Alm Mater, Downing College, Cambridge.Racist regards,Fly On The Wall

  9. Anonymous

    Hail Fellow Fly!If I had my way, every lawyer would be up against the wall, 'lawyer' today means one who colludes in the destruction of ones nation and peoples. Just consider how many politicians (sitting MP's as well as ppc's) are lawyers/barristers.For example, the very first thing Tony Blair did when he got his slimy hands on the key to No.10 (or was it No.11?!) was to tie Britain in to the European Human Rights Act, this was not in any way due to any altruistic motive on his part but because it satisfied that shitcunt wife of his because as a (surprise, surprise) lawyer/barrister her speciality is indeed 'Human Rights Law' so no vested interest there at the expense of race & nation then! Tony Blair is also a qualified lawyer.There is only one law, natural law, that is why I am a National Socialist!

  10. Anonymous

    Greetings Fly on Shit – agree with your line of logical deduction and conclusions – further on the matter of the European Human Rights Act: while at first glance it seems to protect our Human Rights in reality it shackles and restricts our Human Rights to how the EU commie commisar cunts wish to interpret our Human Rights for their advantage, not ours.That cigar-smoking balloon-arsed pro-EU marxist wanker in tory clothing, Ken `the cunt' Clarke, was and still is pushing for a `British Bill of Rights' when the fat fuck knows we indigenous English already have our own Bill of Rights which gives us indigenous more Human Rights than his proposed Bill of Rights and the European Human Rights Act combined – Clarke and his fellow Westminster and jewdicial corrupted corporate cunts-in-crime guilty of high treason and protecting networking Establishment paedophile rings are collectively shitting their knickers because Michael Burke has established beyond all lawful and legal doubt that the English Bill of Rights 1688/89 has not been impliedly repealed, has not been superceded by later statutes as Mr. Justice Popplewell erroneously claimed – and that article 7 of the English Bill of Rights 1688/89 gives every law-abidy Englishman?Englishwoman the lawful authority to carry self-defense weapons for lawful reasons – such as apprehending traitors – and that's the rub for cunt Clarke and his fellow marxist traitors./Racist of racist regards,Fly On The Wall

  11. Anonymous

    Ken 'the Cunt' Clarke is indeed the embodiment of the seed of Heath (if he hadn't of been a raving poof!).What all the 'political commentators/analysts' have never raised it the question that it was not Conservatism that won the election of '79 but Thatcherism and all 'Conservative politics' since has not concerned itself with true Conservative ideals. If Labour can be referred to as 'new Labour' then why are these Cons not referred to as neo-Cons (that would upset Griffo!).It has been well documented that 'new Labour' wanted 'the Cunt' onboard when they won their election under Bliar and 'the Cunt' had no qualms about joining them, this move was scuppered when the puppet-masters realised that if this were to happen then even the most moronic of the sheeple would work out there is no difference in ANY of the political class.I appreciate your 'racist of racist regards' but to be racist I think Trosky aimed its usage against Whites who hated other races, in that regard I term myself racialist as I love my own race and don't acknowledge/give two fucks about the muds enough to even hate them!Racialist Regards me ol' mucker!FoS!

  12. Anonymous

    Fly On Shit, greetings I'm wavering on the point I maybe misused the word `racist' – I don't like hating people and other races but when I read about paki/muslims abusing white race/indigenous English women and killing white race/indigenous English men (Remember Ross Parker – he was butchered and sliced and diced like a hog – to mention just one of the thousands of the Fallen brought down by niggers, wogs and foreigners who should never be allowed to live outside high prison walls.Best nationalist (8 regards,Fly On The Wall


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