At last Ebanks reveals her true nature.

What’s this? a threat from Sharon Ebanks, the person who”ATTEMPTED”  to incite nationalists into breaking the law? Lucky that I didn’t fall for that one isn’t it Sharon.

Everything on the net is always and has always been recorded. We as nationalists, have learned to record everything, that is why GriffinWatch has been so successful at exposing traitors in our midst. Isn’t it Sharon.

Once a half caste, always a half caste, and that’s the problem with miscegenation isn’t it Sharon, you never know which side you are on. Hopefully the Ebanks Episode, will show us the wrongs of miscegenation and when they attempt to infiltrate our movement. 
Here you go Shazza:


4 thoughts on “At last Ebanks reveals her true nature.

  1. Anonymous

    GW as does anyone with half a brain is aware that anyone who instigates any unlawful activity is either naiive or else a State plant, make your own mind up as to which category Eubanks belongs!As an aside, most who are 'capable' consider the net the habitat of talk-a-lots and porn addicts!

  2. Anonymous

    Here in London we get people from time to time in the Nationalist movement that instigate unlawful acts, in my experience they are usually unhinged, but then again the State does use mentally unstable people to do their dirty work.

  3. Anonymous

    At one time Sharon was a very energetic Nationalist and Griffin was promoting her. I remember some 7 years ago hearing her give a presentation at a nation organisers' meeting held near Birmingham and being impressed in what she was saying about fund raising etc, she spoke with great enthusiasm, within a very short time Griffin had axed her when she realised Griffin was working a scam and deceiving the BNP membership. I just don't know what to make of the recent statements?


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