Exposing the deviants that post on the British Democracy forum. Part one.

Peter Stafford Jnr. above posts on the British Democracy Forum as Blueblood1920, he also fully supports the misnamed British Freedom Party:
 It looks like Sharon Ebanks, the ex/current? police woman is also in agreement with and amongst the freaks of the B.F.P.:


Talking of British Freedom Party deviants, here is Tommy Robinson/Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who despite being the joint deputy leader of the B.F.P. and the leader of the E.D.L., seems to have an unhealthy interest in young muslim girls:


Here is the young muzzie in her school uniform:


Homosexuality and paedophilia are known to go hand in hand, so to speak, so why is Sharon Ebanks, who claims that she was a victim of paedophilia, throwing her hat in the ring with this lot?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address…………….
The deviants respond, but never answer the allegations, I wonder why that is……………… 

 Just for the record Sharon Ebanks, have you ever been a police woman in the past?

Feel free to comment, the comments here aren’t edited, we believe in freedom of speech/thought and opinion.

Sean Hadley.



8 thoughts on “Exposing the deviants that post on the British Democracy forum. Part one.

  1. Anonymous

    So young Stafford likes to post pictures of himself on the internet squeezing his own genitalia and sucking the wax out of some other sodomites ear! His parents must be so proud of what he has become.If he likes to post pictures of this sort of degraded filth on the internet does it not make you wonder what he would consider too personal to post in public? And this attention seeking little toad actually expects the general public to vote for him!

  2. Nemesis

    Either Ebanks is a liar regaring being a victim of paedophilia.Or she has conveniently ignored that experience and used political convenience to push forward her own warped and mixed up agenda.Its sad to see any nationalist, no matter how misguided, being taken in by Zionists and their poodle allies.

  3. Nemesis

    Real nationalists must cleanse the movement.We need our own 'Night of the Long Knives' to rid ourselves of the deviant filth like the queer Stafford. As for that prima donna 'Tommy Robinson' well he is beyoind reproach by many misguided EDL supporters.They need to realise that they are lions being led by donkeys, some of them hypocritical idiots or coke-sniffers.


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