B.D.F. deviants respond to our post. In a typically cowardly manner.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Exposing the deviants that post on the British Democracy forum. Part one.

Peter Stafford Jnr. above posts on the British Democracy Forum as Blueblood1920, he also fully supports the misnamed British Freedom Party:
 It looks like Sharon Ebanks, the ex/current? police woman is also in agreement with and amongst the freaks of the B.F.P.:


Talking of British Freedom Party deviants, here is Tommy Robinson/Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who despite being the joint deputy leader of the B.F.P. and the leader of the E.D.L., seems to have an unhealthy interest in young muslim girls:


Here is the young muzzie in her school uniform:


Homosexuality and paedophilia are known to go hand in hand, so to speak, so why is Sharon Ebanks, who claims that she was a victim of paedophilia, throwing her hat in the ring with this lot?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address…………….
The deviants respond, but never answer the allegations, I wonder why that is……………… 

A typically anti-nationalist post from Ebanks (above). Just for the record Sharon Ebanks, have you ever been a police woman in the past?
 Are you still working for the police/state Sharon?

Feel free to comment, the comments here aren’t moderated, we believe in freedom of speech/thought and opinion.

Sean Hadley.



20 thoughts on “B.D.F. deviants respond to our post. In a typically cowardly manner.

  1. GriffinWatch

    It's not unusual for the Zionist E.D.L./B.F.P. to stick two fingers up at nationalists now is it, I'm surprised that she wasn't wrapped up in an Israeli flag as well.She has every chance to answer our allegations, as everyone knows, anyone can have their say here at G.W., unmoderated.

  2. Anonymous

    It is OK and sensible to draw attention to the political danger and probable false hope that these groups represent.There do seem to be sinister people behind the scenes and this must be drawn to their attention.But – Imho, it is not necessary to further defame or ridicule them.This article seems to just provoke them, causing just personal division and rivalry, nobody will go and read a website that takes the piss out of them.It is important that potential nationalists within the EDL/BFPare not put-off from visiting sites like GW, where they may find material for their development.One day we may need them – please dont just wind them up for a laugh. Do others agree?

  3. GriffinWatch

    I'm most certainly not laughing about this subject. I'm very serious in fact. As always, everyone can have their say on here, this blog is built upon honesty, nothing else will suffice.

  4. Anonymous

    Fair enough – This site has great credibility – Thank you for that.The point I am trying to make and have not expressed particularly well, is that: In order to share your opinions, it is necessary to have some kind of empathy with potential "converts"By criticising and ridiculing their leadership and members you build barriers that prejudice them (or others, who have fallen into the EDL BFP, in a search for a real nationalist alternative and education)from reading the true material on your site.Perhaps naively, I still believe many of these people are potential nationalists.Perhaps wishful thinking on my part!I think that once they are offended, their own vanity might stop them from reading and absorbing anything further that you have to say.

  5. Anonymous

    Griffin Watch – the stomach-churning sight of those pair of deviant bum-drillers sucking away at each other is the stuff of nightmares and more than a grown man can stand.Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    The truth always outs and its certainly the case with Ebanks.For her information the Talmudic Jews are behind the conspiracy most well known researchers have come to that conclusion ie;Mullins,Hoffman,Webster etc if she has any research material that proves contrary i will bow to her superior intellect.Regarding muslims i dont want them here like any other foreigner but i sympathise with the Palistinians who have had their lands stolen by Turkic Mongol Satanists.I am not a National Socialist but we should never have gone to war with Germany and I would rather stand shoulder to shoulder with such fellow nationalists who at least know where all our problems lie.Yes people like you Ebanks are either phonies or Zionist puppets what other conclusion can genuine nationalists come to ?As for shirtlifters they should disgust any decent godfearing whiteman.Keep exposing the Zionist controlled EDL and others.Whiteboar

  7. Anonymous

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