Paddy "n" Clive.

The rumours persist, it most certainly seems that Clive is on his last legs within the B.N.P.
Considering the history of B.N.P. Treasurers, I’d be pretty worried if I was Clive.
Harrington is state, no two ways about that, he’s been helping to destroy nationalism for countless years.
Clive is an amateur, methinks that Clive will be “going down”, so to speak, in the not too distant future and we are more often right than wrong here at G.W.
As always, time will tell. ;-). 
On a personal level Clive, you are in way way way above your head fella, just like David was.
We aren’t given to writing bull*hit here at G.W. Clive, as you well know.
Sean Hadley.

15 thoughts on “Paddy "n" Clive.

  1. Anonymous

    Perhaps Patrick will be taking over from Nick in a few years. We all know that when Nick goes he has to be replaced by another member of the security services.

  2. Nemesis

    Patsy harrington is no doubt being groomed by his state handlers and by Griffin for him and his little clique of multicult fanatics, the National Liberal Party, to take over the leadership of the BNP, after sodftening up its cretinous remnant of its membership.This wa sthe plan implied by Griffin that he mentioned in person many years ago, back in 2007.

  3. Nemesis

    Those who ignore history are condemned by history to repeat it.Remember that Jefferson (or whaever name you are), cos you my boy are going to pay a BIG personal sacrifice to help Mr Griffin escape scot-fre yet again.How does it feel, Mr Prick, to be Griffin's Fall-Guy?Now then, don't you come crawling to us in tears when the Old Bill come and get you, whilst Griffin and Harrington laugh behind your back…

  4. Anonymous

    I have never believed that Harrington the parasite is "state". An unscrupulous liar, an idler always looking to cream a living on the hard work of others, a self-regarding faux "intellectual" – he is all of those things and more.The man is unemployable, and for as long as he could live upon invalidity benefits was content to be so. Unfortunately, his summons to ATOS (or whoever administers the process in Scotland) was the end of his scrounging, and the start of his sudden need to find highly paid work – for the man considers himself worthy of no less.He now has two years to plug himself in to some scheme or other that will act as a "nest egg" or provide some continuing income, and so I believe he must be watched closely and every effort he makes in this regard noted – since what ever the parasite does will do us no good at all. Depend upon it.I am personally minded that somewhere in his drawer is a memorial of his time wrecking our cause in the betterment of his that will one day surface as an autobiography.No, Harrington never lived well enough to be fully "state". Perhaps on occasional retainers, certainly, but a fully functioning state operative, no.I see in him a mere egoist, certainly psychopathic on a low level, always with an eye to the main chance. He could only return to exercise any form of influence with the rise of Griffin, and to be frank Griffin could have achieved what he has quite singel-handedly.That, at least, is my sense of the parasite.Mafeking

  5. Anonymous

    After the appalling election results Griffin is bound to have a clear out and move the furniture about, who exactly gets the chop is probably being planned at this very moment in time between one-eye and his close chum Darby.

  6. Anonymous

    Some people on this site are letting their pride get the better of their judgement by claiming that Patrick Harrington is both lazy and stupid when the total opposite is very much the case.As much as many people dislike him,and doing so straight away does save a lot of time,they are making a very big mistake by assuming that he is lazy and stupid because this is to under rate him as an enemy and this will prove their undoing!He is by no means ignorant,stupid or lazy;he is someone who should be watched with great care as his past record leaves no real doubt of his ability to harm nationalism and we should begin to take him very seriously if we intend to save our nation from him and his ilk!

  7. Anonymous

    Well said Annoy 16:28, Harrington is a very dangerous, unstable individual who is both cold and calculating, Gri££in and him have been close pals for a long, long time.

  8. Anonymous

    I've just seen this posted on the BDF forum."Pat Harrington joins the BNP. After many years of saying he will never join the party last week Mr Harrington became a fully paid up member. I can only speculate that this is due to his union failing, his EU work being cut in half and a desire to safeguard his position as Nicks right hand man. I can only guess that now his is a member a party position will be opened up for the former National Liberal Party chairman."

  9. Nemesis

    Anon is spot on with his analysis of Patsy Harrington (Anon, 16.28.Harrington is lazy when it come sto doing routine but important work for nationalism, but is very capable, ghadr working and focussed when it comes to making money out of nationalists, in promoting his own ego and supreme sens eof vanity and puffed up pride, and in ensuring that he had a clear field free from rivals or dissenters who may prevent him from acting like the self-seeking, egotistical and money grabbing prima donna that e is.He is cunning, devious and cynical. But like all egotists and socoioptahs his weakness is his supreme love of himself and greed. Such will be his undoing.

  10. Anonymous

    BREAKING NEWS: Harrington has jumped ship!"I can confirm that Patrick Harrington is no longer a member of the National Liberal Party."Glen MarleyNLP National Secretary

  11. Anonymous

    By the pricking of my thumbs Agent Harrington this way comes.But maybe Agent Harrington should consider the words of Shylock before he betrays British Nationalism any further,"tickle us and do we not laugh,prick us and do we not bleed,wrong us and shall we not be revenged?"


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