My, what a a big nose you have Kevin, "We are not racists or nazis", it’s all the muzzies fault, we are Zionists, so says the The British Freedom (Zionist) Party.

With a pathetic 270 views since they published this video this morning, you would think that the B.F.P. would have realised that they are going nowhere, along with their pathetic vote gaining results in the recent elections.

Happily they don’t seem to realise that the public doesn’t want anymore idiots saying that we are not nazis and not racists, the public needs a political party that stands up to political correctness and it’s utter nonsense, a party that explains to them why they are falsely accused of being racists and nazis, just because they love their own people, instead of embracing said nefarious tags/labels, a party that exposes the establishment, who have allowed the aforementioned muzzies to colonise our lands/Countries, the muzzies here are merely a symptom of a much bigger disease.

R.I.P.  B.F.P.

You dig your own political grave with every video that you put online and for that, along with many other nationalists, I’m sure,  I thank you very much, you make actual nationalists jobs so much easier.

Paul “Breivik” Weston,
Kevin “Captain Beaky” Carroll
Tommy “Where’s my septum gone” Robinson 
(or whatever you are calling yourself this week).  🙂

If one attempts to pick up the B.F.P. turd, one should be aware of the zionist germs that it contains. 


8 thoughts on “My, what a a big nose you have Kevin, "We are not racists or nazis", it’s all the muzzies fault, we are Zionists, so says the The British Freedom (Zionist) Party.

  1. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch – well done – another GW special keeping the press*re on the Jewish Defense Leag*e/Batmitzvah Freaks Party – only idiots, especially the n*ttiest ones living in North Norf*ck, think kevin `The Kike' Carroll and Stephen `Yiddley' Yaxly-Lennon are English nationalists.Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    I'm not a racist I'm not a racist I'm not a racist I like Sikhs I like Gandhi blah blah lol.I would be more concerned that I didn't register to vote in this SHAMOCRACY we live in, yet the other week I received a voting card for the recent Council elections.Plus living in Scotland is a strange thing as nobody has came out to say why the SNP, Labour, Tories and lib Dems are all joining up in cosy little coalitions to unlawfully screw citizens out of money with the council tax! Note I said UNLAWFULLY as I'm looking forward to them (council) calling me in so I can tell them face to face why I won't fund my City's downfall. And I may even film the event LOL. Keep up the good work GW!

  3. Anonymous

    BNP mark 2 ! As the powers that be know that agent Griffin has long passed his sell by date and need another patsy because people are starting to wake up.

  4. Anonymous

    NEWSFLASH.The deadly underpants bomber was a "british"double agent who stole the device so that it could be taken apart by British Intel (Shabaz Goy).Rather apt I thought considering most of them are Cambridge shirtlifters, seems they get a kick out of muzzies Y fronts.So nationalists beware just check your shorts when bringing in the washing.Whiteboar

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this – I enjoyed it and although it is a dodgy Zio-ideology it is progress for the British working class.Even if it just politicises them they will start to participate and think about our destiny again.Wathing sky telly will change nothing. The EDL is overall a good thing (in the absence of any credible alternative.)

  6. Anonymous

    Just remember, we can them as a stepping stone to the REAL answer and cherrypick the best from the ranks of these turds, the rest are just fodder!

  7. Anonymous

    So Tommy equates 'racist with nazi', I myself, and no doubt many of you yourselves, know umpteen people who consider themselves 'Labour/Conservative' who utter far more racist comments than you would ever encounter amongst ourselves.Fly on Shit!


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