Anders Behring Breivik, a Mossad controlled patsy? Sounds about right ……………

“The list includes sociologist Johan Galtung, who alleged there was a possible connection between the Mossad and Anders Behring Breivik because of his supposed links with the Freemasons.

Galtung claims this organisation has Jewish origins, and Breivik’s purported connection to Israel is via the Mossad (who’s motto is “By way of deception, thou shalt do war” Ed.), which issued Breivik his orders, according to the sociologist.

Psychiatrist Einar Kringlen, who although had originally believed Breivik to be irresponsible but has now changed his mind, is also on the witness list. Breivik has also added several people who it is hoped can explain his views and ideas.
The defence will call 19 witnesses who will discuss history, politics, religion and society. There will also be nine experts discussing Breivik’s mental health.
Amongst names on the list are Muslim extremist Mullah Krekar, Islamist Mohyeldeen Mohammad, historian Nikolai Brandal, as well as a psychiatrist at Ila prison where Breivik is housed, a psychologist who has observed him there, and four medical personnel at Dikemark psychiatric institution.”


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