Gay marriage and vote rigging by the Grauniad? UPDATED.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Gay marriage: a waste of government time?

Vote here:

Updated, now that the poll has ended, there seems to be a massive swing towards the pink vote (sic), methinks that the pink lobby have done a number on the voting system or more likely the Grauniad have been massaging the figures, after all, when I checked on the voting just  before the poll closed, I couldn’t get access to the above mentioned webpage.
In 7 hours the vote changed so significantly, how did that happen?

11 thoughts on “Gay marriage and vote rigging by the Grauniad? UPDATED.

  1. Anonymous

    Cortiglia mad rant analysis of the London election, just how wrong and stupid he is. Losing to Win – Political Cleansing"Many have asked why the share of the vote of the British National Party went down and I say that it went down because in the British National Party we needed to do a lot of housekeeping getting rid of an extremely bad reputation created by individuals who can hardly call themselves Nationalists, let alone British, because of the ideas they promote that have little to do with British Identity.Because of the changes, many left the British National Party and I say to them ‘good riddance’ because they carry with them the negative baggage of decades that poisoned the British National Party and alienated most voters in the United Kingdom.The campaign for the GLA elections was a clean campaign, a rational campaign, a campaign without the idiotic slogans that antagonised many and meant absolutely nothing more than xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia."

  2. Anonymous

    First cast-iron c*nt Camoron is falling over himself s*pporting marriage between arse-reaming b*m-f*ckers, now the tree-swinging Kenyan coon chimping in the Whiteho*se has leaped on Camoron's b*m bashers'bandwagon – next those pair of marxist wankers will be holding hands as the go mincing off to Canterb*ry to have their *nion blessed by that other pro-pervert marxist wanker, Cambridge-ed*cated Rowan Williams, Archbastard of Canterb*ry – the world is literally t*rning to shit.Fly On The Wall

  3. Nemesis

    Clearly the liberal extremists at the Guardian fixed the poll and got their minority but very active queer army to rig the poll.The Pink Army is a clear and present dsanger to both society and to the average homosexual who just wants to be left alone.Homosexual militants with their pink jackboots are presently stamping their liberal fascism over family and marrige, Christianity and the norms of society.They are the inheritors of the Marxist Frankfurt School and have to be stopped.

  4. Anonymous

    The gays often rig such polls in Australia. One time I witnessed several thousands votes against the gay "marriage" cause literally wiped out is a second!! – not surprisingly it was known the journo controlling the page was pro gay! – it is utter corruption! And the wrong question is being asked in these gay "marriage" polls! The question that needs to be put to the people is – "Do you support gays bringing up children with the same rights at mums and dads"!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    A pro gay "marriage" politician in Australia said he supported the gays on this issue because he could not work out if god did not create "Adam and Steve" then who did! – too bad he did not go on to realize that the creator of "Adam and Steve" was MUM and DAD!

  6. Anonymous

    The 2011 census which came out last week showed that ONLY 0.3% (point-3-percent) are involved in a "living together" male or female homosexual relationship – that's only about 3 people in every thousand!, so why on earth have so many resources been wasted on the "gay marriage" issue!!! The census also showed that 78% of Australians are religious – I have no doubt the vast majority of those and at the very least, some of the 22% identified as "non" religious are against "gay marriage" and yet it appears to me we have been subjected to the greatest campaign swindle of all time, by a minority group, including corrupt polls!


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