Sad news to report unfortunatley. R.I.P. Jonathan Bowden.

A giant of a speaker amongst nationalists, a sad loss to nationalism worldwide. Our thoughts are with his family.

Rest In Peace J.B. our battle will continue until we are victorious.

Jonathan Bowden. R.I.P.

5 thoughts on “Sad news to report unfortunatley. R.I.P. Jonathan Bowden.

  1. Anonymous

    That bastard Gri££in helped kill poor Jonathan, hounding him and falsely accusing him of awful, horrible things. RIP Jonathan you will be missed by Nationalism.

  2. Anonymous

    Griffin always saw Jonathan as a threat because of his great intellect and wisdom, Griffin was jealous of this man becuase he spoke with passion about the cause, something Griffin could never do. RIP

  3. Leona

    I was so shocked and very sad upon hearing the news ragarding the death of Jonathan. Jonathan was and always will remain a person that brought about a quality to the BNP that no one could match, he far outweighed Nick Griffin in every sence .Nationalism has lost a very fine man. Jonathan would have made a fine leader for the BNP, but we all know that was never meant to be , or ever will be. What Nick Gri££in and his like did to Jonathan by discredating his Character in such a vicious way will stick with me always ..Jonathan you may be gone..but you will never be forgotten.RIP .


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