Jim Dowson has his say. Part 3.

Written in a personal capacity

Jesus said: “Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends”. John 15:13
I stand by the above statement and my friends are my Nation and people, some with faith and some with none, I make NO distinction and by deed I have in the past and will continue in the future to serve my people without any consideration of what they believe or don’t believe.  With this reality in mind I invite you to read on.
In the first 2 parts of this three part thesis I had argued that our Christian heritage (not necessarily living) has been fundamental to what we call ‘The British’ our worldview, our internal outlook, indeed I suggested that the very concept of Britannia was, in the modern term 1600 until 1900, forged by the Christian faith and our sense of unity and community and was until very recently, sustained and nourished by our national faith.  This is NOT in any way an abandonment of our rich ancient, pre-history cultural legacy.  As an Ulster Scot whose main families have lived within the same square mile town land for almost 400 years since returning to our homeland during the plantation.  Indeed as an Ulster/Scot or Ulaid my family have lived within a 50 mile radius for the last 5000 years.
Nowhere in Europe will you find a more ancient, less diluted tribe than here, my wife, daughter-in-law and son-in-law all share multiple clan names with my own family.  On the road where I live we have 4 ancient ceremonial mounds and a huge standing stone and a few miles away we have a much larger ancient ceremonial site that most families visit regularly with their kids to tell tales of  the great battles for Ulster against the Gaelic men of Ireland.  Even today you can see the mighty Setanta, (Cuchulainn), hero of Ulster depicted on the banners of our loyalist marching and deeply Christian orders.
The continuity is real and present for me and millions of Celts and unlike many in nationalist circles on the mainland we have no tension between our ancient non-Christian tribal heroes and our Christian present.  Unlike many of my critics I have regularly and publically carried aloft the banners of our ancient folk heroes and fastidiously educate my children in the ancient ways of my people and our folklore and special places.  Normally we do this on a Sunday after church!
So, like millions more here, I am totally relaxed with the present and ancient and we treat the task of keeping alive our tribal identity far more serious than many I have met in nationalist circles, many of whom talk a lot but build very little even  through their own family, communal or wider social circles.  To these people I say “don’t tell me what I am doing wrong, show me what you have done right
Like most of my kin, my siblings and I were raised on tales of Tuatha De’ Danann, Queen Medb, King Arthur, Merlin and much more, (including Arthurs quest for Christ’s Holy Grail).  I have a living and still very much present relationship with my ancient ancestors and in Ireland that connection is no airy fairy, dreamy, festival based historical spectacle;  Oh no, it is real, on-going and ever present within the communities.  Who actually knows the religious practices of my ancestors whose bones lay in the fields all around me and are still very much a part of our society here?  I don’t but it is not that important to the on-going cultural narrative of my ancient relatives.
So, just because I promote the faith that my blood and tribe has adhered to for 1,500 years does NOT mean I reject our ancient forefathers or their/my myths and legends.  Indeed, unlike the rest of transient Britain, here in ‘Ireland’ we have a much stronger living and unbroken connection to our ancestors than in most other places.  I believe that now in many parts of Britain people only possess an historical or intellectual acknowledgement of who they might be and therefore are inclined to cling onto or are attracted to, so-called paganism as a mechanism to connect to the ancestors who went before them or to provide them with a sense of historical belonging.
This is an admirable quest in principle, but it a mechanism I and millions of my fellow tribesmen have simply no need of as we already have that strong and unbroken link to the ancient.  Nevertheless, to seek re-connection is worthy and of great importance in the struggle to unite our people in order to fight and survive the onslaught of the Islamic invaders.  I think we can achieve this separate from imbibing a mystical collection of religious beliefs that have been out of our national and collective memories for almost 1,600 years.
Here in Celtic Ireland or in Gaelic Scotland, few need this surrogate pagan connection because our link to the ancients has never been broken and is still a vibrant part of who we are today.  This is not to claim cultural superiority but merely to explain a reality that exists.  On my mother’s knee I learnt of Nelson, Wallace, Clive, Cuchulainn, St Patrick, the Kingdom of Dalriada and the heroes of the British Empire, all explained in unbroken breath as a living narrative of my tribe and the unified nation we now owe allegiance to.

martyr of solway Today, I fear, few can say the same.  This may be the reason I have little or no interest in Pan European Nationalism.  Where would I find the room in an already full repository of cultural identity and faith, why would I wish to?
My cultural and ancient ties run deep, my Celtic heritage is brim full and ever living so I have little need of searching for an identity anchor.  I, like millions of Scots/Irish, know exactly who we are and where we came from, not just in an intellectual way but in an everyday real and living sense (clan enmity still exists in Scotland and the Ulster conflict has much more to do with tribal identity than it has with religion).  This may explain some important differences between me and many of my detractors.
I have the great blessing to live in a society where we take for granted our tribal stability and ancient ties and therefore are very relaxed and confident about our identity.  Many without this understandably are prone to lash out at what they wrongly perceive as  a betrayal of the ‘old ways’ of our peoples, but without themselves having in any real sense, a current living connection with any facet of the ancient blood or continuity of tribal identity, other than as a bi-product of a political ideology.
Words are fine but look at the reality.  Today my tribe, firmly rooted in our ancient past but now deeply Christian and ferociously patriotic (and racially aware) regularly puts 100,000 marching tribesmen in military formation onto the streets of Ulster (that’s 5 million in English population terms), often in violent defiance of the authorities.  On some occasions we have up to 300,000 on the streets across our land, that’s one in three of all males.  Can you imagine such power harnessed and then unleashed by English nationalists?
So before you dismiss me and my world, think on and imagine if Nationalists in Britain could muster 5,000,000 or even 15,000,000 men, marching in military formation and willing to die rather than even be re-routed let alone banned?  At present in Britain we could barely muster a few thousand between all the nationalist groups combined and even then it would more resemble a gang of unruly football hooligans than a civilian militia of determined patriots.  I know England isn’t Ulster but unless she learns Ulster’s lessons and pretty damned quick, our children will perish and the black flag of Islam will fly from every public building in THEIR acquired land.

orange march 1 Britain’s isolation and state of constant war with continental Europe was borne out of our religious separation from them at the Reformation and gave us a sense of ’ourselves alone’ a uniqueness, even a national sense of superiority over our European neighbours who still clung to the old religion of the stifling Middle Ages.
Think of Elizabeth I’s Tilbury speech, think of Nelsons motivations and prayers.  Think also of our empire building and the nations that were spawned from these shores, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Rhodesia, and South Africa and their religious identity.  Why us, what made the British so different from all others?  To the racial purists I caution against citing genetic superiority, could we really be that THAT superior to the Swedes or Danes or Norwegians or Germans?
No, I don’t think so.  Most scholars, religious or secular agree that wherever WE Britons went, we took our sense of being special and chosen with us as well as our blueprint for commerce, law, civil governance and lofty ideals of building a righteous and prosperous society.  Some scholars think this a bad thing, some think it good, but all agree that the vein that ran through the entire package of what it meant to be British was our commitment to our faith and our desire to share our ‘superior’ form of religion, civic governance and the ‘work ethic’ not only with the savages but with those of the ‘old world’.  Much of the time we were often in fierce competition with the old Christian world mainly dominated by Spain and France.  Politics back then was religion and religion was politics, nearly every decision was subject to or the result of religious considerations.

englandsgreatness 1 The world of secular politics is a relatively new phenomenon and in reality totally bogus.   Think of George Bush, Reagan, Thatcher, Paisley, McGuiness and Blair to name but a few high profile leaders, unpalatable to most but all driven in policy by their religious commitment and world view.  Even in the EU, Prodi, and many of the top commissioners including the Bank appointed Italian premier are Church educated and hold top positions in European religious orders.  The naive idea of separating religion from politics is ludicrous.  If a man is a deeply committed Christian/Jew/ Muslim his thinking will be massively shaped by this worldview into every aspect of his career, decision making and policyJust imagine if Jim Dowson was a government minister or councillor?  Take my point.
One only has to explore by study the evangelical zeal of many (if not most) of our past elder statesmen, prime ministers, military heroes and explorers to see clearly how utterly intertwined our sense of national pride and identity was fused with our religion.  As a nation, our special, isolated Christian faith bound us together against the world up until very recently.  Religion has been described as a power beyond ourselves which makes for righteousness. Look at Nelson for example:  The great assertion which lies at the root of Christianity is that “behind all the changes and chances of this mortal life is God, and it is our duty to obey Him, to fear Him, and to love Him.” NELSON
Nelson was a parson’s son.  He prayed morning and evening and wrote special prayers in his log when about to engage the enemy in battle.  To him England’s war against Napoleon was a holy war.  “God and my country” were his passion.
He would say, “I will do my best, and hope that God Almighty will go with me”.  When his ship was damaged in the Gulf of Lyons he was gratefully humble and said: “Firmly I believe that it was the Almighty’s goodness – to check my consummate vanity. I believe that it has made me a better officer, as I feel confident that it has made me a better man”.  Just before Trafalgar an officer surprised Nelson in his cabin as he was writing his last prayer – for England and humanity.
“May the great God whom I worship grant to my country, and for the benefit of Europe in general, a great and glorious victory; and may no misconduct in anyone tarnish it; and may humanity after victory be the predominant feature in the British Fleet! For myself …I commit my life to Him Who made me, and may His blessing light upon my endeavours for serving my country faithfully. To Him I resign myself and the just cause entrusted to me to defend. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

drumhead 203 203x152 1  Nelson dies in the moment of victory, repeating to himself his vindication:  “Thank God, I have done my duty!”.  What a man, what a hero, what a Stout British National Christian Patriot!
Today only a fool would say that it is a vibrant, living faith that binds us, indeed we are undone on a communal and national level so it is self-evident that the glue (whatever you think it was) has dissolved and we as a people are now disparate and isolated from any notion of social oneness or national unity in any real or tangible sense.  However, there are still occasions when the fumes of our past rock solid cohesiveness and sense of ‘oneness’ can be inhaled by our people in a very ‘British ‘sense.
Just look at how Royal events, be they weddings, funerals, trooping of the colours or a jubilee bring out millions onto the Mall and achieve the highest TV ratings of all and spawn tens of thousands of street parties and celebrations across the land.  Remembrance Day also involves millions in a national act of collective reflection in 50,000 churches and war memorials across the nation. Victory celebrations like VE day, VJ day and the Falklands also bring out millions of Brits onto the streets in a brief patriotic display of ‘oneness’.  Imagine if nationalism could but harness 10% of this we would sweep away the whole rotten edifice of the EU and Islam in a few months.

BritainRoyalWedding110442--300x300  Other Christian events, less obviously but no less unifying for the  ‘British’  like Christmas and Easter also provide well-loved vehicles for nation unity and participation.  On a smaller community level, weddings baptisms and funerals often provide the only opportunity for a family or community to interact in these increasingly socially isolated times.  Sporting events also bring out a sort of national pride, albeit rather parochial and crude.
I would ask the reader to look at the mechanics and rituals surrounding and underpinning all of these major national events!  An outsider from Mars would be given the impression that this nation and her people were religious fanatics when faced with the pomp and circumstance of our main cultural events, most of which start or finish in a church or are smothered in rich Christian language, paraphernalia and clergy
Many of us Brits are so used to seeing our big events or are that busy participating in them that we are no longer cognisant of their presence, but I say, look again my friend and look well.  For it is only when something becomes so totally ingrained does it become invisible and this I submit, is the case with many, if not most of our people and their relationship with Christianity in the context of involvement in our national events.  A strong but subconscious awareness of the Church however, remove it or attack it and a whirlwind is unleashed, likewise harness this social reality correctly and a tornado will rip through this land uprooting all foreign palms and strange fruit that now grow in Albion’s fertile soil.

remembrance day guard  Let us be clear here, I am not advocating the promotion of any kind of religious revival, indeed it is my opinion that this side of a war, such a thing would not be possible or desirable.  I merely point out that our existing deep rooted Christian heritage has in the past, and now to a lesser more cultural extent, still acts as a national form of unifying glue that cements our many competing factions and ideologies and identities together as one nation and one people.
To be extra clear when I say Christian heritage I refer to its by-products mentioned above, I do not necessarily refer to an ecclesiastical or real and personal commitment to the faith.  This is a point many fail to see or are unable to discern, and interpreted as a valid intellectual nationalist position despite it being so glaringly obvious by the above events that it spawns and their popularity among our peoples, even today.  Surely it is folly for the 5 million who attend church weekly, the millions who have been in the scouts, boys brigade, girl guides and the other tens of millions who consider themselves in some way connected to Christianity to be ‘overlooked’ or ignored and even ridiculed by many in the British nationalist movement?
It is akin to a mosquito ignoring an elephantit means little to the great beast but renders the mosquito weak and doomed to an emaciated death.  In Europe many of the fantastically successful nationalist parties are drawing their disproportionate strength from their Christian host; their lifeblood is being veraciously sucked up and transferred into political success on the back of the ancient Christian heritage that provides a unifying framework.
All across Europe nationalism is being fed and promoted by the local churches and historical links to Christianity yet many clever British nationalists are totally blind to this and have no idea of the massive Christian/nationalist hook up going on.  Look at Belgium, Hungary, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland etc, etc, etc.  It may be downplayed for expediency but I have been and seen the political youth camps in Europe and the Ukraine, they are run and administered by the churches and the local branch set ups are often working in, or out of church owned premises.
The upsurge in successful nationalist organizations is inextricably linked to their Christian heritage in Europe.  Only where the church has been replaced with ideology has the movement, by and large, stagnated and became a caricature of an ‘earlier national socialist time’.  Plenty of noisy presence lacking any real support or any vestige of power or people appeals in any significant way.
It is clear that a significant number of nationalists are completely out of kilter with the average patriotic man and woman on the street in Britain.  Yes, this may be because “they are all brainwashed zombies” as my nationalist purist friends repeatedly tell me, maybe, but never the less we must work with what we have and to alienate 95% of those who consider themselves to be proud Brits is almost masochistic, even sadistic and incredibly restrictive to the building of an integrated, united and common cause movement that can fight and win!
Let me grasp the nettle here and risk being the new hate figure for the purists.  Many, if not most nationalists that I speak to currently in the movement i.e., BNP/NF/BPP (or ex) are wedded to ideals that are totally repellent to most people who are proud to be British.  The promotion of paganism, the ridicule of Christianity, the hatred of national icons like the Queen, Churchill, Cromwell and many more who are beloved of our people is a complete turn off to most, as has been proved over the last 60 years.  Also, the fixation with race, not the problems that racial immigration brings, but with skin tone no matter where the people reside and a whole other raft of self-isolating hobby horses like ZOG, the Bilderbergers, Zionist bankers and an ever increasing plethora of other conspiracies have reduced our appeal to numbers that could easily fit in a decent sized community hall.
Let us be very, very clear here, like the great boxer Ali, I too am a solid racialist and I am no Zionist and yes, I do believe there is a N.W.O reality and that the EU is but one dimension to this evil, but to dwell on these deeply misunderstood and people repelling subjects while also chasing further millions away by the anti-Christian, anti ww2-Churchill iconology and anti-Royal creeds that run so deep within branches of the nationalist movement leaves us where we are now…nowhere, powerless, marginalized and ignored by the vast majority who are themselves  ‘patriotic’ Britons.  The fact is, most British patriotic citizens love much of what nationalists hate!  There is no future in such folly for the ‘nationalist’ movement, NONE WHATSOEVER!
Sadly, I have reason to believe by the blatant and consistent self-destructive behaviour among nationalists, we have now self-selected ourselves to the position where many are simply so cranky and ‘far out’ that reasoned debate and cerebral considerations is almost pointless with many.  Some openly use German icons or link to 1930’s National Socialism on their webs and blogs and even the more ‘intellectual’ among our ranks are swept into the so called ‘new’ right-wing think tanks.  These self-aggrandising talking shops are where self-proclaimed intellectual giants still churn out (albeit in a far more cognisant way) the same old ‘Blood and soil’, national socialist, pagan folklore ridden, Germanic in flavour, toxic material that landed us in political obscurity and national disdain in the first place.  Yet they keep talking, and the British people keep walking… AWAY!
The proclamations and lofty speeches from the rights so-called, ‘intellectual elite’ is not even propaganda, as propaganda at least tries to induce converts to join the cause.  The stuff they peddle repels all but the paid up NS nationalists anyway and merely serves to reinforce the opinions of a few purists in their own political conceit and self-deception.  More drivel, more hot air, more isolation and ever nearer to our collective national doom.
I am not saying it’s right, I am not saying it’s wrong, but I am saying that to 99% of the patriotic public it is not only weird and cranky but deeply offensive and contrary to what they hold dear, and right or wrong, ‘them are the potatoes’ as our cousins across the pond say.
However, despite the reality of our near complete failure and lack of impact even at local level some nationalist fight on with their rejected and people repelling ideologies.  Like some kind of nihilistic cult hell bent on offending and driving away the greatest number of our people, many within our movement still proclaim publically that which should barely be whispered privately.  Do these people get a kick out of being ridiculed or loathed?  Are they in competition to see who can be the most socially and politically isolated and despised?  If so, there are many contenders within our ranks.
This is not a principled noble stance, its gross self-abuse and plays fast and loose with our children’s future and I for one, am utterly fed up with these people and the nihilistic and the socially putrid message they proclaim to an increasingly hostile British public!
Some say I play this game also?  Not so, I am deeply involved with several socially Conservative groups whose memberships and influence far outstretched the BNP at their height, but few within them will come over to our cause because of the reasons I have already laboured upon.  These connections together with my entire families integration in the fiercely patriotic Ulster Unionist culture, my wider church involvement and my normal business activities gives me a fairly good handle on what I am talking about and how others, who should be our natural allies, see us and the movement generally.
However, one cannot argue in this, such a troubled arena without offending many, that is a fact.  I take no pleasure from this and it does indeed grieve me, but we will be at war soon enough and the avoidance of causing offence is to be truthful, not my primary concern at present.  In this I ask your understanding and patience.  It is true I see little purpose in pandering to a minute number of nationalist pagans if it means we by doing so we lose far more Christians.  Nor do I think we should bend over to the tiny gay nationalist lobby under any circumstances.  If we can carry the pagans along, great, but we shouldn’t even contemplate the concept of the ‘pink nationalist ‘lobby being a valid expression or branch of our cause ‘Period’.
Many may indeed dispute the veracity of my interpretations but I caution the reader to weigh up the dissenters personal social standing and current, wider local community involvement before coming to a conclusion.  It’s easy to agree with each other, but it’s the millions of directionless and unattached patriots we need to be concerned about.  These millions are found among our neighbours and townsfolk.  Unlike many of the dreamer’s among the nationalist fraternity, I know my kin, in and out of politics.
I am involved in every facet of my local and wider community.  I know my tribe and they know me.  Most weekends as many nationalist dream or pontificate in the cyber world, myself and my children are marching with thousands of our fellow patriotic tribesmen bound together by BOTH ancient ancestral blood ties and our communal Christian heritage.  This is real life for me, day after day, not a nationalist fantasy world that so many of my comrades now seem intent in retreating  into (if they ever really came out at all) only daring to ‘fight to the death’ from the warm confines of their homes and wielding nothing more dangerous than a keyboard!
History is a great teacher and in the early days of the Ulster conflict the Provisional IRA did not exist, but the Official IRA did but lost ground and the support of the Church and the people because they openly spouted their well-developed but unpopular Marxist ideology and disdain for the Church, and following a brave but poor defence of their communities in 69 the opportunity to oust them presented itself and the provisionals’ were born.  No less Marxist in ideology but they were not so vocally anti church and thus gained the support of their church and people and as they say, the rest is history.  Today this once small band of geeky, idealistic teenagers jointly runs my country and a quarter of the United Kingdom, and all done in less than 25 years.  My joint first minister, Martin McGuiness attends church every single day, a lefty yes, but one who has reconciled his political ideals with the cultural/religious and community reality for most of his people.
I trust most can see my point but in case it’s lost on some it’s this:  All ideologies are valid in someone’s eyes but many are not expedient or even acceptable to most.  We must harness national icons and cultural landmarks on our communal landscape and use them to our advantage rather than attempt to tear down the very things that our enemies are also trying to destroy. The message many nationalists proclaim is simply too confusing to most. Islam hates the Queen – many nationalists hate the Queen,  Islam hates the Christian church – many nationalists have enmity against the church, Islam hates our military icons – many  nationalists openly rail against the nations favourite military icons (Churchill), and Islam hates Israel – many nationalists also hate Israel (I personally have no love for Israel before you ask).  Can you see a pattern emerging here?
In study after study the academic world has shown that what makes ‘The British Feel British’ are: The Royal Family, WW2, Dunkirk/Spitfires/Churchill and all that, The Christian Church and festivals, Our Xenophobia!, especially against the French and Germans and our public displays of pomp and ceremony.  Do many of these resonate with the current crop of ‘Nationalists’??
The ideological arguments that emanate from the lower, middle and upper echelons of the nationalist world in Britain are very interesting, some indeed may be valid but they are akin to a group of penniless, homeless starving men sitting around the dying embers of almost extinguished fire in the dead of winter but rather than seek survival, warmth and nourishment they insist on discussing the intricacies, evils and authors of fractional banking and derivatives!  Such a hopelessly deluded band is doomed by the law of natural selection to perish from this earth and with them their lofty ideals.  I have no desire to sit pontificating while the fire goes out, waiting for deaths icy grip to carry me off into the inky blackness of the winter’s night of national defeat, assimilation or racial annihilation.
I have been brutally honest in this three part thesis, I have laid bare who I am, where I am coming from and where I believe we should go and, unlike many within the movement, I have personal and intimate experience of widespread communal violence, ethnic cleansing of areas, the deaths of defending patriots and the impact of prolonged armed assaults on a society.  Every single day of my life I meet and pass the widows and children of patriots who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defence of my tribe’s homeland.  Many if not most of my neighbours have served and lost family members in recent times in the defence of this part of the UK, so the future of England’s struggle in particular is real to me in a very practical and sombre sense.  I have little time for fantasist ‘political soldiers’, cranks or blowhards.
Thousands on both sides died here in my lifetime, hundreds of thousands were maimed for life, and these people are my friends and family.  They are the general population all around me, even in my small quiet town in a relatively safe area we had 12 locals murdered, dozens more maimed and scores of men imprisoned for daring to fight back.  We also had over 400 local men serve with the official defence regiments and police and hundreds further in the ranks of the paramilitary forces and all from a town of 6,000 in a ‘quiet ‘ area of Ulster.  Maybe that’s why I have an uncompromising, abrasive persona regarding our national struggle.  I have seen and heard it all before and I see too many in our movement content to indulge themselves in pointless fringe political standpoints that almost guarantee our continued isolation from the millions who we need to engage with and who already crave a vehicle to pin their allegiance to.  Our people are looking for a movement where honesty, integrity, and decency are paramount but they also want something familiar and recognizable and something that they can easily identify with.
All I suggest is that we could do a lot worse than to play on the national, ancient and cultural icons that the Christian church has provided these last 1,500 years to encompass a sense of our shared communal, historical and national experience, purely as a way to galvanise a significant number of our people into a movement of resistance and ultimately, conflict.  It may not be perfect and may only be a part of the answer but I contend that is a far more appealing ideal to millions of British patriots than what we currently offer and have had repeatedly rejected by our kinsmen these last 60 years.
Whatever you make of this thesis remember this: A terrible conflict of unimaginable ferocity and horror is coming, our ruling elite will be with the enemy and the battle ground will be the towns and cities from the Midlands up to Lancashire and west Yorkshire.  Millions of ordinary British people will be displaced and hundreds of thousands will perish.  Our wives, our daughters, and our sons will die in a Jihad of bombs, bullets and mayhem unleashed from a thousand Mosques across the land.  We lost 3,600 here in NI in a tiny population (over 100,000 in an English context) but what has already started on the mainland will be far more brutal and deadly than the Ulster conflict ever was.
No one will escape the carnage, no family will remain unscathed, and the graveside will become a familiar and regular meeting place as we lay to rest those loved ones slain from among our midst by the religious fanatics of an exploding unified Islamic war machine.  For them the conflict is all about faith and that is their strength and the power that will launch them upon our children and grandchildren like a medieval whirlwind of death and destruction.
Our forefathers knew only too well this desert wind of death but defeated it on the battle fields of tours, Vienna, Budapest, Valencia and Lepanto.  Your ancestors and mine crushed the bloody crescent moon under a sea of Holy white banners, with the sacred blood red sign of Christ’s cross emblazoned upon them.  It is my personal and deeply held conviction that only when our people, like our fathers before us, raise again the battle standard of the Lamb of God before us, can we be assured of victory over the tens of millions of  embedded Islamist Jihadists and their traitor allies here in this country.
Finally, I humbly suggest that far more Britons would rally to the banner of the Cross rather than to the banner of Mosley, Merlin, or a German inspired National Socialism.  One thing is for sure, we shall all live or die on the decisions and directions we establish now.  There are but a few summers left to us before the dark clouds of Islam’s winter extinguishes the light for many a generation. I truly wish that we could avoid this conflict but it is absolutely inevitable.  We are the last of the FREE Britons my friend so choose your path wisely.  Your children’s lives do really depend on the actions we take NOW!
Thank you for your patience and forbearance in reading this very lengthy thesis and be assured, whatever happens my household will fight and NEVER surrender, it’s in our blood and after 400 years of almost constant unbroken warfare here, fighting is all we know, let’s hope those on the mainland of Britain are fast learners.

In hoc signo vinces

15 thoughts on “Jim Dowson has his say. Part 3.

  1. Anonymous

    Rev Dowson, when you've stopped Bible thumping perhaps you could provide a convincing argument for the existence of God (as far as I know there isn't one).A Theist

  2. Anonymous

    Jim Dow$on, you're too stupid to work out the Queen is playing a major role in destroying Britain from within, as you and Gri££in destroyed the BNP from within. If you ever get round to pulling your head out Lizzy Sax-Goldberg-Gotha, you just might see her as the traitor she, and has forfeited the English crown by her treason of continually breaking her coronation oath – FUCK THE QUEEN, FUCK HER EVIL BROOD AND FUCK THE MONARCHY SCAM – THE RIDDING OF ALL THREE IS THE FIRST NECESSARY FOR CURING ENGLAND OF IT'S DESTRUCTIVE MULTI-CULTI RACIAL DISEASE.Fly On The Wall

  3. one who knows

    This is just more religious and Ulster Loyalist bullshit from snake oil salesman Dowson, who is just trying to raise the expectations of the more naive British nationalists in order to relieve them of their hard-earned cash.Follow this man and he'll lead you up the garden path and make you pay for the ride while he's laughing at you and enriching himself at the same time.

  4. Anonymous

    James Dowson is not an ethnic nationalist. He's motivated by three things: money, Christian fundamentalism, and hatred of 'Papists'. Of the three, money comes first by miles.AA

  5. Anonymous

    Jesus said: “Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends”. John 15:13 ESPECIALLY IF IT'S TO FURTHER THE INTERNATIONAL JEWS AGENDA

  6. Anonymous

    Good luck to Dowson, let him mop up the Christians and point them in the direction of an enemy. When they suss that they have been fleeced they will become radicalised. Let the "Civics" point the less resolute in the direction of an enemy. When they discover our True enemy, they will become radicalised. Let us, the Racial Nationalists, build a cohesive order; a brotherhood concerned with our race and its progress. When our people have been beaten and burnt and are ready to be lead, we will radicalise them and we will be victorious. Anything else is just pissing in the wind.Thus spoke Zarathustra.

  7. Nemesis

    "Good luck to Dowson, let him mop up the Christians and point them in the direction of an enemy. When they suss that they have been fleeced they will become radicalised. Let the "Civics" point the less resolute in the direction of an enemy. When they discover our True enemy, they will become radicalised. Let us, the Racial Nationalists, build a cohesive order; a brotherhood concerned with our race and its progress. When our people have been beaten and burnt and are ready to be lead, we will radicalise them and we will be victorious. Anything else is just pissing in the wind.Thus spoke Zarathustra."Anon who spoke these word above has spoken of much truth here in my opinion and has said it in a way that touches the soul too.We must build a true brotherehood, of people fit in mind and soul as well as body, who are untainted of the weaknesses that affect our people, and who remain bonded to our ageless principles and ideology.When the masses have been fleeced and then radicalsed, then only a united, cohesive and strong and determined body of men (and women) will lead them. Such a smal and well-led force can smash even a greater force if the latter is demoralised, poorly-led and divided.Yes…we CAN win. But it will require dedication, thinking, strength of mind, body and souland sacrifice.What we don't need are individuals shamelessly motivated by petty religious fundamentalism, money, power and lust. In our brotherhood such individuals will be expunged mercilessly and ideologically liquidated.

  8. Anonymous

    I don't know why you bother to put Dowsons rants on here they are so long winded that it becomes boring.Dowson go back to sit behind Britain First thinking you are important and hoping you get more sheepies to follow you. LOSER

  9. Nemesis

    Dowson makes some good points about the importance of Christianity and the forging of a Christian identity and mythos in uniting the people of the British Isles against a common enemy. Nationalists would do well to accept that Christianity is still a powerful force in these lands and that adopting Christians and the defence of Christianity are very important to the struggle, at least on a superficial level.But Dowson, due to his Christian bigotry and lack of knowledge of much wider spiritual and mythological aras, makes fundamental mistakes in his thesis, and all too often substitutes simplicity and misguided assumptions in place of real understanding.These assumptions will be rebuuted in future articles. However, although he makes the commonsense observation that nationalists must appeal and cultivate the common man in the street and adopt his ideals, this is not the whole answer.To be a racial or ethnic nationalists is not the same as being wedded, or sympathetic, to the ideals of Nationalism Socialism, or of being a pan-Euroepan nationalist. It is about adopting the ancestral reality of our own unique ethnic identity and culture.Dowson creates a straw man simply to demolish. It is false argument.Dowson is wholly ignorant of the fact that deep within the group consciousness of the British people there lies an ocean of archetypes and instinct and values, that most of us are unaware but which we all sense at one level or another. Even Dowson at some level admits to this when he talk about a deep connection to the pre-Christian traditions and myths of Ireland.What Dowson does not recognise is that the English too have a deep connection to their ethnic ancestors and values through a shared sens eof history and mythical unity, which is buried deep within the racial soul of our people. We are all influenced and connected to this and we can all be re-awakened through this so that as a people we can once again become renewed and rediscover our ancestral values and origins. By utilising symbols that buy into Zionism he does a gross disservice to the cause, and treads on danagerous ground. Instead of using Chrsitain/Zionist symbols and ideas we must instead usue the Nordic archetypes and symbols of our ethnic ancestors to erstore onc again our existence as a people.This is not 'facism', 'national socialism' or even 'paganism'. It is the awareness and utilisation of spiritual,psychological, mythological and archetypal knowledge and phenomena, of a world that is real but not susceptoble to physical logic or Cartesian/Newtonian/Freudian science.

  10. Anonymous

    Among the many mistakes committed by these articles perhaps the most glaring is the equating of religion with political success. One needs only look to Dowson's own province of Ulster to see the effects of bringing religion into politics…. Christianity, after all, is hardly a monolithic bloc: indeed the split began in 1517 with the Reformation. Of course Luther sought to address the perceived corruption in the Church of Rome; Protestantism, however, couldn't prevent, indeed encouraged, further splitting, which fragmented into the innumrable sects which represent Christianity today. Of course each of these sects believes it has the true interpretation….


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