Give George Galloway a ring.

Right then now ladies and gents, I ask of you, if you use this information provided please use it in a POLITE  and constructive manner.

Give George a ring. 

What I would say? 
Yes George, the Zionists are shitbags, this is historically proven, there is no way on this planet that Shariah law will ever be allowed in Britain, as mainstream, the little Shariah control will soon be overruled. Best get your Muslim block vote to bugger off back to their own lands eh George.


18 thoughts on “Give George Galloway a ring.

  1. Anonymous

    Off topic i know but does anyone know which anti-Griffin camp (if any) Arthur Kemp has joined? Definitely can't be the pro-state pro-zionist British Freedom/EDL mish mash.

  2. Anonymous

    because Arthur Kemp is one of the few remaining TRUE nationalists, would be interesting to know what he's doing these days. However wouldn't be surprised if he said "fuck the lot of 'em"

  3. Anonymous

    Trust Kemp? – are you serious? – Kemp is of Dutch jew descent and pretends being anti-zionist- furthermore, Kemp is State – in 1993 Kemp was a State witness in the prosecution relating to the shooting of South African Communist Party leader Chris Hani – Kemp's evidence sent the White nationalist, Clive Darby-Lewis, to life imprisonment for Hani's execution, after Darby-Lewis's death sentence was commuted to live imprisonment in a South African shithole – where he still resides, despite numerous appeals to that fucking grinning little tailless monkey, Desmond Tutu, whose black arse has, and still is, been lovingly kissed by a long line of white British political traitors including Lizzy Sax-of-our-money-Coberg-Gotha.Heard the latest joke by the Bolshevik Bullshitting Cunts telling the world that the two separate for-profit registered corporations masquerading as a Tory-lib-dim coalition government is going to pass legislation allowing GCHQ to examine every message sent electronically, within the British Isles – who're the Bolshevic Bullshitting Cunts trying to kid? – GCHQ has been doing that for years and been selling highly-sensitive British commercial/industrial secrets worth potentially £$billions, to rivals of British firms – just like that for-profit private corporation the DVLC, has been regularly selling to convicted criminals, drivers' personal information supposedly protected by the Data Protection Act – get even – learn how to lawfully de-register your car so you don't have to pay a yearly rental for the use of your own car you bought, maintain, and pay, out of your own pocket, for tires, spares, motor oil, fuel to keep it rolling.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    Should any sane person be commenting on or seen to be supporting a now dodgy and compromised website that endorses bible thumping lunatics that they ravaged and savaged only a couple of years ago? Trust Me? In your dreams GW.

  5. Anonymous

    Watch this short video where Adrian Salbuchi explains that what will happen in CHINA/RUSSIA/INDIA is a warning for the entire free world of how this new world enslaving order model actually works. "When they decide to change the regime, they do so with the utmost violence, and it is a whole model. First they target a country by calling it a "rogue state"; then they support local terrorists and call them "freedom fighters"; then they bring death and destruction upon civilians and they call it "UN sanctions". Then they spread lies and call it the "International Community's opinion expressed by the Western media". Then they invade and control the country and call it "liberation" and finally they steal appetizing oil and call it "foreign investment and reconstruction". Here is the link where Hillary Clinton does her "Vini, Vidi, Vinci" and laughs (CBS TV):

  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous @ 2 April 2012 00:08, the filthy parasitical thieving jews' strategy for stealing all the world's precious minerals, from gold to iron-bearing materials, oil, water and land itself, precisely explained – well done.Back on track to Georgy Galloway – gotta laugh – Labour's strategy of letting rip with wholesale postal voting because they knew pakis and muslims would abuse postal posting in Labour's favor, has well and truly bitten Labour in the arse – probably about 25% of the muslim-vote for Galloway was postal, and probably 30% of said votes fraudulent – don't worry, Galloway, you stupid fucking white-race traitor, the muslims will dump you soon enough.Fly On The Wall

  7. Anonymous

    Anon 2 April 0.08 you got it on the button. Fly, this is classic Hegalian Dialectic you only need to look at Race Traitor Galloways thoughts on 9/11 to know where he's coming from.Marxism/socialism is a Talmudic construct if these stupid muzzies want someone who's willing to sell out his own kind they can take him back to Pakistan when the time comes.Dont buy any of the black (excuse the pun)propoganda/disinformation.Whiteboar

  8. Anonymous

    That Galloway chap sold his soul for a seat in the House of Traitors, not once but twice. Anyone who dresses up as a cat in a leotard with his bits on display has to be a depraved and Galloway certainly is that.

  9. Anonymous

    Interesting that Galloway beat the muslim labour stooge in Bradford by massive margin. Just shows that muslims did not vote for their man for a change.


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