17 thoughts on “A lighter look at recent events.

  1. Patsy from Edinburgh

    They should raise money "£1 for a kiss" with celebrities – like you get a Summer fetes.Only it could Mr Squires saying: "£10 to flash your todger at my ex"One MEP would donate a few grand to get the ball rolling!

  2. Anonymous

    NEWSFLASH – the Big Jig in the White House is pushing for an inquiry into the minor incident of a sixteen-year old coon committing suicide by wandering into White territory and getting his black arse blasted off by a trigger-happy gun-totting yid who should've been given a community cash award for high-minded meritorious service to the prevention of wog crime – shame the nigger wasn't accompanied by a paki.Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    You seem to be a bit behind the times on that Fly. The 'yid' who shot the black, George Zimmerman, has turned out to be a hispanic adopted by some jews.The real story here is how the MSM is trying to spin this story into being anti-white even though whites are not to blame.http://tinyurl.com/7q42mhs

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous @ 23 March 2012 22:28, thanks for the clarification – the Kenyan baboon's anti-white bias was blatantly aimed at garnering nigger votes in the coming presidential election.Regards,Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    Black eye,bust nose,cut nose Griffin has got to be taking the piss to allow that picture go to print ! If they ever did a remake of the 1973 Edward Woodward film The Wicker Man they could get the entire cast straight from the BNP membership.

  6. Anonymous

    The only stamp sheeny Squires deserves, is one on his nut – looks as if someone tried but didn't get it right, giving the dirty little backstreet porno trader a shiner instead.Fly On The Wall

  7. Anonymous

    "a penny black" – "a sheeny with a shiner" – "This gives a whole new meaning to the words stamp duty" – "Clive Jefferson is very puzzled in his new roll as stamp duty collector" – just too funny – LMAO – who said nationalist don't have a sophisticated sense of humour.


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