Channel 4 and Scunthorpe.

Channel 4 are embarking upon a program about Scunthorpe, focusing on the Riddings and Westcliff estates, having been doorstepped by the C4 researchers, I in my own inimitable style, proceeded to give my (our) views upon the state of Britain in general. Upon revealing (deliberately) a little of my nationalist history, the ears of the researchers visibly pricked up, I of course told them that Griffin was a scumbag and explained why, they enquired as to if I was now E.D.L. instead of the B.N.P., this amused me immensely. 

We don’t do the Zionist thing here at G.W. 
Clearly they saw me as a politically savvy individual and wanted to know if I would appear on the program, I declined politely. (Half through the thought of being metaphoricaly slayed by our viewers for partaking in an M.S.M. production and half through my utter distain of the M.S.M. in general)

Did I make the correct decision? The offer for me to appear on the program remained open as the researchers proceeded with their doorstepping, despite me highlighting the leftist/politically correct agenda of the M.S.M. in general to them.
I most certainly am no oracle and sometimes require guidance, as do we all at times.

Your thoughts, as fellow nationalists would be greatly appreciated.

Scunthorpe is my “turf”, so to speak, my responsibility. That is why I stood as a candidate, when I mistakenly believed in this current/corrupt electoral farce, I am a much wiser nationalist nowerdays. 😉

Racial regards.

Sean. 14.


36 thoughts on “Channel 4 and Scunthorpe.

  1. Anonymous

    They say bad publicity, is better than no publicity.Then again what media would show us in a good light?Does the word media actually mean half truth?

  2. Anonymous

    It will be very interesting to see how the media handle Griffin & Co and the whole Nationalist issue in the next few weeks running up to the elections on May 3rd.

  3. Anonymous

    You could witness first hand how the media work the 'built up/knocked down' concept which has worked so well for Griffo, only this time you could manipulate THEM?!

  4. GriffinWatch

    I've contacted them tonight, let's see how they fare under the public gaze, as always, time will tell. I'm loath to pass up a possible avenue for us, hence this post.

  5. Nemesis

    It's a difficult call Sean and it is a potential rope- balancing trick. The MSM are of course slippery and cannot be trusted and the safety net of the regulators are exceedingly weak and virtually toothless.As you do represent a party or organisation I don't think that you have too much to lose on this and it is worth the gamble.Besides, it will give you (and hence all of us) good experiencein observing and playin with the media.They say that if you are not in it then you cannot control it or even complain about it. I would advise that you volunterr for it, be very cautious without appearing paranoid, act savvy, have a recording device or someone with such a device present if possible as back-up, and demand you be treated with equal respect and dignity.Good luck Sean!

  6. Final Conflict

    Leave well alone.They are the ENEMY.They will slice and dice, edit and corrupt.In the long term, not playing into their hands is the wiser strategy.Unless of coure you want people to DONATE! DONATE! DONATE! 😉

  7. GriffinWatch

    Well Nemesis, honest as I am, I have made the researchers aware of who I am by text, if channel 4/keo films really want to represent all views, they will get back to me, if they don't, well, that's their call. I'm more worried about what my people will think of me, than anything that the M.S.M. says. At the end of the day my friend, it's a win win situation for us. 🙂 I use the internet name "Tactics" with good reason. 🙂

  8. GriffinWatch

    Noted F.C. that's why I asked you all for your opinions. I would of course insist upon legal editorial control of my statements, something that I doubt that they would go for. It most probably won't come off, I honestly can't see C.4 allowing real nationalist views, however, I'd be failing you all if I didn't give it a shot, so to speak. Stay tuned, whatever occurs, you will all know.Thanks mate. Sean

  9. Anonymous

    You did the right thing although I would have told them what I thought of their media as well.Don't let the temptation of five minutes of fame sway you. They are scum.

  10. GriffinWatch

    I'm not seduced by the thought of fame or financial gain, I'm an ideologist (as our regular viewers will know, I piss the establishment off at every available opportunity), they can't deal with people that can't be bought. Now trust my judgement in this matter please. I know what I am doing. Sean

  11. Anonymous

    "Clearly they saw me as a politically savvy individual"No, they saw you as a complete and utter cunt who everyone could laugh at cos he thinks he's fucking brilliant. You egotistical moron.

  12. GriffinWatch

    Well, I've been called worse, only by idiots tho. Even idiots get their say here on G.W., we support freedom of speech, if you can't have your say, you have nothing. Does that make you think on?

  13. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch, it' an ideal opportunity for torpedoing Gri££in's MEP re-election chances and raising nationalist issues – a good one is the correlation between the recent flood of 15-million immigrants and nigh-empty reservoirs – the 15-million immigrants are chronically exacerbating the ongoing drought – ram the point over by highlighting – the marxist NUJ MSM cocksuckers can't hide empty reservoirs and claim they're anywhere near full – you'll need to play a fly hand with the MSM – prepare a list of points you wish putting over – beforehand try getting the NUJ bastards to give you a list of questions they wish to ask you – don't allow the bastards from over-talking or cutting-off any comments you're making – it's a common trick the MSM deploy when nationalists are making brilliant comments embarrassing to the racial enrichers – remain focused and steamroll your comments through their interruptions – once the bastards realize they can't derail you they'll give up trying – go get 'em, killer.Fly On The Wall

  14. GriffinWatch

    Well let's see what Keo films/C4 have to say first, with this publicity, they may well blank me. I'm not that fussed either way, I'll let my people know either way, it's my job to keep us all informed, I do my job well, hence, I sleep well at night.

  15. Anonymous

    Having been the BNP candidate in a council election nearly 10 miles distant from a "racist" murder I can confirm that the media are nothing but rancid puss that should be avoided as they have no concept of the word truth.The medias enthusiasm for confronting me with the dead boys loving father,who had not seen his saintly son for a decade or so,was somewhat reduced when they learnt that I intended to point out that the two killers had been born in an area that had always had a Labour Councillor,a Labour run Council,a Labour MEP and a Labour MP. They had been educated in schools run by a Labour Education Authority and the crime was committed in an area policed by a Labour Police Authority and they had grown up during the longest period of Labour government in history. I was going to ask the dead boys father to explain to me why my standing for the BNP nearly 10 miles away was in any way related to his sons death rather than put the blame upon New Labour for masterminding this mess!The meeting never took place and the next day super dad was interviewed saying that he had no wish to meet me-what a surprise!The media are nothing but vermin and should be treated as such.

  16. Anonymous

    Griffin is desperate, he has left it a far too late to collect this money."We need your urgent help. We must raise £5000 this weekend to stand our candidate for Mayor of London and in the list seats."

  17. Anonymous

    According to a left-wing website Brons and upper class State Agent Moffat have met up with the arch Jew lover Weston and his state sponsored BFP, if there is any truth in this Brons will have to be treated with very, great suspicion!'It seems Paul Weston, leader of The British Freedom Party has attended a secret meeting with isolated BNP MEP Andrew Brons and former BNP Economic spokesman Andrew Moffat held in a spirit of "Nationalist Unity".'

  18. Anonymous

    Brons sheared a platfor with a fat scruffy Jew boy, in Bradford. A few weeks ago, with the joke Democratic Nationalists set up by Jim Lewthwaite LOL

  19. Anonymous

    wss there realy any doubt that despite the 'advice requested' nature of this post, that an attention-seeking publicity-whore like sean WOULDN'T be desperate to go on the programme? All of a sudden he knows what he's doing!And you have the temerity to call others 'useful idiots'.They'll slice 'n dice you – they wiped out Griffin, and despite being an oily greaser, he's got 10 times your IQ and cunning.Am so looking forward to the day the whole nation can laugh at you the way I do.

  20. GriffinWatch

    "They'll slice 'n dice you – they wiped out Griffin, and despite being an oily greaser, he's got 10 times your IQ and cunning.Am so looking forward to the day the whole nation can laugh at you the way I do."Griffin is under multiple police investigations, relating to finances and the party is in approx £800,000 debt. Just how cunning and clever is "Fingers Nick"?

  21. Anonymous

    Bearing in mind what he had achieved cpmpared to what you've achieved, I'd say he was on a different intellectual planet to you. If you don't recognise that, it merely proves the point.

  22. Anonymous

    Griffin "intellectual" ? Wow you are a joke !! A PHD ? in stealing,fraud,treason and not forgetting sodomy now piss off and crawl back into your fantasy world

  23. Anonymous

    Scumfuckwit @ 18 March 2012 21:28 said "Bearing in mind what he had achieved compared to what you've achieved, I'd say he was on a different intellectual planet to you. If you don't recognise that, it merely proves the point.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gri££in scraped through Downing University, Cambridge, with the lowest marks possible – terminally fucked-up the National Front – launched series of unwinnable madcap court cases costing BNP members £££hundreds-of-thousands – removed and dismissed hard-working, honest, family-minded BNP Organizers who'd spent years building up local BNP bases, supporters and members then replaced them with drug dealers, drug addicts, thugs, perverts and such ne'er-do-wells – now, what point was you referring to, you moronic fuckwit? Fly On The Wall

  24. Anonymous

    'Scraped through Cambridge University'???!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!Beats Borstal and Remedial School, doesn't it, Cunt.Now fuck off back to your filthy little bedsit and watch your daytime TV with your frozen TV dinners, you irelevant piece of excrement.

  25. Anonymous

    Well,you really have rattled their cages Fly !.Call Gri£$in a crook,traitor,fraudster and shirtlifter ??? But second rate Cambridge ponce,well it just wont do.I think your onto something fella !Whiteboar

  26. Anonymous

    Whiteboar, I wasn't joking about Gri££in scraping through with minimum marks for passing his Downing College exams – it's absolutely true – it's in Downing College records – as for Gri££in being a second-rate Cambridge ponce: the one-eyed sack of jew shit was never that good – the only time he achieved his intellectual pinnacle commensurate with his Downing College passing-out grading, is when he had the only proper job he had in his life, stacking rickety shelves in a rundown food-store passing as a supermarket in Welshpool – wonder if the store-owner ever found any money in the till, after Gri££in staggered back to Chateau £-Grabbin each evening, with pork pies and tins of baked beans stuffed down his shirt and down his bicycle-clipped trousers.Fly On The Wall

  27. Anonymous

    He got into the most prestigious university in the country.Whether he chose to use his undoubted intelligence to persue his studies is not the point.He got into Cambridge, while you couldn't get into kindergarten.The rest of the crap that you dribble is supposed to be somehow funny? I grew out of that nonsense when I was 15. You obviously never grew beyond that very basic level.As for his being a jew? are you serious?'re making a complete cunt of yourself

  28. Anonymous

    Whiteboar, I tell you, some people just don't have manners – anyway, as was I – as I was saying before Nickedarse Gri££in @ 18/3/21:28, 19/3/08:34 and 20/3/16:56, rudely interrupted our interesting conversation slagging him off, Gri££in only scraped through his Downing College exams – wouldn't be surprised if he actually failed his exams but one of his old man's infamous 33 degree Royal Arch Mason handshakes earned the vital marks for his parasitic Lewis (freemason's son).By the way, Nick, I am serious about you being a jew – look at yourself in the mirror and you'll see a one-eyed, short-armed, hook-nose, money-grabbing, conniving semitic bastard staring at you.Fly On The Wall

  29. Anonymous

    By the way, Nickedarse, I read your responding comments to wRONg Piddle's pathetic bullshit he squited in the Indescribably inane, distancing yourself from your responsibility for single-handedly destroying the BNP – FAILED – AGAIN – MUST TRY HARDER.Almost forgot mentioning – one of my friends went to Downing College, too – passed with two Firsts With Distinctions in Law – joined Morgan Stanley, at the lowest level and, by sheer dint of hard work, made it to the very top and was solely responsible for saving MS from going down the pan with Lehman Brothers Bank, without being bailed out by British taxpayers.While your waxing lyrical, you might try explaining why you've never mentioned a word about the Holly Grieg scandal – too many paedo skeletons in the ol' BNP cupboard, Nicky boy?.Fly On The Wall


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