New cut price airline introduced.

New, cut-price Indian Airline

Currently, Santaco are only flying between Mumbai and Christmas Island, but hope to introduce further services directly to Australia later this year with agreement from the High Court.
Spacious Business Class seating is available on the upper deck (see below).

Australian government airline regulator CASA, say they are unsure of the airworthiness of the Santaco aircraft, but do not wish to be accused of racism.


3 thoughts on “New cut price airline introduced.

  1. Anonymous

    News to me that Indo-wogs were so technically advanced – must be all those ££££££billions those pair of treacherous marxist tory Common Purpose cunts Camoron and Andrew Mitchell mugged from impoverished hard-working corporate-fleeced British people slaving away, keeping the parasitical Sax-Coberg jew hogs and their Rothschild blood-realatives wallowing in unimaginable luxury.Fly On The Wall


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