A warning to all nationalists. Be careful if you use the B.N.P. section of the British Democracy Forum.

What happened when Google visited this site?

“Of the 40 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 2 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2012-03-09, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2012-03-09.Malicious software includes 2 scripting exploit(s), 2 trojan(s). Successful infection resulted in an average of 7 new process(es) on the target machine.
Malicious software is hosted on 5 domain(s), including xuzutepi.tk/, herry.bee.pl/, kkkblue.info/.
6 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site, including directmarketing12straight.in/, img-place.in/, discount12-promo.in/.
This site was hosted on 1 network(s) including AS7859 (PAIR).”


As seen in the second screenshot, Trojan viruses have been detected, you don’t want Trojans in your computer, google Trojan viruses.



23 thoughts on “A warning to all nationalists. Be careful if you use the B.N.P. section of the British Democracy Forum.

  1. CorshamCrusader

    I have seen people complaining about it on the threads over the last few days but haven't had any problems until today. I went there this afternoon and had the same screen as the screenshot above. I left there immediately and won't be going back for a good while now.CC

  2. Anonymous

    Speaking of Attacks..I now see that the Arabs are sending Mercenaries into Syria…They and the UN cant wait til they get Christians killed, Assad Sodomized and an extremist Muslims in power

  3. Anonymous

    Carol D said "Hate filled is all you racists are. Why carn't you get along with your fellow man regardless of his/her ethnic origins?"9 March 2012 22:23~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Because in every instance of niggers settling in peaceful law-abiding White communities , niggers bring with them violent crimes such as muggings, burglaries, gratuitous and mindless violence, single rapes, gang rapes, raping of old ladies in the 70s, 80s and 90s, shootings, inter-gang warfare, drug dealing, arson – and the greater majority of their victims are White folk – the whole English education system has been dumbed-down specifically to make niggers appear more clever than they really are – most third-generation niggers in England can't speak, pronounce or spell English properly – most niggers look up to criminals niggers as role models (google the nigger Moses Mathias)- even their jungle crap-rap is a monotonous monotone glorifying violence as listed above.Every unbised anthropologist who's studied the I.Q. and behavior of all the different races positively conclude niggers have the lowest I.Q. and the highest propensity for committing the worst crimes imaginable. EVERY black country on the African continent is moral and financial basket case. I spent ten days in the Congo in mid-July 1963, during the civil war, and that was enough to make my mind up that not single nigger should be allowed to remain in the British Isles. Study the following titles:THE BELL CURVE – co-authored by Harvard psychologist Richard J. Herrnstein and political scientist Charles Murray.RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIORby the Canadian psychology lecturer at the University of Western Ontario Professor Jean Philippe Rushton.Don't bother reading the 400-page unabridged edition – the 2nd Special Abridged Edition – it's usefully condensed down to some 106 pages.The world-renowned anthropologist Louise B. Leaky studied literally hundreds of skulls of different races and proved of the five main races niggers have the smallest brains and the most under-developed frontal-lobe, the area of brain that controls behavior – unfortunately, Leaky was a lefty and came to the wrong conclusion that humans first appeared in Africa, which, had they done so, why of all the races is the nigger race the least developed both mentally and physically, from chimps and monkey – won't say gorillas because they are far better behaved and far more dignified than niggers. I suggest you do your homework, honey – might prevent you asking dumb questions – perchance, are you blond?Fly On The Wall

  4. Frenchie

    The BDF has been dangerous for some time – though curiously, only on the BNP section. Presumably the owners are trying to infect BNP-supporter's computers so they can take a look at the hard drives. Dodgy as fuck.

  5. Anonymous

    WARNING – WARNING – WARNINGMORE JEW INTERNET DECEPTION SKULDUGGERYHaving set up a team of bloggers to mass vote against the Mail Online's `Is it right to relax rules on mixed-race adoption?' poll, I can confirm the Daily Mail have deliberately set up that poll to automatically record `NO' votes as `YES' votes, and `YES' votes as `NO' votes – the Daily Mail has done this many times to fool unwary Daily Mail readers into believing the majority of White/English people are nigger lovers when the opposite is true.Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    "The hate filled racists" are the liblabcon morons who unfortunately now inhabit these islands.To date the Labour party is now responsible for the deaths of ONE MILLION women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan.As the Labour Party is an instrument of Zionists they are also responsible for the death of thousands of Palistinians.Of course i've not even started on the genocide thats been committed against our own people.We nationalists want abetter world for EVERYBODY where everybody's borders are respected.Incidently i have no time for muslims who continue to vote for Zionst Liblabcon swine.All immigrants must go and that includes traitors like yourself "Carol D" now F–K OFF and go and exercise your brain.Whiteboar

  7. Carol D

    Your ignorance astounds me Fly on the Wall, for one your using the N word, a very low trick if you ask me. What gives you the right to target a particular ethnic group? Why dont you attack white British that have done wrong? Oh yes, I forgot, you decide to attack someone who is from a different ethnic background dont you!You disgusting and a disgrace to this country with your comments and should be ashamed of yourself. Shame on you, all you racists.

  8. GriffinWatch

    Carol, walk through Moss Side, on your own, at night. If you survive being mugged or worse, then come back and have a chat with us."The truth is the truth.The facts are the facts.No amount of ists or isms.Will ever alter the truth,nor the facts"- Sean Hadley.

  9. Anonymous

    Fly,when criticising generic groups of people, please do not pick on the "blond" – I have many blond friends and relatives and very few of them are brainwashed liberals.Some judgemental people reading this site might consider you bigoted or prejudiced, (although this is clearly not the case)Baz

  10. Anonymous

    I wonder if that scumbag Lecomber (still a very close friend of Gri££in) is behind this, that mad bastard was always a liability in Nationalism, he's got a lot of IT knowledge.

  11. Anonymous

    I think anon is right. Le comber and Griffin are still comrades. The Joe Owen hit man story was a fraud. Le Comber's act of trying to get dirt on Griffin's comrades was a fraud. Peter Sledge(not his real name)is still working for Le Comber/Griffin.

  12. Anonymous

    How could you possibly post "NIGGERSARESHIT" when even a casual glance at the long list of blacks who are our leading scientists,discoverers,writers,artists and philosophers proves how much WE need THEM. Why the average person must have dozens of examples of such works on their bookshelves such as …………..?

  13. Anonymous

    Carol D., just remember this is a private out-and-out English nationalist site for no-holds uncensored discussion of national importance, between patriotic nationalists – and you're posting uninvited on Gri££in Watch and on sufferance – our sufferance – however, I'm happy to disseminate your comment – by the way, I note you failed countering my comments on nigger crimes and the nigger race's genetic propensity for committing the worst crimes imaginable.Where exactly does my ignorance lie, if not academically? When I use the word `nigger' I'm exercising a Flesh & Blood free-born Englishman's inalienable right of free-speech guaranteed and protected by the Magna Carter, the 1689 English Bill of Rights, Common Law/Law of the Land, centuries-old established English traditions and Lizzy Saxs-of-stolen-taypayers'-money-Coberg's sworn coronation oath to personally uphold aforementioned Carter, Rights, Laws and traditions. Niggers regularly refer to and call us Whites, `white honkies' `ras clots' `white pussycat's arse' `white shit' etc, – and like all English nationalists I don't give a rat's arse about such insults. Re: "What gives you the right to target a particular ethnic group?"- when any foreign ethnic group attacks the indigenous English/Anglo-Saxon/White race proper, they automatically give me and every White Race person the right to unreservedly respond in the strongest terms and manner possible – it's protecting one's racial group – it's preserving one's racial group – it's loyalty to one's racial group – in short, RACIAL PATRIOTISM – virtues totally lacking in your character if you are of the White Race proper.Re: "Why don't you attack white British that have done wrong?"- so, you're a recent visitor Gri££in Watch – we Gri££in Watchers regularly attack wiggers (whites consorting with and aping criminal niggers).Re: "You (you're) disgusting and a disgrace to this country with your comments and should be ashamed of yourself" – the only people who are disgusting, a disgrace and should be ashamed of themselves are criminals and those who refuse defending their own race against internal traitors and other races trying to racially corrupt and racially destroy them.Do you know the word `racist' is a marxist/lenisist/trotski/jewish/commie concoct for closing down all genuine debate on national and racial issues and for trying to make `patriotism' and `nationalism' unacceptable, shameful words – and is no different than calling a wog "nigger".I ask you the following:(a) How old are you? – exact age not required – just a generalization such as `early-?' or `mid-?' or `late-?' ?=whatever decade.(b) Are you of the White race proper?(c) If not, what is your race group, or are you of a mongrelized mixture – a dash of tar-brush, perhaps?(d) If you're white and married, is your hubby of the White Race proper, if not, do you have a sprog?(e) What level of education (such as it was) did you receive?(f) What political party, if any, do you generally/always vote for?(g) Are you employed – if so, what is the nature of your employment?(h) What newspaper(s), if any, do you generally/always you read? (i) What town/city do you reside in?Don't flatter yourself – I'm not trying to hit on you – just curious to what shaped your myopic, ignorant pro-nigger outlook.Fly On The Wall

  14. Anonymous

    Long list of answers to question by Anonymous & 10 March 2012 21:24, on the back of a postage stamp please – Carol D. (Dow$son, perhaps?) we invite you to get into the spirit of the quiz – amaze us with your dazzling intellectual brilliance – you've got twenty years for coming up with a single answer – don't even begin thinking of naming the White-woman-beating, plagiarizing, whore-monging, church-fund-stealing nigger, Martin Leroy King.Fly On The Wall

  15. Nemesis

    Whiteboar10 March 2012 06:35Excellent points Whiteboar on the crimes of the LiblabCons, Three-headed, one bodied monster that is our 'democratic' electoral system.Fly On The Wall10 March 2012 22:33Fly on the Wall, well done for a really good argument against someone who makes such knee-jerking, emotional and factually vacuuous statements.against nationalism. I look forward to their counter-argument – that is if it ever materialises.Just shows that GriffinWatch have some top class debaters and researchers who can fight our corner.

  16. Anonymous

    Dear Fly on the Wall,I am a Doctor of Anthropology – PhD. I can absolutely say your comment about anthropologists is wrong.However, that is not what inspires me to leave a comment. It was your remark regarding the British education system being dumbed down so that the social category you describe as 'niggers' could appear more intelligent. You then cite the Bell curve and so on.I would like to ask you, how many 'niggers' you know. How educated are they? However, since I doubt I will get an informed intelligent response, can I instead request that you at least use correct grammar, punctuation and in the bare minimum correct spelling to make your assertions. If not, you appear to just be talking complete bollocks.Regards from an IQ of 158 Dr.Negress.

  17. Anonymous

    I'm of the same views as the woman above and(a) Late 40s(b) White(c) Caucasian(d) Yes, partner also White-Caucasian(e) Postgraduate(f) A variety, but usually the left(g) Yes, Statistics and research(h) A variety, but usually the Independent(i) East Anglia, in a town that is overwhelmingly White. So, in short, not the answers you were looking for. The trouble is with cretins like Fly On The Wall is that he has everything worked out in his head. If I am white and not a racist, I am a self hater. If I am black, I am inferior. If I am educated, I am indoctrinated. If not, I am too stupid to understand the issues. It's like arguing with a 5 year old child, ultimately pointless and frustrating. I know plenty of black people, I work with them, and none of them hate me, or indeed any white person. They'd be out of a job pretty quickly if they did. But hey, that doesn't fit in with Fly On The Wall's belief system, he's quoting widely discredited studies and research as if it were gospel. Sorry, what I really meant to say was that I had been brainwashed by the liberal media and that I want the white race to die out. Oh, and it's all the Jews' fault as well.


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