Moron Gerry Gable and his cronies.

  Gable’s Fables 2: “Maggie’s Militant Tendency” Lie
Cost the BBC £1 million
“How the BBC Paid out £1,000,000 in Libel Damages after Running one of Gable’s lies
In 1984, Gerry Gable and Searchlight provided “research” back-up to the BBC Panorama programme on “Maggie’s Militant Tendency” — supposedly about “extreme right wingers” within the Tory Party.
Despite this ruse being an obvious Communist attempt to divert attention away from the very real extremist leftist “Militant Tendency” which was then still tenaciously involved in a power struggle within the Labour Party, the BBC accepted Gable’s “research” without question and based an entire episode on it.
Gable was in fact, quick to boast of how the programme “drew heavily upon Searchlight’s own revelations“, (Searchlight No 130 April 1986, p2).
According to Labour MP Mr Robin Corbett, Gable “was the man mainly responsible for the programme” (Daily Telegraph, 13 March 1985).
Of course, it was yet another Gable fantasy, and the two Tory MPs named as “secret Nazis,” Neil Hamilton and Gerald Howarth, quickly issued a libel action against the BBC.
Faced with the overwhelming evidence that Gable had simply manufactured the “evidence” and had given the BBC the biggest load of cock-and-bull ever seen since the ‘Column 88’ hogwash, the BBC’s legal department surrendered, and in 1986 the BBC offered an out-of-court settlement, which was accepted, and the damages amounted to £1 million in cash.
Despite this money actually coming from the taxpayer and TV licence payers directly, and therefore actually being public money, the BBC and other media forms still rely on Gable’s fantasies for their stories… something which will, without question, cost them dearly in the future again.
It is little wonder that an article in The Observer said Gable is “a conspiracy theorist who could spot Nazi architecture in a kindergarten sandpit”.”

“Bored of the Deputies”, yes we certainly are!!!!!
 As we can see the “usual suspects” stand right behind Gable et al., in the shadows.
The usual modus operandi.

11 thoughts on “Moron Gerry Gable and his cronies.

  1. Anonymous

    What service does Searchlight actually serve today?The only reason the State still fund him is because Gerry & Co. are not stupid and they have numerous files on his backers. Much as the Krays were kept from revealing what they knew about the Establishment to the public, it is similar with Gable & Co. his links to jew gangsters/corrupt Establishment figures.Gable, your power is waning, you have tried using your State 'friends' before in your campaign against Redwatch and failed so miserably that you don't even make mention of the site anymore, do you really think that GW has ANYTHING to fear when this site is in no way on the same planet as the modus operandi of Redwatch?Well done Sean, you have clearly shown the link-up between the Establishment-Gable-Griffin.Oh, and Ketlan, make sure you know what Gable & Co. are writing in their file on YOU because you should be a bit more wary of your 'friends' than your enemies, know what I mean? Ha ha.

  2. Anonymous

    GriffinwWatch Re;"I'm pretty close to a mass deletion of idiotic comments, get a grip please everyone, I don't like deleting any comments.20 February 2012 02:13".SeanI politely asked you if you were including my own comments in your threatened "mass deletion" of "idiotic comments"?.I asked you that question twice; 20 February 2012 02:34/03:17.Considering that it's tuesday 21st,you've had ample time to reply to my questions.I can only interpret your refusal to answer, to mean that you were indeed making reference (in part on entirely?) to my comments?.If you recall my message;"You [Sean]seem to be a stand up guy,so please answer the question?.".Well you certainly contradicted that belief? (at least in regards to this particular matter).I have a dim view of anyone who makes a threat, then fails to identify who the target is, hence my earlier questions-being an effort to clarify who you meant to scold?.I have a lot of pride and;1)I don't like being categorised as a person who is in the habit of making "idiotic comments" (you're confusing light hearted humour for idiocy)and 2)I most definately don't like to go out of my way to ask a question,only to be completely ignored (it's very insulting and depending on the circumstances,I normally react very badly to such disrespectful behaviour).I even offered you the courtesy of gracefully bowing off stage; "you only have to give the nod and I'm gone (no argument)."I am not disputing that you're doing a good job or that your heart is'nt in the right place (it is or else I would'nt have visited your site), but your decision to suddenly spit your dummy out and have a tantrum over what amounted to innocent lively banter between poster-is utterly ridiculous and wrong.You cannot insult me in the way that you did "idiotic comments"?,other posters may take it on the chin like little naughty school children being told off by Miss Nasty Bollocks-but not me.Your comment numbers are not exactly bursting at the seams,as it is?.So if you carry on having little fits of temper like a constipated Victor Mildrew,then your comment boards will end up completely barren and lifeless?.I'm sure that this comment will be deleted…GOOD.I was only contributing a little fun amongst a small audience of fellow patriots,but you branded it "idiotic"-thats your prerogative.I will NOT comment here again.I have too much self respect for that-so ignore any future posts with the V.VIKING signature (I assure you that it will NOT be 'MOI').Before I leave I'll say adios to Fly on the wall (salute mate & be careful of the 'fun police').Now thats me done.One bit of advice Sean,keep being mr grumpyc**t and see how many friends you lose?.V.VIKING (STILL WALKING TALL AND PROUD)

  3. Anonymous

    To V. VIKING- who the hell do you think you are? you are so anal-retentive, and you love the sound of your own voice dont you? what a NARCISSUS complex you have, do you stand in front of a mirror repeating to yourself- "i am so pretty ,i am sooooooo right, i am soooooooo clever" ? do you think we care if you leave this forum and never see you again? Sean answered your question and still you were not happy. Do you think you are above simple rules and good manners? if you are going then go, goodbye, i for one will not you.I would never miss anyone with such a Narcissus complex as you have got! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

  4. Anonymous

    For the sake of unity I would like to see everyone taking a step back and avoid making hasty decisions – – everyone stay on board – I'm not apportioning blame – it's the State-run Katlans, Gables and Griffins who are our real enemies poisoning the well of nationalism – remember, it's the numerous diverse hard-hitting and humorous opinions, views and revelations of Nationalists that make Gri££in Watch, along with Northwest Nationalists, the most popular and most visited English nationalist site – if you don't believe me ring MI5, MI6, Special Branch, Chief of the Met, the Tories, Labour, Lib-dims, La Deuxième Bureau, NSA, FBI, CIA, GCHQ, Crown Prosecution Service, Trevor Phiklips, 630 MPs, 700 MEPs, Searchlight, the Pope, ACPO, British Board of Deputies, Gri££in, et al – don't give 'em the satisfaction of seeing infighting on Gri££in Watch.Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    I see the twats from the English Democrats are standing a candidate in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex next month, the NF is contesting that same seat, I bet Butler will be doing this from now on in various seats across the South East in May. I wished he would keep out of our faces! One has to wonder who side is he on?

  6. Anonymous

    "British Freedom Party leader to speak in Toronto" "Toronto Police officers will be on hand as Paul Weston is expected to draw a large crowd at the Toronto Zionist Centre, on Marlee Ave."Meir Weinstein, of the Jewish Defense League, an organizer of the event, said security will be high when Weston takes to the stage to bash immigration and Muslims.“We are very excited to have him (Weston) here,” Weinstein said on Thursday


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