Adam Walker exposed as "Charlie Peace" on the British Democracy Forum.

Hard men don’t chase children on pushbikes in their 4×4 vehicles, that is the act of a cowardly bully or worse. Isn’t it Adam? When you are jailed Mr martial arts, as you surely will be, let’s see how “hard” you are in prison, with the cons. who hate child abusers.


18 thoughts on “Adam Walker exposed as "Charlie Peace" on the British Democracy Forum.

  1. Anonymous

    Have you any knowledge of these PositiveMoneyUK? Bloody hell!Talk about a lot of hot air by more than likely economics students…….IT'S THE JEW STUPID!!!!!Economic students don't even know how paper money, being only an IOU, was 'created' never mind how important (in not a 'good way important') coin-clipping was, how usury works, the role of Rockerfeller/Rothschild in controlling world banking/economy/politics.I'm sick to fucking death (excuse the French!) of these wankers, same as the so-called 'Occupy' bollocks, where were these 'occupy' middle-class cunts when the majority of us were up to our necks in the shite their greed caused.'Occupy/PositiveMoneyUK' means me, me, me….selfish middle-class wankers.Sorry Sean, you know how sometimes you just need to get things of your chest!Fly on Shit!

  2. Eastend Patriot

    Ask why the recent "Democratic Nationalist" meeting organised by Mark Cotterill had the jew Ivan Winters making excuses for Israel as the chairman – and why Cotterill allows Winters space in his rag to promote Zionism?JT exposed Cotterill as State YEARS ago. It's high time Nationalists grew the hell up!Cotterill spent years slagging off the BNP for watering-down on race, then his first elected official was part-negro.And now Ivan the Heeb?How much more do we have to take from the nark?

  3. Anonymous

    Mark Cotterill is a wrong 'un, we knew that in the 80's, we used to wonder at his penchant for collecting phone numbers/addresses from every house he used to visit.WARNING!!!!!If you associate with this half-Chink then you will be considered an enemy, you have been given enough pointers.Fly on Shit!

  4. GriffinWatch

    After reports from the CDN meeting from trusted sources, we here at G.W. have now severed all ties with said group, even if the holohoax had happened as we are told, WHICH IT DIDN'T, it has absolutely nothing to do with us as white Nationalists in this day and age.For the record in my personal opinion, the illegal state of Israel should be dismantled immediately and the land transfered back to it's righful indigenous peoples, who most certainly aren't "Ashkenazi Jews". For the world to progress Israel must be dismantled.Sean Hadley.

  5. Anonymous

    Mark cotterill is a huge fan of those sectarian, Israel loving, Masonic jews puppet Loyalist/ orangemen bully boys in Northern Ireland. He goes to Southport every year to cheer these nutters when they march and to try to sell copies of his rag.He still talks about "smashing " the IRA in that same rag-wake up mark the IRA have not been active since 1998! All this support of Talmudic masonic Loyalists is the reason i stopped my subscription to his rag.

  6. Anonymous

    What a lot of you fail to realise,is that these matters are all inter linked re;Walker's 4×4 incident,Harrington's I.R.A sympathies and Gri££in's unquenched hunger for shekels.I am reliably informed by my insider- Linda 'Lovelace' Kitchen,that Harrington has told Gri££in that there's money to be made-by adopting para military extortion methods.Gri££in ordered his BNP strongman Adam 'the YAKUZA'Walker (who has gangland connections via his Japanese wife's family),to 'get to work' at intimidating people to 'cough up' cash for teflon don Niki Griffino.Consequently Adam Walker was passing his old school (where he once had a teaching position),he spotted a group of suitable targets-a couple of schoolboys.He approached the pupils to 'put the frighteners' on them and demanded they hand over their dinner money.They told Walker to 'FUCK OFF'then ran off,which led to the chase in his 4X4.Niki Griffino and his advisor Harrington are now planning to spread their reign of terror and extortion to 'nursing homes' and 'charity shops' (I heard that a 'help the blind' charity shop got a brick through it's front window!).So now you all know the full sordid story,if you ever see any old granny being leaned on by some thugs-you know whose behind it.V.VIKING (still sending Niki Griffino bundles of monopoly money).

  7. Anonymous

    Just because a wrong 'un like half-Chink attnds Southport is no reflection on Loyalism, so as Sean has on numerous occasions pointed out, WE DON'T DO SECTERIANISM ON HERE, so take your backhanded Catholic superior attack on Protestants away and go boil yer head!Fly on Shit!

  8. Anonymous

    "…a huge supporter of those sectarian, Israel loving, Masonic jewish puppet Loyalist/orangemen bully boys in Northern Ireland. He goes to Southport every year to cheer these nutters…."No, can't see a carpet bombing of Protestantism there!Anyone else notice it, or it must just be me then.FoS!

  9. Anonymous

    reserve your "sectarian" feelings to use them against splitters and factionalists who are always at the centre of things and selling out Nationalism to Talmudics:subhumans like MC the slinky chinky.

  10. Anonymous

    BUT THOSE THE ODIOUS HALF-CHINK COPPER'S NARK LATCHES ONTO SHOULD KNOW BETTER.How many warnings do we need?JT said so in the mid-80s. SO many people have exposed this creep. HE IS A WRONG 'UN.Nationalism should never be so desperate as to 'need' shysters like him who keep nationalism in the gutter.And it's not ideology either. he's just a creep, grass, racial misfit and BAD NEWS.


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