We don’t do sectarianism here at GriffinWatch, but Paddy Harrington does. Why?

Here is the odious creature Harrington at an I.R.A. memorial, who would have a vested interest in continuing sectarianism, the white against white divide and conquer modus operandi? 
A state operative perchance……………………

26 thoughts on “We don’t do sectarianism here at GriffinWatch, but Paddy Harrington does. Why?

  1. Anonymous

    Is it true that Harrington is organising a St Paddy Day party? If so I would like to know where, I may turn up uninvited with a little surprise present for him.

  2. Anonymous

    Gri££in blurting about a newly formed allaince in the EU Parliament, it means lots of wonga for him, is money all he thinks about?"That's Nick Griffin's take on today’s news that the Alliance of European Nationalist Movements – of which the British National Party is a key founder member – has been officially recognised by the European Parliament and will receive funding of 289,266 Euros for 2012. This in turn opens the door to a similar or larger amount next year, plus perhaps an additional 200,000 for a matching Nationalist Foundation."http://www.bnp.org.uk/news/national/289266-reasons-old-parties-feel-sick-today

  3. Anonymous

    It looks like we may never get rid of this State Plant?"It’s not merely a matter of money. From 2014 there's going to be much more at stake than just cash.""From then on, European elections will see seats allotted not just according to the votes cast for national parties in regional constituencies such as the North West of England, London or Scotland. There will also be a second ballot paper, on which voters will back pan-European alliances fighting for at least twenty seats – a figure that will probably increase at every election."

  4. Anonymous

    If this is the case, then Griffin is set to gets £79,977.00, of course Andrew Brons get nothing as he is not in the alliance."It seems that the money will be divided amongst 3 MEPs: Nick Griffin from the BNP, Bruno Gollnisch from the French Front National and Bele Kovacs from the Hungarian Jobbik party."

  5. Anonymous

    Patricia Brown-Hatter Harrington's smelly little brat's satanic hand signs tells everything you need knowing about those mentally fucked-up followers of the Sawney Bean cult.Fly On The Wall

  6. GriffinWatch

    "Anonymous said… Nationalism is ok for us…but not the Irish? – Discuss."This is a white nationalist blog, primarily. It's also a nationalist blog, we welcome all nationalists who are looking out for their own people IN THEIR OWN LANDS into discussions. Those who desire to blow up/shoot their own Brethren or support such actions can go and take a long jump from a short pier as far as I'm concerned, it's not a genocide blog, quite the opposite in fact.

  7. Anonymous

    State, State, State.Patrick "Call me Pat" Harrington is clearly a State plant, manufactured by them to turn whites against one another whilst they run us into the ground.We should do to Harington what he used to do to his former NF colleagues and what Ian Stewart of Skrewdriver did to that little prick after he found out what Harrington was doing to the money.Where Harrington is concerned there is always a trail of money – and shit.

  8. Anonymous

    FUCK THE ODD MORON,V.VIKINGS BACK.My duty is to protect patriotic O.A.P's from these state sponsored PARASITES (so its up to you if you still want to slag me off-you know who you are?).Incidentally I always suspected that Jim Dowson was a redundant ex state employed intel gatherer from the bad old days in N.I,who re invented and was put to good use within the BNP(before anyone asks,the only evidence I have is his track record and a gut feeling).likewise I see Harrington as the ever present shadow of state involvement in the nationalist movement.His wife's old band name is apt for BNP members,because they are 'sado'masochists… they are getting financially whipped 'red raw' by fat bastard Gri££in and his crew.My ire used to be directed at the opposition…but now it's mainly focused inwards towards our biggest enemy-the one within!.The movement has been entirely hijacked,we have Geert Wilders the crypto Jewish SUPER zionist,now Marine Le Pen has shown her true colours-then there 'money sniffin Gri££in'.I decided to enter the youtube keyboard warrior arena,it's surprising how much real support there is out there.I'm probably getting through to a lot more sympathisers on a one to one basis,which is far better than the odd leaflet-as you can engage them in our point of view.Plus you have a huge audience,it works if you have a good knowledge of nationalism and relevant issues (I also constantly warn people about the present BNP,thats NOT treachery-if I am saving them from a state op!).I recommend anyone who has'nt already done so,to open up an account on youtube and get active commenting and educating people.V.VIKING.(anti-Gri££inite)

  9. Anonymous

    As an after thought,can anyone answer this question;during J.T's leadership-did anyone inc J.T recieve an annual party salary? (not inc expenses/reinbursements or spearhead profits).The reason I ask is because I want to satisfy my suspicion,that sniffins corporate restructuring of the BNP-was intended to justify his own party based income(as per corporation pay scale,he would automatically recieve the 'HIGHEST RATE' of salary as head of the party).I am inclined to believe that is the case,if anyone can help me out on that point-it would be appreciated.V.VIKING (still puking at the thought of sniffin raping the BNP)

  10. Anonymous

    Harrington and his ex swore out an oath that Jaqs was just "researching" prostitution for a book, hence the website. They've been waving that at Google ever since, even though there's never been any sign of a book.You'll be getting demands from Harrington (pretending to be his missus) wanting money for breaching copyright btw.

  11. Anonymous

    The BNP reminds me of the Illuminati ? They often send out signs and signals as to who they really are and whats going to happen. Griffin the mason,Harrington the IRA supporter,Reynolds the shit eater,Darby the plant & bird shagger,The kitchens the swingers !!! FFS thats one weird cult.

  12. Anonymous

    "Does now make one wonder how many red infiltrators were actually in the BNP in 1999 that voted for Griffin and not John Tyndall ? Think about it."They weren't Reds, very plain old Dupes, everybody was conned by Gri££in, Lecomber & Darby, who then laughed in the memberships' faces.

  13. Anonymous

    Nickin Gri££in has dropped the hymn Jerusalem,in favour of the new BNP song for 2012; 'fiddler on the poof'(dedicated to his ex lover Martin Webster) If I were a rich man,Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum.All day long I'd biddy biddy BUMB you.If I were a wealthy man.I wouldn't have to work hard.Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.If I were a biddy biddy rich,Idle-diddle-daidle-daidle man.V.VIKING (still tormenting Gri££in with a fiver dangling on a fishing line).

  14. GriffinWatch

    Anonymous said… Harrington and his ex swore out an oath that Jaqs was just "researching" prostitution for a book, hence the website. They've been waving that at Google ever since, even though there's never been any sign of a book. You'll be getting demands from Harrington (pretending to be his missus) wanting money for breaching copyright btw.Our reply will be along the lines of "Foxtrot Oscar"


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