Griffarage’s London attack dogs, faces to the names.

The one on the far left is Mick Braun (rather ironic that he is on the “far left”, supporting Griffarage just helps the loony lefties cause), the other ringed culprit is
Mick “look at my attempt at a menacing grimace” Jones.

Thanks to our London source for the photo. and info.


11 thoughts on “Griffarage’s London attack dogs, faces to the names.

  1. Anonymous

    What a bunch of no-chance deadbeat khunts – bet some of them are hoping both monkeys either side of the one-eyed sack of jewshit Gri££in don't make the sandwiches after pulling their thumbs out of Gri££in's arsehole.Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    In an earlier GW article Griffin Watch said…"With regards to the police, if they wanted myself arrested and the blog shut down, I wouldn't be typing this reply now, the same goes for google. Some powerful people smile at the politically incorrect musings/articles contained herein.Tactically, one must always make hay whilst the sun shines, so to speak. :-)"8 February 2012 13:43~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Because Gri££in Watch is exposing financial scams, crimes and fingering the criminals that MI5, MI6, Special Branch and Old Bill didn't know about until they read about them on Gri££in Watch the khunts daren't close down Gri££in Watch – at this rate of success Gri££in Watch is going to sideline and replace Crime Watch.Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    Click continue to see Claudia Dalgleish hooker page

  4. Anonymous

    The one circled next to Griffin is Bob Taylor, the one to his right is Mick Jones (blue tie) as complete shitbag who covertly recorded meetings and conversations of Nationalists so he could play them to his one-eyed master, he also spread false rumours about Nationalists to try and discredit them. If this bunch is Griffin's 'elite' in London, the region is going nowhere!

  5. Anonymous

    Note one-eyed jewboy Igor's arms are typically short for the parasitical jew race – just long enough to keep the tops of their trouser pockets gripped shut but not long enough for reaching the money in them.Bet the innocent-looking bint sporting bins hasn't a clue of Igor's Gri££ingeld scams and his daisy-chaining escapes with Patricia Brown-Hatter Harrington.Fly On The Wall


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