Eddy Butler and Nick Griffin, both disgusting non nationalist creatures.


By Claudia Dalgleish

“I know I am a controversial character. I have only been actively involved with the nationalist scene in this country for about two years but in that short time I became relatively well known, often for the wrong reasons.

It began when my former partner Stephen Squire joined the BNP after the European Election in 2009. His father had been in the National Front in the 1970s although Mr Squire himself did not express much interest in politics prior to this. He had been married to a lady from the Mendoza family and actually used that name for business purposes after he was made bankrupt in the late 1990s. He then married a Turkish lady from Istanbul. So it was by no means necessarily a natural progression from father to son that took Mr Squire into the BNP.

I was born in South Africa. My grandfather was an Afrikaner of German descent. The Afrikaner or Boer nation is made up not just of Dutch settlers, but also French Huguenots, Flemish people, and Germans who settled there from about 1650 onwards and forged themselves into a new nation. Through my Oupa (grandfather) I gained my first insight into nationalist politics – from the age of four years onwards!

However most of my blood is British. My mother was born in Devon and was called Dalgleish. I am proud of my South African heritage and feel a real connection to the problems my people are experiencing now on a daily basis. I am also proud of my English ancestry and love living in the land of my forefathers.


It seemed natural for me to join the British National Party but unfortunately when I did, unknown to me at the time, it was going through a severe period of internal infighting.

Full of new enthusiasm, I was keen to do whatever I could for my new party.

Instead of being encouraged to organise positive activities I was very quickly tasked to act as an attack dog on the internet. For those who do not know, an attack dog is someone who anonymously attacks and defames political opponents on internet chat forums and social networking sites such as Facebook.

I am ashamed to say that I went along with it. My only excuse is that I was keen to do whatever was asked of me to further what I thought was the good of the cause.

Also the people who encouraged me in these activities were none other than the Chairman of the BNP Nick Griffin, someone who I naively looked up to from afar, and my partner Stephen Squire, who despite his political inexperience had become the London Organiser for the British National Party. In retrospect it was incredibly cynical for both of these men to use me, an inexperienced and keen woman in such an unforgiving and vile environment.

The main target that Nick Griffin wanted me to attack was inevitably Eddy Butler.

I was tasked to create division and dissent in the ranks of the English Democrats in an attempt to prevent Eddy Butler from joining them.

Another major task was to try to induce Andrew Brons to sack Eddy Butler from his employment as a European Parliamentary researcher.

The intention was that I, along with my fellow attack dogs, was supposed to destroy Eddy Butler, as Nick Griffin was totally obsessed with him as he regarded him as his nemesis.

I can now say that I am pleased that I was unsuccessful in all of these tasks.

Other targets were Andrew Brons, Chris Beverley and later Allen Lake and Paul Weston of the English Defence League.

I often had to stoop to a very low level in these attacks. I had updates on a daily basis from Nick Griffin on the line to adopt. Instead of focussing on positive things to advance the BNP, in my experience Nick Griffin was obsessed with negativity.

The following text message, which was recently publicised:

As with attacks on Cheryl Dunn, it´s counter productive to have a go at people who are either out of it or not fully committed to other side. Indeed, it´s bad even to draw attention to hostile small fish since it makes it look at (sic) though Brons has lots of backers. Please press anyone involved to concentrate on key and legitimate targets only: brons, Kemp, Butler. Tilbrook, Beverley, Collett, Moffat, golding, Dowson, McLied. That´s quite a long list of vermin.”

was originally sent to me by Nick Griffin. It was just one of very many.

On one occasion a number of senior British National Party officers gathered in Mr Squire’s house to teach me what they regarded as the mysterious arts of being an attack dog. In fact their tactics were inept as was amply illustrated by the ridiculously long list of targets that Nick Griffin itemised in the above text.

I would like to unreservedly apologise to all of the people who were the victims of these attacks.

Another example of the duplicitous and rather disgusting activities that I was encouraged to engage in concerned Andrew Moffat.

The Reverend Robert West was keen to arrange to bring the warring factions in the BNP together and told Nick Griffin about his hopes. Nick Griffin played along with this and tasked me to meet with Andrew Moffat, one of Andrew Brons’s close associates.

As they were aware of my previous career in the glamour industry, Nick Griffin and unbelievably my supposed partner Stephen Squire effectively tried to pimp me out to Moffat to seduce him in order to break his allegiance to Andrew Brons.

Need I say that I refused to do this unsavoury task.

Ironically, by making me focus on Eddy Butler, I inevitably started to read his blog and found that most of what he said made sense and alarm bells started ringing in my head. Strangely, both Mr Squire and Nick Griffin encouraged me to meet Eddy Butler, in the hope that it would somehow hasten his demise. When I eventually did meet him I found him to be totally unlike the character that had been painted. He was gentlemanly, polite, understated and earnest. It was clear that his motivation was honourable and his knowledge of the romantic and heroic roots of nationalism were unrivalled and in total contrast to what I had the misfortune to experience while in the British National Party.

Inevitably I then became torn, as I started to understand what was wrong within the British National Party. I had made some very good friends among the remaining rank and file activists. I was also involved in a long-term relationship with a senior officer and I had to come to terms with the reality that he had thrown me into an unsavoury world in order to advance his own political career. This made it very difficult for me to tear my self away.

I had daily arguments with my partner as I was concerned that he was putting himself forward to high office (as the BNP’s lead candidate for the Greater London Assembly) when he had skeleton’s in his cupboard that would inevitably come to light and cause severe problems. I had refused to put myself forward for public office due to my previous involvement in the glamour industry as I believed that it would detract from me being taken seriously. However Mr Squire was becoming obsessed with his position in the BNP to the detriment of everything else, even though he also knew that there were severe problems with the BNP’s finances.


The other major problem was that Nick Griffin was subjecting me to increasingly unwelcome attention.

As a brand new member who held no official position in the BNP, initially I felt flattered by his attention. After all as he was supposedly a major political figure and had some sort of celebrity status. However his texts soon moved onto sexual innuendo and then blatant requests for sex. What is worse my partner was aware of this yet he encouraged me to spend more and more time with Nick Griffin in order to advance his own career.

I was subjected to several unfortunate incidents with Nick Griffin in person, the flavour of which can be gauged by these text messages that he sent me:


Did you get list. Do you know the French side of the tunnel? And be aware that it’s very hot over here so you don’t need to wear very much.

The list is an English Democrat membership list that I was supposed to obtain from a naive member of that party. I had to pick Nick Griffin up from France on this occasion for spurious reasons when his car was involved in an accident. It led to one of the unfortunate incidents I mentioned above. Then the same day:

That’s a given. As is checking that your legs feel as silky as they look.

And again on the same day when I made a straightforward request:

There goes the dominatrix side again. No need to insist, though on this occasion I will do as ordered. And only stop if told to.


What train are you booked on? And what are you going to wear?


Shortly before Christmas last year I finally resigned from the British National Party and left my partner. These were both big decisions but I had to take them in order to re-establish my bearings as a valid human being.

Inevitably this has in turn led me being attacked by my former colleagues. That is the fate of anyone who breaks ranks with Nick Griffin. I am now being accused of all sorts of horrendous things on internet chat forums and Facebook, which I will not give extra space to here. The attack dogs are out in force against the former attack dog! I can see that there is a certain grim irony involved in this. I recognise the tactics only too well. I can see the pattern. I can tell immediately who is responsible and who inspires the attacks.

In the face of this I put the following message out:

I have become aware that certain people are defaming my character and attempting to spread lies and false stories about my past. Those responsible are connected to a past personal relationship (to someone called Stephen Squire) and a previous unfortunate political affiliation I had with the British National Party.

I am well aware that this is normal when anyone falls out with the leadership of the British National Party. The internet is used as a weapon in an attempt to destroy people’s reputations.
I used to be a model and used to be associated with the glamour industry. I am proud of this, just as I am proud of my ongoing work on behalf of the beleaguered Boers of my native South Africa.
My many true friends know this and I value their continued support.


I have had a long term interest in the plight of the Boers in South Africa. Although as I have said I was a quarter Afrikaner, my upbringing was almost exclusively within the English speaking community. Some people may find it surprising but there was considerable hostility between white South Africans of English and Afrikaner background. The Afrikaners regarded the English as being too liberal.

The Afrikaners are a proud and fiercely independent people. They resisted British imperialism in two costly wars in the Victorian period. They trekked into the interior of Africa to escape British rule and opened up vast new areas to farming and civilisation.

Now under majority rule, the new South Africa viciously persecutes the Afrikaners and the Boer farmers in particular. World liberal opinion is largely disinterested in the ongoing genocide as the South African government is their favoured pet while the Afrikaners are still castigated for Apartheid – the years of white minority rule.

This is a cause that I am passionately interested in. Saving the Boers is what I now intend to devote my political time towards.

I wish the friends that I have made in politics well and hope that those who I regrettably upset can forgive and understand my past actions.”
Taken from the Butler blog.
It’s certainly normal for Eddy Butler to use women that he is sleeping with for political gains, ask a certain Essex girl. As for Claudia “the humanitarian” Dalgleish. What a publicity hungry…… thing…… (the gentleman in me dictates that I use no other words) you are.  The BNP is well rid of Butler and Dalgleish and hopefully Griffin also eventually, despicable creatures, all three. 

29 thoughts on “Eddy Butler and Nick Griffin, both disgusting non nationalist creatures.

  1. Anonymous

    Methinks Claudia has a slap of the Zulu tar-brush about her – not to bright she – thought one-eyed Igor wanted to dive in her knickers when in fact was maneuvering to dive into her bank account – stupid woman.Fly On The Wall

  2. GriffinWatch

    Well if the i before the e instead of the other way around is the only thing that you can slate the article for, that's good enough for me. I'll change it just for you. :-)We aren't perfect here at G.W., but not far off.

  3. Anonymous

    You may or may not like Griffin but what a load of tosh. Claudia and Butler really are the dregs. Its obvious that she and Butler are very very close. I hope he and his 'glamour model' (some people arnt fussy)will be very happy

  4. Anonymous

    Well done GW for being ahead of the crowd and exposing this creature a few weeks ago, along with the Butler connection. Squire was going around last year claiming his beloved was a Cape Coloured, to give his 'anti-racist' credentials a boost. There was even talk of putting her up as a candidate, I suppose she will be the English Democrats' poster girl now?

  5. Anonymous

    You've got to love how someone who was kicked out of the BNP, feels qualified to make constant comment on their actions.There's a reason you and NWN aren't involved anynore Sean. Most feel that the BNP are well rid of YOU!!SD

  6. Anonymous

    'Most'…being the ones that stayed behind. weakened perhaps, but when looking at the pathetic alternatives which are nothing more than glorified social clubs for tossers.There is only one mainstraem Nationalist option – if you think that the NF or anyone else has ANY public appeal, you're going to be soooooo disappointed.Society has moved on and there needs to be compromises in order to get any message out.Nobody likes a Nazi….except other similar-minded cuntwits.

  7. Anonymous

    We need Claudia and whistle blowers like her – I am happy to tolerate her past , as she is an asset for our movement, whatever it evolves into.It is great to learn for certain the exact way in which Nicks's cabal functions. Although we always suspected as much, this article confirms a great dealThose who criticise this lady may possibly have some agenda (Their own or Nick's!)Nick's "attack dogs" have no teeth and their bark has become a bit…predictable.

  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Anonymous said… You've got to love how someone who was kicked out of the BNP, feels qualified to make constant comment on their actions. There's a reason you and NWN aren't involved anynore Sean. Most feel that the BNP are well rid of YOU!! SD================================Are you on the BNP payroll ?Where are the accounts ?

  9. Anonymous

    too bright Mr FOTW. You are not forgiving of others for their typos.11 February 2012 00:07~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jewliar, check all my former comments – I know when to deploy `to' and `too' – by the way, how's your anal gonorrhea, vaginal herpes and oral syphilis? – none responding to treatment, then.Fly On The Wall

  10. Anonymous

    Sorry Claudia but Griffin sent the text in error it was meant for Reynolds, well he does have nice legs.11 February 2012 10:41~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brilliant joke – turd-pie chef Reynolds being able to read – unbelievably too funny.Fly On The Wall

  11. Anonymous

    "Nobody likes a Nazi….except other similar-mindedcuntwits"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jewliar, fuck-off back to your padded cell before your anti-psychotic medication wears off altogether.Fly On The Wall

  12. Anonymous

    I heard fatty steroid bloated scat man Martin Reynolds offered Dalgleish £20 if she would crap in his face, she told Reynolds to fuck off and said her turds were worth at least £100 each!

  13. GriffinWatch

    "ou've got to love how someone who was kicked out of the BNP, feels qualified to make constant comment on their actions.There's a reason you and NWN aren't involved anynore Sean. Most feel that the BNP are well rid of YOU!!SD"I wasn't kicked out of the party, I walked away from Griffin and his greedy crew with my head held high. A fact that is well known.You and your fellow scumbags just can't handle the fact that this blog exposes your nefarious actions and will continue to do so until you are purged from OUR movement forever.It must be frustrating for you because there is nothing that you can do to stop us from exposing you all. 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    Griffin Watch, don't take any notice of jewliar – her anti-English nationalist rantings is a jew thing – you stay with the serious stuff while I stuff her for sport – intellectual-wise, that is – a jewbag posing as an English nationalist and calling herself `Georgygirl' afer St. George the khazarian jew, aaaaaHahahahahahahahahaha – you couldn't make it up.Fly On The Wall

  15. Anonymous

    "It must be frustrating for you because there is nothing that you can do to stop us from exposing you all. :-)"Coz youve been so effective!!! lol!!your aim is to get griffin out…yet the irony is that if you'd stayed involved instead of leaving you'd have had enough votes to get rid of him.Perhaps we should be blaming you??? If you was kicked out youd at least have an excuse. this wat your part of the problem not the solution.either way your on the outside and that's about as near s youl ever get.

  16. GriffinWatch

    Griffin rigs the votes as much as the establishment rigs votes. If I had thought that staying on the inside would help to speed up his removal, I would have done so. He is ripping off far fewer well meaning nationalists than he was a year ago now.One must always look for the good, in any situation.

  17. Anonymous

    I was expelled from the BNP several years ago, yet for about a month, have suddenly started to receive emails requesting that I rejoin and donate.If they want me – they must be fu***ng desperate! (or have severe problems with their database)

  18. Anonymous

    Claudia wishes she was a controversial character, she is actually a very poorly self-styled wannabe with limited intelligence and possible mental health issues. If the current pregnancy rumours are true then you have to have concerns about the offspring of that particular gene pool. She is still trawling all the forums, posting anonymously, supporting herself. You really have to have pity for her. She has no purpose at all, and before her (ahem) political "career" (if you can call shagging around a political career) she was still posting vile messages on Facebook to anyone that offended her, on any subject, she could pick a fight in an empty room. Bi-Polar springs to mind. Jog on love…


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