Griffarage the political chameleon changes his colours yet again.

 Taken at the Liverpool demo.

So, he’s a white nationalist again now after his failed flirtations with “civic nationalism” (sic). 

More a case of going wherever there is money, with that one. Methinks.

If you want to know about the real Griffin, ask Chris Telford or Stevie Cartwright, both White nationalists who have witnessed what we here at G.W. have also witnessed.


20 thoughts on “Griffarage the political chameleon changes his colours yet again.

  1. Anonymous

    Griffin slagged off a very respected lady Racial Nationalist during the later part of last year and called her a bigot because of her views on Race.The bastard is just a gross opportunist.

  2. Anonymous

    Apparently both scumbag Griffin and homo Barnbrook have approach the Old Bill asking if they are on the list, both pray this is the case so that they can get their fingers on some cash."The police chief in charge of Scotland Yard’s investigation into alleged illegal activity by newspapers today revealed the scale of the inquiry.Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers told the Leveson Inquiry that more than 800 “likely” phone hacking victims had now been identified by the force."

  3. GWR

    This is just Griffin trying to move where the action is, so he can wreck British nationalism.He wrecked the NF in the 1980s.He has wrecked the BNP since he hijacked them in 1999, so the BNP now hardly exists.His job is to wreck nationalism.Nationalists should tell Griffin where to go !

  4. Anonymous

    Check out the bloke from that moved from Brum to Lichfield that opened up Nationalism all over that part of Staffordshire but Darby soon shat him down giving his name and pitures to the guardian ???

  5. Anonymous

    Fart tapper Griffin may want to wreck Nationalism but he may well also be wanting to wreck those young mens backside, if i was them i would put a plate down the back of my trousers!Inspector Blakey" i `ate you Griffin!"

  6. Anonymous

    Griffin should keep his keep on the news, it's not just Muslims raping our teenage girls, this bastard Hindu is also guilty."A jury heard he had identified the academically bright teenager, who was in voluntary foster care, as a lonely child from a ‘vulnerable’ family background, whom he had exploited for his own sexual purposes since she was 13."

  7. Anonymous

    anon 10:46 It's not a sunwheel flag, it is the Celtic Cross.Anyone else notice how Griffin is metamorphosing in to Webster, must be something to do will them being spunk receptacles!

  8. Anonymous

    When will people wake up to the fact that Griffin is a government agent recruited from school in the same way that the NKVD recruited young men from Cambridge Colleges to become spies inside the British government.Griffin was 15 years old when he was recruited,the Cambridge Spies on average about 19 years old and all of them "clean skins".This man should be judged by the total bloody disaster that always surrounds him and those he "helps"!

  9. Anonymous

    Griffin tweeted this on Feb 6th. Not so long ago he was denouncing the EDL as a Zionist stooge organisation and proscribed them in a Members' Bulletin."Thanks to all who made a stand for justice today. BNP, NWI, EDL"


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